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When I'm at work, ya, I always rush right home for lunch

So I can check out what's up on the Brady Bunch

And when I'm walking through the front door at night

I gotta see who's winning on The Price is Right, oh


I never dreamed that I'd spend my days

Staring at some tube emitting cathode rays

I need my TV


La La La


" TV " - Blink 182

nos engaña?? nos informa?? nos transforma???

This is the top of a telescoping TV Antenna. It is pretty much useless now in the day digital transmission (not to mention cable or streaming). Fully extended it is over three feet long. That is bigger than the TV! I partially extended each section to make a more interesting macro. This section is about 2.5 inches long. I chose a green background (my son's English binder) because it reminded me of 1960s/1970s décor.


HMM! I'm glad to be back this week. I missed a couple of weeks traveling.

Montage vintage repris en monochrome afin de voir qu'elle version plait le plus/Vintage assembly taken up again in monochrome in order to see that it version pleases the most.

Effet effectué depuis ordinateur.

TV Rochelle Ohio

was taken quite a while ago when we had very stormy bad weather.

Ecco da dove arrivano i colori della TV !

Here's where to get the colors of the TV

Normally I don't post several versions of the same capture, but this time I'll give it a try. See all the stuff here.


Please enjoy it!


'TV tower III' On Black


See where this picture was taken. [?]


You can see this also here:

Oh baby I see you on my TV set

Yeah baby I see you on my TV set

I cut your head off and put it in my TV set

I use your eyeballs for dials on my TV set


Leica M6 - Summicron 50mm f2 - Kodak EktaChrome 100

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Joshua Tree Village, California

Hasselblad XPan

Ilford Delta 100

instagram: @jimshootsfilm

My husband Marty (aka coofdy) has a server set up in the front room set to record TV shows that we like, so that we can watch them on any client device in the house, over the computer network. Pictured is the TV in the living room with the Apple TV remote control. We can also watch stuff on our iPads, concurrently and separately in our rooms. It is wonderful being married to a geek.


Taken with iPhone 3GS and this bought magnetic macro lens.


Entry for Daily Shoot 482: "Make a photograph that illustrates a role of technology in your life."

Paris, 1998

I sat and watched tv in the evening - I woke and thought, "Gotta take my 365 photo for today … "

Mary's favourite Christmas present I her TV fire. It'll keep her nice and cosy warm while I'm at work as she's not quite figured out the house's heating controls <3



Mary by Adele Morse. The supercool TV light is from Luxa :)

Join my new group a open portfolio of good works.

Here is the promised "non-Christmassy" version of the Berlin TV Tower framed by the Ferris wheel (please see first comment). Taken with the m.zuiko 25mm F/1.8. Another weird format, neither 1:1, nor any of the usual formats. I wanted to crop it to 1:1, but that took away too much of the night sky (which I think is needed as a balance) or would have left the TV Tower in an odd position. In the original 4:3 format the tower was sort of centered, but not quite, and there was a big metal strut of the Ferris wheel's construction in the left corner of the frame which I found distracting. Photoshop's content-based healing tool produced surprisingly good results when I tried to remove the strut, but it still looked unnatural, the motion-blurred circled light trails looked kind of topsy-turvy where precision work would have been necessary, and I couldn't get it right with the cloning brush, either, so all I could do was to crop it. I decided to go strictly for the rule of thirds as far as the TV tower is concerned which yielded this weird format :-)


Soundtrack, if you like:

Rush, The Big Wheel:

The Who, Circles:


Photowalk with Sabine.R, who has a similar capture in her stream.


Hier nun die versprochene "Weihnachts-freie" Version des Berliner Fernsehturms eingerahmt vom Riesenrad (siehe 1. Kommentar). Aufgenommen mit dem m.zuiko 25mm F/1.8. Wieder mal ein unübliches Format, nicht ganz 1:1 und auch sonst keins der gängigen Formate. Im 4:3-Original war der Fernsehturm fast in der Bildmitte, aber nur fast, und am linken Bildrand war eine der dicken Metallstreben der Riesenrad-Konstruktion zu sehen, die ich als störend empfand. Photoshops inhaltsbasiertes Korrekturwerkzeug (das Pflastersymbol) hat zwar erstaunlich gute Arbeit geleistet beim Versuch, das Metallteil wegzuretuschieren, aber die sehr exakten Rundungen der Lichtspuren waren einfach nicht hinzubekommen, auch nicht mit dem Klonstempel, also blieb mir nur, das Bild zu beschneiden. Ich habe mich hier, was die Position des Fernsehturms angeht, strikt an die Drittel-Regel gehalten; 1:1 hat mir, bei exakt platziertem Turm, zu viel vom Nachthimmel weggenommen, mit Nachthimmel wäre der Turm wieder seltsam platziert gewesen. Da blieb mir nur der Beschnitt auf dieses seltsame Format :-)


Begleitmusik, wenn Ihr mögt:

Rush, The Big Wheel:

The Who, Circles:


Fotowalk mit Sabine.R, die ein ganz ähnliches Foto in ihrem Stream hat :-)


Normally I don't post several versions of the same capture, but this time I'll give it a try. See all the stuff here.


Please enjoy it!


'TV tower V' On Black


See where this picture was taken. [?]


You can see this also here:

An average person in Estonia spends about three to four hours a day watching the television. This is the situation reversed, the people portrayed here are posing for their television sets. It is not a critique of mass media and its influence, it is a document of what the TV sees.


"TV Portraits" is a series in progress.


See the whole series here as a slideshow.

late tv allowance. bad father.

Shot as part of the Vulture Labs long exposure workshop in Berlin

The TV features a scrolling backdrop which makes the Man of Steel soar through the skies over Metropolis.


A video of the TV in action is attached below...


The backdrop is built of alternating 1- and 2-brick width columns, mounted on a loop of bulldozer treads which allows it to scroll.

art installation. half cut open living room in the middle of the grass.

Was enjoying a cold one while watching TV and notice how nice the light was coming off the tv, hence i was inspired to take a few snaps :)

Melt suggested we all do a collaboration together of all of us sitting on a couch, chillin', watchin' TV and just shootin' the shit. His couch example and template was pixelated (Gimp file degrading?) and I had asked if that was what he had intended; accused me of being sarcastic. Well, I made mine boxxy pixels. :3


Yay for Ms-Paint!

© Alper Fidaner Photography

The fall of 1985 was one to remember. Clear blue skies and fall colors came together for an entire week on the Southern Tier. Add to that a double track main, semaphores, a mix of CR & D&H (Guilford) traffic, and cabooses on the end of each train. TV-301 has just knocked down the Westbound 318 semaphore on track 1 as the Eastbound blade stands guard on track 2 at West Cameron, NY on 10/26/1985.

bd Kellerman

Photo : Anne Lubrano

Alveg týpískt...ekkert í sjónvarpinu.....


Typical...nothing on Tv....

TV Rochelle Ohio

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