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Tutorial Link:

honestly i hate this photo already.


but it's good to still show mistakes

Hi all, I got a request to do a simple lighting tutorial. No textures or actual projectors, just basic light boxes you can make instantly in Second Life anywhere you have build perms.


In this video I'm wearing Lelutka Simone with Insol Liv. Azuchi clothes. Minimal k pop garage backdrop. Sintiklia hair. Pose by foxcity.

Sometimes you need a little tutorial on how things are used... but then again I might just be watching porn and getting ready to stick my little bunny friend where I want it the most


HAPPY ASS MONDAY ALL! Hope you all have a delightful and delicious one!


Backdrop by: FOXCITY

Pose by: *!R.O!*

Playing with tutorials on Dodge and Burn by Daeberethwen

You should check out her stream!


Follow along on my blog as I try to pass the time while in isolation with a photo challenge.

I got the idea for twine wrapped around a plastic cap from toolae_lady_m on Instagram. She had nicer twine. I used a children's medicine cup. I made sure to wrap most of the inside, too.


Added a layer of air dry clay to the bottom to partially fill it and save a bit on my Dimensional Magic.


Used coffee and Dimensional Magic Modge Podge for the soil.


Added a plant stem from Michael's.


Here is the tutorial I used:


Using photoshop to combine images taken with different windlights to make your photos as clean and pretty as possible




This video is a little long because I did some actual editing in it. Friends don't let friends forget their alphas. Fix clipping, skin imperfections, mesh lip lines and other imperfections with three photoshop tools.


By request. A video expanding on my previous liquify tutorial to show how to fix problems that occur with posing. Additionally I show how to fix clipping afterwards.


In this tutorial you will learn how to add fire glow effects to your photos. This is geared towards greenscreen photos, but with careful precision can be used on flat photos as well.



Tutorial from Anej Kostrevc

Was showing someone some basics to photography and photoshopping sl pics. Very basic stuff.

The Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment's lovely North American AT-16 Harvard IIB KF183 seen on display at the 1973 IAT held at RAF Greenham Common


Used as a chase plane for load dropping over Salisbury Plain along with doubling up as a 'tail-dragging' trainer for ETPS Students Boscombe Down, at the time she was one of three the Establishment had on charge

Here they are a few years later:


Scanned from a very challenged Instamatic 25 Negative

Oi gente....


Fiz um Tutorial (que tá hilário) de um look que eu uso de dia e de noite...


Veja aqui!!!


Estou aguardando o feedback de vcs, gente....

É a primeira vez q eu faço um vídeo e eu tava meio


Perdoem os erros, ok?!?


Espero opiniões e sugestões!!

E críticas tbm...







Disponibilizei o video numa qualidade melhor aki ó


This video was requested in the comments of a previous video. It explains the components of a mock mirror shot and how to get the effect.


The volume is a little low, I think my mic was having issues


Que feliz!!! Hj o flickr colaborou comigooo.


Mel, esse é especial para vc! É o look do amigo oculto. Finalmente.. Rs...


Para ler, no tamanho grande fica melhor. Não tá gigante pq não tem muitos detalhes, então não precisa!




In this tutorial I show how to use the pen tool to create realistic looking line art for your artwork or SL photography.


Outfit credits:

As promised, here is the tutorial for my littler R0-XI Droid. I'd love to see your versions of it, so feel free to tag me in your post, if you use the design.


Using layer masks as a green screen alternative. No green halos.


Good for vendor images as well!

Okay, so I made this tutorial a while back, and I shared it on my Facebook MOC page.

I've got the link to the rest of the tutorial below!It's relatively simple and decently sturdy. Plus, IMO it fits in pretty good with an Oriental setting. :)


Enjoy and God bless!

Hey everyone.


Isaac and John asked me to write a small tutorial for my waterfall design to be featured on their awesome site

Check it out here!

I've got a little good news under the stars here in New Zealand for you all on a rather dreary week! I don't know if you've seen my two recent videos on "Despair" and "Anxiety" - but in one of them I mentioned that a great way to escape from your own crazy-monkey mind is to help other people!


