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Trésor fugace


Voir sur fond noir :)

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I just happened to be walking past the Treasury Casino tonight, and it was calling out to be photographed, in all it’s colourful glory.


p.s. the bar for this photo has been raised pretty high, with my photos for the last 2 days of this project making the flickr 'explore' pages. I'm absolutely stoked (and stunned) - thank you to everyone who viewed them, commented & added them to their favourites.


Petra The treasury view from Al Siq


An old picture from over 4 years ago of the Treasury at Petra viewed from the Siq.

Queensland performing arts centre

This Catalonian Gothic cathedral, called La Seu, stands in the Old Town overlooking the seaside. It was begun during the reign of Jaume II (1276-1311) and completed in 1601. Its central vault is 43m (141 ft.) high, and its columns rise 20m (66 ft.). There is a wrought-iron baldachin (canopy) by GaudÃ- over the main altar. The treasury contains pieces said to be part of the True Cross, and relics of San Sebastián, patron saint of Palma.

collage/acrylic on wood. i got a book a while ago called "treasury of cats" . last night i found it in room and made this while dealing with the absence of wisdom teeth in my mouth. i guess you could say vicodin helped me make this one..... (i'll post a better photo later)

The Casino in the heart of Brisbane's CBD

The old Treasury place and looking high above the front door.

The great thing about using a 10mm lens is that you get so much in the frame but you also get the distortion and in this case, the bottom of this image. I've tried to straighten it a little bit but then decided to leave as is instead.

A camel enjoys a quiet morning before the days work begins,_Brisbane


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Treasury Building in Washington, D.C.


I visited the HM Treasury building during the Open House London. The most interesting part was the circular courtyard. I was lucky enough to be able to take a long exposure and have the sun shining at the end I was taking a photo of.


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Treasury, Petra, Jordan.

Sigma dp0 Quattro.

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Petra is the second of the 7 New Wonders of the World which I have seen this year, the first being the Great Wall of China. Alas, I missed Christ the Redeemer during my trip to South America.


Visiting here first thing in the morning was certainly the most enjoyable of the trip, allowing us to take images of the Treasury without anyone standing in the way, and also allowing us to clamber up the nearby rocks which are generally a no-go area to get a decent elevated view.


It’s impressive how such a structure could be carved directly into the stone; I certainly wouldn’t want to be the person doing it for fear of making a slight mistake. At least at Halloween there are spare pumpkins you can use should you need to; you only really get one chance at something like this.


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Using some recently made contacts, I was able to not only get inside Petra before the tourists, but I was also allowed into the Treasury. This is usually forbidden, so it made for quite an unusual and rarely seen viewpoint of such a popular tourist destination. Due to the shortness of time, this was a quick snap, but I'm pretty happy in how it came out. This was part of an awesome trip with Mike Murphyz and Jimmy Mcintyre.


I'd also like to remind people that I might be leading a photographic trip to Iceland in September to shoot some landscapes and aurora (hopefully), plus some post-processing seminars some evenings, depending on weather conditions. If you're interested in this, please send me a message here or on Facebook. If you live in the London area and want some photography lessons or help with post-processing, get in touch.


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NIKON D800 / ISO 640 / f/4 / 25s / Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm / Location: Petra, Jordan


View On Black


Trying out the new Photomatix Pro 3.2.....Works much better then the older version !!!

AEB of 3 shots......-2, 0 and +2 taken at dusk.


This must be the most photographed monument in Petra, but you can't get far enough back to get a good shot, and it is nearly always in shadow. This picture was stitched from four original photos using AutopanoGiga - this enabled me to get a full-on shot of the facade, and shows clearly how it was cut out of the mountain. It is best viewed large.

The hardest thing with taking this photo of the Treasury in Petra is to avoid getting other tourists in the picture.

Went to Natural History Museum last week to see Wildlife Photographer of the Year - always great. Then had a little wander round one of my favourite rooms Earth's Treasury. Full of girl's best friends.... Here's a bit of diamond bokeh.


BMW Museum

Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 München

Karl Schwanzer

Baujahr (äußere Fertigstellung): 1971/1972

Einweihung: 18.05.1973


Durchmesser Museumsschüssel: 40 m

Fläche Museumsschüssel: 1.000 m²

Fläche Flachbau 4.000 m²

Ausstellungsfläche gesamt: 5.000 m²

Nettogesamtfläche: 10.000 m²

Bruttogeschossfläche: 12.200 m²


5000 m2


Erweiterung und Redesign: 2008

Ausstellungskonzept: Atelier Brückner

Generalplanung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Projektteam BMW Museum

Architektur, Ausstellungsgestaltung, Szenografie

Tragwerksplanung mit Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart

Lichtplanung mit DELUX AG, Rolf Derrer, Zürich

Mediale Inszenierungen, Interaktive Installationen: ART+COM, Berlin

Grafik Design, Visuelle Identität: Integral Ruedi Baur, Zürich

Visuelle Sinfonie: Marc Tamschick, media+space, Berlin


"Within the context of an overall renovation of the BMW corporate headquarters, the look of the BMW museum is also being re-defined. The existing architectural form of the famous “Bowl” remains while the adjoining building elements are integrated for the museum’s utilization. The new concept is based on theme-specific spaces made accessible via ramps as a symbol for mobility and movement. These ramps connect the locations of the exhibition and experiences. The idea of the original museum architecture – streets and places in urban space - finds its continuation in the form of an urban spatial experience of streets and buildings. The multi-media enhanced exhibition architecture creates an impressive framework for the exhibits."



Press "L" for a nicer view, and "F" if you like it!


Camera: FinePix X100 (FUJIFILM)


Focal Length: 23 mm

ISO Speed: 200

Aperture: f/5

Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec

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