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This was taken on the same evening that we had a tsunami warning along the west coast due to the huge earthquake in Japan... The stairs to the beach were actually roped off, but we couldn't resist heading down capture one of the best sunsets I have witnessed in quite some time. There were a few surges of water that came in much faster than normal, but nothing to major.


Canon 16-35II

The relativity of size

Earthquake and Tsunami damage, Japan-March 14, 2011: This is a satellite image of Japan showing damage after an Earthquake and Tsunami at the Dai Ichi Power Plant, Japan. (credit: DigitalGlobe)

Inside the Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh - Aceh Darussalam.


Commemorating and remembering the devastating tsunami that occurred exactly 10 years ago in Dec 26, 2004.


Flags hanging on the roof show the countries that provide assistance to the recovery of Aceh.


Photo by Yadi Yasin © 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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Went down to Numazu over the weekend in the camping car as the weather forecast was for 25C (if you can believe that for mid-Feb).


Absolutely *perfect* weather Sat/Sun; we were in t-shirts and shorts (can't ever recall doing that in Feb in the Kanto region).


5xp freehand HDR shot taken of the famous Numazu Tsunami Barrier.


Numazu, Japan

Sunset over tsunami damaged flats near Banda Aceh, Sumatra Island, Indonesia

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There are people that lived dramas and situations so intense that most of us will never experience.

Most of these people didn't choose to do so; they just found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sometimes I wonder if living these experiences makes you grow, or kills you, or both.


Experimenting with pixels some more.


I took the photograph (3 hand-held exposures combined into one HDR image) of this alley in Ashland, OR.

The waterfall is from Twin Falls State Park, in Northbend, WA.

The river is the Snoqualmie River, WA.

The sign is a street sign somewhere in California or Oregon.


Photo was taken in a suburb to Reykjavík, Iceland, on a very nice early autumn day.

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Tsunami Moravia

© Jarmila

Taken on my recent trip to Thailand on the beach of Khao Lak.


Its the place hardest struck by the immense tsunami in 2004. By what it looks like the rebuild of the place has been quick but still its lacking the number of tourist prior to the tsunami.


We stayed there couple of nights but our main destination was the paradise Similan Island national park.


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Un tsunami (津波, del japonés, literalmente gran ola en el puerto) o maremoto es una ola o un grupo de olas de gran energía que se producen cuando algún fenómeno extraordinario desplaza verticalmente una gran masa de agua...

I guess you are aware that we have been by the Sea......


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Esquimalt Lagoon, BC.

Mid-day Long Exposure







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Today a terriable earthquake hit off the coast of the Samoan Islands, causing a terriable Sunami, and loss of lives. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.


We are expecting the results of that sunami, here on the Western Pacific Coast In about a half hour from when I am typing this. They tell us, that our water level should not raise more than a foot or two. I went to the beach at sunset and took this rather foreboading sunset!


Again, I ask you to please keep in your prayers and thoughts those unfortunates who have suffered from this devestating experience in the Samoan Island



cuatro o cinco fotos en este peculiar escenario pude tirar hasta que el socorrista me dijo que tenía que salir pues puesieron la bandera roja en la playa ¿por qué será?

Está hecha con una Canon IXUS 800 IS metida dentro de su carcasa submarina (la mejor opción para que la camarita no se llene de arena en la playa y claro está, no se moje)

revisited and retweaked digital fun


Par Mylene Gauthier

Taken at MovieWorld, a theme park on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.


Canon 5D Mk III with Canon EF 200mm F2.8L Mk II lens. 1/2,000th sec at F11, ISO 800. Processed using SilverEfex Pro 2.

A Thought for all the People of Japan

Our furry feline friend illuminated in the darkness.


To get this picture we turned off all the lights and used a single off-camera flash to illuminate Tsunami's face. His captivated expression was due to his favorite fish toy being dangled just off screen. We chose black and white to accentuate the high contrast in this picture. Gardiner, Oregon on US 101. We hope the "Lady on the Roof" won't jump...


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Long time exposure with camera mounted on passenger seat.

Esta subiendo,no se exactamente la altitud supongo que unos 2600-2800m,el tipico mar de nubes de nuestra isla que a muchos llama la atencion.


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