I'm not saying this is a self-congratulatory way, but just because it's kinda cool and maybe it will help others be outward-focused as well! First, if you're bored at home, why not learn photography, eh? I took my best Beginning Photography course, filmed here in New Zealand, and made it TOTALLY FREE - people seem to love it and Stu says we have over $50,000 worth of downloads already - that's awesome and I hope you all are enjoying it.


Link below...


Also, I want to send a shout out to my friends over at for helping out with a new information-sharing initiative that's just about to get started here in NZ that should help with the COVID-19 sitch.


Besides all that stuff, I'm gonna make some more videos here in the next several days... people seem interested in these topics: 1) conspiracy theories and why you shouldn't believe them 2) my full death experiences and why I'm not afraid to die 3) what kind of evolved society will emerge after this 4) what the heck I get up to on a daily basis in solo isolation 5) ways to thrive and create in this new paradigm... and more!


I may even make some fun videos with good 'ol Gino. Hey man I have a lot of spare time and I can't play video games ALLLL day!!

Our latest tutorial on brickbuilt, covers these 5 tree designs all used in my Amon Hen build.

Several of you guys requested a tutorial, so here it is:

Someone was asking me lots of questions about mohair and asked for a tutorial on how to actually reroot it and everything.... the ones I recommended they didn't find helpful apparently, so I made one for them.


iamlily, this is your blythe's scalp, it's famous! :P


So Wedge, how can you do yourself and possibly others out of business?



Since many commenters seemed to enjoy the well I built for my Herbalist's Garden, here is a tutorial for it!

I've posted a tutorial on how I photoshopped this image on my blog at

Video Tutorial here:


*I show you in this small tutorial, how you can download the windlights of my blog with this new method.


- Questions? private message on flickr, facebook or InWorld . Thank you so much :D


Ever wondered how to build good tudor style walls?

Check out our latest tutorial by Titus V. on brickbuilt.

I made a picture tutorial for creating this image. It was done digitally in Paint Shop Pro X. I made the tutorial for my Smudgepainting group here on Flickr and for all my Digitalnuts friends.

This picture demonstrates what can't be done in normal photography (3D glasses required).


A 3D picture that pops out the screen. Watch the picture full size. Put a chair at about 3m (10 feet) away from your monitor. Sit down and watch the branch grow about 80 cm (3 feet) out of your screen!


This is one of my first digital 3D pictures, made with one camera and a simple plastic slider on a tripod.


TUTORIAL - How to make an anaglyph using Photoshop



• Start Photoshop.


• Open the two pictures of your stereo pair.

• Make yourself sure of which is the left and which is the right picture.

• Open the channels palette (menu: Window, Channels). You’ll see the channels RGB, Red, Green and Blue with a small eye in front.


• Activate the LEFT picture (click the title bar).

• Select the red channel in the palette (Ctrl-1). Now only the red channel has the small eye in front. The picture shows the red channel in grayscale.

• Select all (Ctrl-A) and copy to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).


• Activate the RIGHT picture (click the title bar).

• Select the red channel in the palette (Ctrl-1). Again the picture shows the red channel in grayscale.

• Paste the contents of the clipboard (Ctrl-V). What you just did is replacing the red channel of the right image, by the red channel of the left image.


• Click at the gray square left of the RGB channel in the palette, all small eyes switch back on. Important: don’t click at the channel itself, but in the square where the small eye should be.


• Put on your red/cyan 3D-glasses.

• Stroke V and align the picture with the arrow keys.

• Save the picture under a new name.


Part 2

Part 3


Just a simple tutorial showing how I do colored backgrounds, have fun :D

View the image at "Original" size, not large

This is actually really old but yesterday I noticed I never posted it, so here it is, a tutorial on light stencils.

Want to make a neat semicircle tower for a gatehouse or other project? Then the latest tutorial on Brickbuilt is just what you need!


Tutorials | Creations | Featured Tutorials | Build Logs | Commissions

This tutorial explains how I built the 45° roof of my Riften Watchtower, and also shows the method I used to make the plank siding underneath the roof-line.


Check it out on brickbuilt.

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