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Signs of climate change are everywhere in the arctic.


One of a series of shock waves from an iceberg (not visible in this photo) that violently calved on the far left side of an otherwise calm and sheltered Fjord. The shock waves slam into house sized chunks of ice and hurl them shorewards.....


Photo taken on a kayaking expedition while standing in the water (wearing a dry suit).


East Greenland, July 2019


Camera: Olympus EM5 MkII


Lens: Olympus 8mm f1.8 Fisheye



Olympic Park, Stratford.

No he podido reprimirme en ponerla en blanco y negro...

revisited and retweaked digital fun


Shell house facade in Berlin

Analogica con Nikonos III ( 1975 ), fotocamera subacquea priva di esposimetro, messa a fuoco su scala metrica, obiettivo Nikkor 35 mm 2.5 f, Fomapan bianco e nero 200 asa, sviluppo con Rodinal. A parte lo orrendo sviluppo le macchie ci sono anche gocce dì acqua sullo obiettivo

Our furry feline friend illuminated in the darkness.


To get this picture we turned off all the lights and used a single off-camera flash to illuminate Tsunami's face. His captivated expression was due to his favorite fish toy being dangled just off screen. We chose black and white to accentuate the high contrast in this picture.

Still playing around with a few close-up shots of a weathered telegraph pole.

Created in Fractal Explorer 2.02.

.The tremendous tsunamis of the heart .......

- Los tremendos tsunamis ,del corazón.....

Tsunami de nubes en la Caldera de Taburiente (La Palma, Islas Canarias, España).

Imagen creativa. Photosoph

Upcoming thunderstorm approaching my hometown


Aufziehendes Unwetter über meiner Heimatstadt

Summer Dream Series


ICM image of the Hammonasset coast. The Clouds in this image look like a tidal wave about to hit the beach.

tsunami zone hikkaduwa

Peraliya, telwatta, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Par Mylene Gauthier

Playa changa


IV Region de Coquimbo



The only image of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami that afected my town i have captured so far.

De hace ahora dos añitos menos un día exactamente, la última gran nevada que tuvimos por estos lares.Corresponde al P.N. de la Sierra de Gredos, esa mañana porque subí detrás de la quitanieves que si no esta imagen no vería la luz. Me llamó la atención esa nubes que coronaban las montañas, con esa forma tan amenazadora, como una tempestad de arena en el desierto que ves avanzar hacia ti .Yo ya me quedé ahí disparando a un lado y a otro de la carretera,había temario jaja.... mientras, veía como se alejaban los de la quitanieves.Saludos.

Location : Futami , Mie Prefecture , Japan

Back story;


as I said I had got low down in the exit gully to get a good angle for the pictures , I totally forgot the bow wave they were making was going to come straight up the gully where I was standing.....


when I realised it was too late, and I ended up knee deep in freezing water.The guys in the car video the whole thing but when we played it back they were laughing so much the video was unusable ....:-)


Photo was taken in a suburb to Reykjavík, Iceland, on a very nice early autumn day.

" Mute Swans...The male and the female birds, the cob and pen, usually attempt to mate for life, although it is not true to say that if one of the birds were to die the other would necessarily pine away...It is possible for an adult bird to find an alternative mate..."


The female lays up to seven eggs between late April and early May. Both sexes incubate the eggs, which hatch after 35-41 days...The young birds, or cygnets, sometimes ride on their parents' backs and remain with the adult birds for four or five months...Cygnets are generally dingy brown above and whitish below..."





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Detail of UniCredit Tower, Milan

30x40 in 76x101 cm


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