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Oil on Canvas. Dimensions: 48 X 72 inches.


This piece is an abstract interpretation of the ancient city of Troy. Notice it has numerous layers that are partially hidden within the painting...a "painting within a painting" if you will. This emulates the numerous times that Troy has been built, destroyed, and rebuilt throughout the centuries, dating back all the way to the lost continent of Atlantis.

While Chief and I were coming home from the train show at Wheaton on Hwy 38, I heard Herbie the C&I dispatcher give a northbound UP permission to "push the button" at BX. I only shot the Troy Grove job on the mainline east a DeKalb a few times when I was at NIU, so I wanted to shoot it through the signals at Cortland.


After a couple other eastbounds, UPY 715 got permission to head east and the goal was achieved, despite the rain drops!


December 13, 2015.

Prioritized manifest traffic from Roseville, CA to North Platte, NE works hard under the signal bridge at Troy, catching some early morning sun.

Troy, NC


This is not an infrared shot. Instead, I used the "Dynamic Color" setting on my Fuji and then did a B&W conversion without additional editing.

Troy, NY (Lansingburgh)

Clam digging in the Dark. This is a single HDR made from an image shot at ISO 1250, 20mm on a Nikon 14-24 f2.8 shot at f3.5 and 1/10 sec. exposure. Nikon D700. I replaced the original 5 shot HDR posted earlier even though the color on it was richer. There was too much movement by the people in the 5 shoot version resulting in ghosting. All the people digging for razor clams ruined several good sunset HDR's but I've been able to salvage a few. All in all we improved on our hunter/gatherer skills and the Clam chowder the next day was very good.

on an old county road. . . I got stuck in a snowdrift about 5 minutes after taking this shot

Looking toward the end of the line in Troy Grove just 5 to 15 min's after sunset, the cloud aftermath was the most amazing sky I've seen in a long time. Photo 2 was from the parkng lot of the same sand plant.

Troy Paiva came over to spend a few days with me after a lecture. So I had to take him to all the best spots within the time we had.


First night and we explored London a bit and found some nice locations.

Early morning, Oct. 3rd, 2013, and a mirror perfect clam on the mill pond in Troy, NH

This is my sisters dog, Troy. He is the cutest Shiba Inu there ever was. Unfortunately, he is a little bit of a trouble maker and likes to escape from the back yard by any and all means possible. He escaped when he was only a couple of months old and when they found him he was laying on the side of the road. He is a hit-and-run survivor (heartless a-holes) and has the 3 legs to prove it!


This is not part of my one analog camera per month project. Just having fun with the Cononet and developing film at home.


Camera: Cononet QL 19

Film: Tri-X 400

Developed with Kodak D-76.

A sample of Troys digital artwork

Troy tests the water at the very edge of the sprinkler's perimeter,

Exploring Troy during the River Street Festival

Guest Artist at the University of Arizona Jazz Week


InternationaL authors copyright laws and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without my written explicit permission. All rights reserved. Copyright 2015@Henri LouIs Hirschfeld

Western Wallflower (Erysimum capitatum) growing alongside Sherman Pass road, near Troy Meadow, Sequoia National Forest, Tulare County, California

This painting is for my friend Troy. A very special person to me. He wanted to have my abstract II painting so bad when he saw it at my show in Lincoln Center in October. Although he is one of those people I would give almost everything to lol...I didn't want to give him abstract II [one of my early pieces which looked great at front view...BUT awful to me on the sides and the back!!...very messy!]. So I decided to create this for his 40th Birthday which is going to be the party of the year :-))) [so excited]. I really really hope he will like this.....Put a lot of effort in it and I do like the result!

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