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Olympic Park, Stratford.

Shell house facade in Berlin

revisited and retweaked digital fun

Our furry feline friend illuminated in the darkness.


To get this picture we turned off all the lights and used a single off-camera flash to illuminate Tsunami's face. His captivated expression was due to his favorite fish toy being dangled just off screen. We chose black and white to accentuate the high contrast in this picture.

Analogica con Nikonos III ( 1975 ), fotocamera subacquea priva di esposimetro, messa a fuoco su scala metrica, obiettivo Nikkor 35 mm 2.5 f, Fomapan bianco e nero 200 asa, sviluppo con Rodinal. A parte lo orrendo sviluppo le macchie ci sono anche gocce dì acqua sullo obiettivo

Still playing around with a few close-up shots of a weathered telegraph pole.

Detail of UniCredit Tower, Milan

30x40 in 76x101 cm Etched on Aluminum

Metal - Luster Finish

(Lifetime Durability Aluminum. No fading or staining, 100% heat, water, and scratch-resistant.)

Imagen creativa. Photosoph

.The tremendous tsunamis of the heart .......

- Los tremendos tsunamis ,del corazón.....

Created in Fractal Explorer 2.02.

Tsunami de nubes en la Caldera de Taburiente (La Palma, Islas Canarias, España).

"Being there

Learning to walk again

It's like the morning rays

See the horizon, take a hand

And then the starry earth

And then the earth that must blossom

And then the world with the beating heart

And then the life to grow..."


Upcoming thunderstorm approaching my hometown


Aufziehendes Unwetter über meiner Heimatstadt

Par Mylene Gauthier

Playa changa


IV Region de Coquimbo



The only image of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami that afected my town i have captured so far.

This 18m high Buddha is a memorial to the victims of the 2004 tsunami which claimed over 2000 victims in the immediate vicinity of the village of Periliya including an estimated 1700 passengers travelling on the express train which was passing as the wave struck. In a small building at the entrance to the temple road there is a display of photographs taken in the immediate aftermath. They are truly harrowing.

tsunami zone hikkaduwa

Peraliya, telwatta, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

aquarelle sur Arches

Location : Futami , Mie Prefecture , Japan


Photo was taken in a suburb to Reykjavík, Iceland, on a very nice early autumn day.

Wide view of an Antarctic ice shelf (1 of 3) - the sheer scale of this wall is astonishing.


On the lower left side of the photo, you can see a small zodiac....that zodiac looks quite close to the ice wall, yet it is well over 200 meters from the wall.


Bring a small flask of your fav adult beverage as there’s plenty of ice...and you might appreciate a wee sip for warmth and your nerves!

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