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A tourist in Paris ..

or a makeshift studio :)




C'est un fameux trois-mâts, fin comme un oiseau

(Hisse et ho, Santiano)

Dix-huits noeuds, quatre cents tonneaux

Je suis fier d'y être matelot


Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent

Hisse et ho, Santiano

Si dieu veut, toujours droit devant

(Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco)


Je pars pour de longs mois en laissant Margot

(Hisse et ho, Santiano)

D'y penser, j'avais le coeur gros

(En doublant les feux de Saint Malo)


Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent

Hisse et ho, Santiano

Si dieu veut, toujours droit devant

(Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco)


On prétend que là-bas, l'argent coule à flots

Hisse et ho, Santiano

On trouve l'or au fond des ruisseaux

(J'en ramènerai plusieurs lingots)


Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent

Hisse et ho, Santiano

Si dieu veut, toujours droit devant

(Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco)


Un jour je reviendrai, chargé de cadeaux

(Hisse et ho, Santiano)

Au pays, j'irai voir Margot

(À son doigt, je passerai l'anneau)


Tiens bon le cap et tiens bon le flot

Hisse et ho, Santiano

Sur la mer qui fait le gros dos

Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust

Life as a traveler can be tough. You need to carry your provisions to last your journey and not be confused especially when the destination look all the same. You have to have a good plan on where to go and avoid getting tired or lost or both.


Shot while wandering the urban maze of Atlanta.

*i especially loved the smooth and round hills...

as if stretched forever and forever...

and as if you can go into the past with this road...

*i cheated on the road... by adding a texture to

bring out the roughness :D

camera : olympus XA RF

film : expired kodak ektachrome 100 VS


--Kenneth Rexroth


You open your

Dress on the dusty

Bed where no one

Has slept for years

An owl moans on the roof

You say

My dear my


In the smoky light of the old

Oil lamp your shoulders

Belly breasts buttocks

Are all like peach blossoms

Huge stars far away far apart

Outside the cracked window pane

Immense immortal animals

Each one only an eye


You open your body

No end to the night

No end to the forest

House abandoned for a lifetime

In the forest in the night

No one will ever come

To the house


In the black world

In the country of eyes

Barra Funda


Copyright © 2009 Akira_sp. All Rights Reserved.

Reprodução Proibida - ® Todos os direitos reservados

Venetion Hotel

Las Vegas Nv


travelers hiking in the volcano teide national park on the island of tenerife, canary islands, spain.

Mandi,Himachal Pradesh,India

Photographed this morning

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

Between Concourses B and C

on black at my site

O'Hare Images from a few years ago


"We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape us."


Feldos Wearing:


[Deadwool] Walden Raincoat - navy blue

[Deadwool] Janus Duffle Bag - blue

{COLD-ASH} Mens NEVADA Jeans (Mesh)

Florida East Coast Beach

"Captured Traveler" - A mysterious traveler is caught and escorted into the bowels of the unknown. We witness this from a safe distance. The fifth photo from the "Inner Worlds" series.

anshallah alyom ray7 L Austria w Germany bto7shona walla :(

w ngool Brb m6ar time :P ^^


♥ ~


Tάқєn βỳ : bro


Ṃőḏěļ : bro


mashallah plz

Copyrights г-qτя ♥ Photographer ©




comments,fav,note plz

These buildings are around the temple. Perhaps the priests lived there..

I think that mud slab on the left that looks like a window, is original..

That is I think it survived a thousand years today..

The square like building on the right is a partial reconstruction

of a section of the temple.

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Fremont Street Las Vegas

Fremont Street Las Vegas

Weary traveler, calloused and sore

Time and gravity followed you here

Rest, my brother, and tell me

All about the ocean

Spoils and troubles, the burden you've bore

Pay them no mind, they matter no more

Leave them behind and show me

All about the ocean


Show me your eyes

I've never seen the ocean

Not like this one

Puscifer - Oceans


Unedited, Raw SL Shot

Milan gennaio 2013 :copyright: Tobia Scandolara





I'm going to be camping this weekend with no internet, and it's better to be early than late. So, here's my photo for this week.


A lot of experimentation, I'm not entirely sure what I think of it... but yeah.



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