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This was taken on the same evening that we had a tsunami warning along the west coast due to the huge earthquake in Japan... The stairs to the beach were actually roped off, but we couldn't resist heading down capture one of the best sunsets I have witnessed in quite some time. There were a few surges of water that came in much faster than normal, but nothing to major.


Canon 16-35II

An Athos monk waiting for the ship to Mount Athos. There was no ship, only a sudden and gigantic TSUNAMI which hit him right into his face!

Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Still a tsunami wreck

Langco Hue - Vietnam

tsunami zone hikkaduwa

Peraliya, telwatta, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

The day was clear

The sun shone bright

Upon my island home

When all at once wailing, echoed from her shores.


And it came whirling, swirling, churning and sweeping

A monstrous twenty-foot wave

With a booming voice and mighty hurt

Destroying everything in its way.


Tsunami damaged coastal area near Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

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Today a terriable earthquake hit off the coast of the Samoan Islands, causing a terriable Sunami, and loss of lives. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.


We are expecting the results of that sunami, here on the Western Pacific Coast In about a half hour from when I am typing this. They tell us, that our water level should not raise more than a foot or two. I went to the beach at sunset and took this rather foreboading sunset!


Again, I ask you to please keep in your prayers and thoughts those unfortunates who have suffered from this devestating experience in the Samoan Island



Coastline near Banda Aceh at dusk. Almost 2.5 years after Great Tsunami devastated this area. Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia.

Went down to Numazu over the weekend in the camping car as the weather forecast was for 25C (if you can believe that for mid-Feb).


Absolutely *perfect* weather Sat/Sun; we were in t-shirts and shorts (can't ever recall doing that in Feb in the Kanto region).


5xp freehand HDR shot taken of the famous Numazu Tsunami Barrier.


Numazu, Japan

Inside the Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh - Aceh Darussalam.


Commemorating and remembering the devastating tsunami that occurred exactly 10 years ago in Dec 26, 2004.


Flags hanging on the roof show the countries that provide assistance to the recovery of Aceh.


Photo by Yadi Yasin © 2014 All Rights Reserved.

All my images are under © All Rights Reserved and should not be use in any other way.

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clear day. i am sure it was no fog or smoke.

thank you so much for many warm words to us.

30x40 in 76x101 cm Etched on Aluminum

Metal - Luster Finish

(Lifetime Durability Aluminum. No fading or staining, 100% heat, water, and scratch-resistant.)

This 18m high Buddha is a memorial to the victims of the 2004 tsunami which claimed over 2000 victims in the immediate vicinity of the village of Periliya including an estimated 1700 passengers travelling on the express train which was passing as the wave struck. In a small building at the entrance to the temple road there is a display of photographs taken in the immediate aftermath. They are truly harrowing.

No he podido reprimirme en ponerla en blanco y negro...

Based on old lifeboat station, Lizard, Cornwall.

View large on black please


There are people that lived dramas and situations so intense that most of us will never experience.

Most of these people didn't choose to do so; they just found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sometimes I wonder if living these experiences makes you grow, or kills you, or both.


Experimenting with pixels some more.


I took the photograph (3 hand-held exposures combined into one HDR image) of this alley in Ashland, OR.

The waterfall is from Twin Falls State Park, in Northbend, WA.

The river is the Snoqualmie River, WA.

The sign is a street sign somewhere in California or Oregon.


Photo was taken in a suburb to Reykjavík, Iceland, on a very nice early autumn day.

SL and stock sources

outtake that I had to revisit. I'm terrible at titles sometimes. any suggestions?

Analogica con Nikonos III ( 1975 ), fotocamera subacquea priva di esposimetro, messa a fuoco su scala metrica, obiettivo Nikkor 35 mm 2.5 f, Fomapan bianco e nero 200 asa, sviluppo con Rodinal. A parte lo orrendo sviluppo le macchie ci sono anche gocce dì acqua sullo obiettivo

Através de um tijolo de vidro / Through a glass brick

Mi "versión" de los diez mandamientos en fotografia de paisaje, si te interesa, sigue en el bloc



"My" Ten Commandments, if you want to know more, follow the blog ...


Japan we are with You!!!

cuatro o cinco fotos en este peculiar escenario pude tirar hasta que el socorrista me dijo que tenía que salir pues puesieron la bandera roja en la playa ¿por qué será?

Está hecha con una Canon IXUS 800 IS metida dentro de su carcasa submarina (la mejor opción para que la camarita no se llene de arena en la playa y claro está, no se moje)

Par Mylene Gauthier

a swirl of debris floating in the pacific ocean

another painting from the stockholm show

discussing a funeral plan

A pequeña escala.





Tendencia +0,33Evs

Focal 14mm con un 14-24mm f2,8

Flash SB900 en la zapata de la cámara


© Gregorio López

A Thought for all the People of Japan

Sunset over tsunami damaged flats near Banda Aceh, Sumatra Island, Indonesia

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