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When I'm at work, ya, I always rush right home for lunch

So I can check out what's up on the Brady Bunch

And when I'm walking through the front door at night

I gotta see who's winning on The Price is Right, oh


I never dreamed that I'd spend my days

Staring at some tube emitting cathode rays

I need my TV


La La La


" TV " - Blink 182

The TV Wall at East Jesus, Niland, CA.

De todas formas no quede conforme...


Los ex.

[A quien podría contar lo apretada que está mi voz. Vivo como un zombi, como en gris, como de roca, como en agua fría. Si te contara te reirías y llorarías como un muñeco

Mucha, mucha, mucha tele, Mucha, mucha, mucha pantalla, Mucha, mucha, mucha mentira, Mucho, mucho, mucho calor, Hay algún sinónimo, un adjetivo calificativo que explique esto, Yo yo yo yo yo yo no soy de fierro, no soy de plástico soy real, soy de carne y hueso, Mucha, mucha, mucha tele, Mucha, mucha, mucha pantalla, Mucha, mucha, mucha mentira, Mucho, mucho, mucho calor, Mucha, mucha, mucha tele, mucha, mucha, mucha pantalla, Mucha, mucha, mucha mentira, Mucho, mucho, mucho dolor]

TV is way more fascinating from the inside than from the screen.

Taken during an interview for a local channel.

nos engaña?? nos informa?? nos transforma???

Looking up at the face of a neon sign in front of an old motel in Havre, Montana.


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:copyright: 2014 Todd Klassy. All Rights Reserved.

The TV Tower in Žižkov was built between 1985 and 1992 according to the design of Ing. Arch.Václav Aulický and Dr. Ing. Jiří Kozák. Despite critical reactions of local residents who pointed to the contrast of high-tech architecture and the historic neighborhood of Zizkov, the tower was completed. Today, the tower is recognised as a dominant feature of The Prague panorama.


In the years of 2011-2012 the tower undertook a complete refurbishment of its interior. A team of renowned Czech architects and artists were assigned to design the new space and create an interactive environment. The TV Tower was renamed the TOWER PARK PRAHA.


The television transmitter tower is from a technical point of view very unique – the Tower oscillations are eliminated with special pendulums inside the structure, which consists of 3 cylindrical steel tubes and 9 cabins. In these tubes there are situated three cabins, the first at a height of 66 meters, the next one is the Observation cabin at a height of 93 meters and the highest located is the broadcast technology cabin. The base of the building is located at a depth of 15 meters below the surface. The tubes of the tower reach a height of 134 meters.


Since 2000, the babies have become a characteristic part of the tower, namely ten giant babies climbing the tower up and down. The fiberglass sculptures called Miminka (Babies) were originally placed there only temporarily, but they became so popular that they were permanently installed on the tower.

Just a simple indoor TV antenna. They can still be useful :)


Here's the photo of the TV:




If your comment concerns the watermark here, then just get the fuck out.


No group awards !!!

TV Rochelle Ohio

tv tower and the so called "Rotes Rathaus" (town hall) on the right side

Deze was gisteravond op tv tijdens het weerpraatje................

Effet effectué depuis ordinateur.

Careten shadows on tv were taken by multi shots, canon eos 550d, may 2013

Shot with Kodak Portra 400 on a Mamiya 6 in Berlin, Germany.

Maybe I should get a TV with picture-in-picture(-in-picture...)


©Matthias Haker 2011

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On tour with Alt_Gr, Andre Govia and romanywg

For Macro Monday Group Theme on 3rd June

Currently showing on UK TV at the moment.... Springwatch!

Tv Shot





TV Rochelle Ohio

Food Composition; (c) Diana Lee Photo Designs


An average person in Estonia spends about three to four hours a day watching the television. This is the situation reversed, the people portrayed here are posing for their television sets. It is not a critique of mass media and its influence, it is a document of what the TV sees.


"TV Portraits" is a series in progress.


See the whole series here as a slideshow.

Alles Gute zum 60. Geburtstag, Nina Hagen!

"Ich kann mich gar nicht entscheiden... ist alles so schön bunt hier!"

(Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1:1.4, f/1.4)

- Nina Hagen celebrates today her 60. birthday. -

Alveg týpískt...ekkert í sjónvarpinu.....


Typical...nothing on Tv....

Made with Iphone camera, double exposure app and TV filter.

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