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And wisdom is a butterfly/ And not a gloomy bird of prey.

the cheapest boat ride in Kuching to across the Sarawak River.. cost only MYR 0.30 =)

you should try it someday!! Have a great great weekend everyone!!! =D

From "The Train Commuters Project"

Somewhere in Sweden.

polaroid sx-70.

Artistic tz.


Fourlines on POSI+TIVE magazine:



Prints on sale

Book on sale



Road Trip

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Featuring: ROUND 20/2


(August 18 - August 31)


ZZ Ward - Last Love Song


at nuremberg, near the sky

The teachers arrived first and then some very grown up school boys. They later took a group photo that was maybe for the school's year book.

an old miniature model of vw bus portrait.

We got on old trains. The tickets were non-magnetic, and non-thermal printed! No ticket vending machines, no automatic gates at the stations. How exciting!



Hi! My computer isn´t working yet, but i stole my sisters, now

i can write comments and visit your streams, even if i can´t upload new pics...


This one was made on a trip to sababurg, which is some kind of zoo-park-mix ,:)

We got a lot of snow here in germany at the moment, wonderful for some landscape-shots!

When we stood there in front of this bench, my sister suddenly screamed: "The sun!

The sun!" She was really frustrated, because we hadn´t seen it for a while...


Even though it's already December Sakura decided to go on a biking trip because there was no snow. She took her fluffy friends along and they seemed to enjoy it quite a lot :3


~ ~ ~


The weather's been really bad and I'm exhausted from all the school stuff, luckily Christmas break starts tomorrow... My dolly mood is kind of gone right now but reading your kind feedback on my latest photos definitely makes me feel better ♥

pen on graph paper 21 x 29,7 cm - © 2009

Road Trip

❤ BLOG: Credits & Slurls & More ❥


Featuring: ROUND 20/2


(August 18 - August 31)


ZZ Ward - Last Love Song


Once there was land....

Then came the bright sunny days which made everyone cheefully and full of joy.

...but when all that was over as of this moment...

What do you think we must do to overcome, ...these floods marked the beginning of the wet and muggy season.

...however the trip must go on as planned but who's in charge....


Take care, ...Great Weekend!!

So our trip to Thailand first started with a plane flight from Bergen to Oslo. We were greeted by a wonderful sunrise.

I've never been there. but I heard a lot of R


There are places you visited once

There are locations that we visited twice.

There are places that touch, this is such a place.


An Italian trip

Inspired by taking the risk of trying something new. :D. Trip To Wonderland.


PhotoManipulation // Ps Cs6 // © Designed By Bui Viet Trung


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Tripped Switch. Found in a derelict factory. HDR image of 3 exposures -2, 0,+2. Canon 5D Mark iii. Canon 24-105mm Lens. #arthakker

sunset, greymouth, west coast, new zealand


Took a trip to the West Coast, craving a sunset shot and some inspiration, with Paul Wheeler and got bitten to death by the sandflies.

Pues es posible que haya nacido una nueva serie....

[se aceptan mini vespas y mini vw bullis de regalo.. :P]

at nuremberg over the "garlic-land" ;)

Photos from my trip to Yellow Stone, expect a lot more!


Djaq watching the road fly by.




ADAW 23/52


museo de la plata / la plata museum / 400 ASA

Ich habe das Foto mit einer Freundin auf einem stillgelegten Gleis geschossen. Glücklicherweise standen dort zwei Wagons :)

Compacta produzida do final dos anos 60 até meados dos 80, Um clássico.

Sunrise at Gili Trawangan

Lombok - Indonesia

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