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I had the opportunity to design a dress out of recycled materials for a fashion show @ Ruby Skye in San Francisco


Dress is made out of 50# coffee bags, vintage neck ties & wine corks.


I had SO much fun!!

Well i saw a photo MadeinChina did, where the dresses were made from tissue paper, so i thought id try to make one of my own :) what do you guys think? I honestly love it.

I love this picture of Holly wearing an apple Blossom colored Fairy Hood.

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last post, I think it is almost a month since my last flickr shot. Expo has kept me busy for the first and second week of the month, then I wasn't feeling well after that. Right now I am helping a friend making catalogue for her spa products. It was my second voluntary project...the first was in a cake shop belong to a friend too.


Anyway, the above bag is made from refill plastic packaging waste. I met Mrs. Denny, one of the few women in Jakarta who joined the scavenger project by creating something to reduce the plastic waste from the households. Yes...we have to save our planet so we can live and grow.

I made these to use up some of my fragrance oil stores; I had so much fun I may just do it again!

Made of the apron top tablecloth, with a vintage lace mock necklace and a flowerpatch on the front and back. Dressing up as a princess can be a piece of cake!


Aw, I wish I had made it in my own size!!!


Made of the tarte aux myrtilles / blueberry pie teatowel.

It looks just like a painting and is in new condition. I used fabric we found in my husbands grandfathers house, it might have been a lampshade, for the shoulders. The back of from a seventies sheet and the trim was part of a curtain.

It's a size 3, can be worn till over four years.

I made these to use up some of my fragrance oil stores; I had so much fun I may just do it again!

These sweet little flowers cluster together and make a perfect flirty springtime hoop.


The flowers served a previous life as humble plastic jugs, but have been transformed through saturated dying and clever cutting.


Inspired by living in big oil country where community based recycling is almost non-existent, these earrings are both beautiful and send a message. You can feel good knowing that your jewelry is environmentally friendly and has been saved from an eternity in the landfill.


The hoops are 1 inch and the flowers are just over 1/2 inch


recycled beer bottle cap ring for valentine's day---sweet!


I let the last day of the very bright days be my deadline to finish and shoot the new dresses I made. Sadly it was also one of the first bright days of summer here in Holland. I hope fall is going to be better! Bright, warm and deep coloured like ripe fruits and fall leafs. If possible.


*) My Flickr Contacts, that have always been so sweet and encouraging,

Many of you have made more or less clear in your comments that a 'Kinchi Women' line would be a welcome idea. I'm ready to do something about it this fall and winter, to make sure I have something to offer for the vintage loving mama's and other women for next spring, 2008.


I need some help deciding on items and sizes and would love to know what you would like to see me make. What would you dream of in a handmade dress? Floral or spage-age, romantic or funky, with animal apliques like the kids dresses, one fabric or wild combinations etc. Which sizes would you need, which sizes are hard to find? Warm or cool colours..

Whatever you think, I'd love to hear it..

You can either comment here or send me a flickr mail if you like.


Thanks for any help!!

Rear view of cute doggy brooch, handmade by Kirstoir

Photographer: Roxy

Model and Edit: Me


A shot we did the other day when prancing around the streets doing the newspaper dress at the same time as this




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…from about a year ago.


Been tooling around in the Lightroom 4 Beta to get a feel for it.

I have started using the back sides of aluminum cans now. So only the silver side shows. The heart is the front side of a beer can. There is only 1 aluminum can that I have found with such an awesome 14 karat gold look to it...and it winds up being a certain beer.


This photo reminds me of those old Hollywood glamor portraits from the 1930s and 40s. Exactly what I was looking for in terms of mood.


See next photo....

This bracelet is created with salvaged Pepsi cans.

Nikon D700

Nikkor 85 f/1.4 D


SB-800 x2 into Photek Softliter 60'' from the right, and single SB-800 with blue gel from the left, zoomed at max.


Radiopoppers gonna save the day.

Necklace, made out of a used bike inner tube.

Homage to Life on the Farm


Artist: BONNIE ZIMMER, Rensselaer, Indiana


"Inspired, in part, by the recent royal wedding and the reruns of Princess Diana’s crazy and spectacular train, I have created this “fantasy cape” installation specifically for TRASHION 2011. Having exhibited in all ten annual Trash to Treasure shows, I’m delighted to go beyond my previous mixed media work, which includes baskets, sculpture, and installation, and venture over into “fashion”.


This work is the product of my spontaneous, creative play with materials. Thanks to family members who shared their recyclables such as cat food cans, wine corks & foil; bottles, caps & lids, Skoal cans and more. Along with a few natural materials, I attached with hot glue (would rather have sewn everything on but not enough time…) to a fabric train made from an old black sheet. This I created in my home studio. My “mannequin” was created from tomato cages from my garden, sitting on a tire, with a bust I formed with hardware cloth, cable ties and a little black spray paint. The dried sunflowers rising out of the form (cut down to fit in my van) also come from last year’s garden to form a wonderfully creepy persona, perfect to wear my fantasy cape. The installation was created on site over a two day period (about 10 hours) with selected items from my cherished collection of natural and synthetic objects and materials. These items were “harvested” in the woods, fields, roadsides, and out-buildings around my families’ farms in rural, Jasper county in northwest Indiana where I have all my life (except for five years at IU, Bloomington). Natural materials include dried sunflowers, basil & sage plants; pine needles & cones, sweet gum balls, milkweed pods & stems, corn husks, cobs, stalks, leaves and shelled corn; locust pods, walnut shells, pumpkins, day lily leaves, deer antlers, wild turkey feathers (over two dozen live on our farm) a few rocks, and more, are combined with my collection of farm objects, all very carefully arranged on a roofing felt underlayment.


Both playful and reverent, this work is really about “place” and the flora, fauna, and people who have lived, worked and occasionally played there. I hope it conveys both the unique and bitter sweet beauty of a rural place and times gone by through its objects and materials.


My installation is also informed by the history, process and meditative spirit of the amazing mandalas constructed by Tibetan monks as well as the beautiful and powerful sand paintings of Native Americans who lived in harmony with nature and cherished the resources they had.


My overall goal was to compose another new work that is visually compelling; a work that resonates with history and a sacredness I too believe is inherent in all things, whether natural or synthetic. By contemplating my very intentional arrangement, I hope you will experience a feeling of being taken beyond yourself by the power of art and to consciously choose to “treasure” the resources we have."



May 31, 2011


For more on this show that is up until July 21st 2011 go here:


A One of a Kind Wearable art sculpture


Artist: Mary Anne Enriquez

AKA: Urban Woodswalker



- Plastic laundry detergent bottle

- Plastic laundry softener bottle

- Plastic Yogurt bottle

- chenille stems

- adhesive

- fused plastic bags


For more info please read my flickr set description here:

This bracelet is created with salvaged Pepsi cans.

Nikon D700

Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8


SB-800 x2 into Photek Softliter 60'' from above, and single SB-800 with blue gel behind the model (look at the trees).


Radiopoppers gonna save the day.

The hand pendant measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and is made from a recycled aluminum beverage can. The hand is backed by TWO layers of foam for heft and stability. There are NO sharp aluminum metal edges -- pendant is garanteed to be filed smooth.


Pop Art pendant hangs on a 22" ball chain necklace.

I cut out all the pattern pieces with 1/2 inch allowance (1 to 1,5 cm allowance). The pattern edges marked with "rib" are to be cut from the sweater hem and sleeve rib edges with out any allowance.

My third zipper necklace finished! This one will be sent to London to Susie Bubble who writes StyleBubble fashion blog. This piece is made from 12 jacket zippers handswen together.


As you can see The necklace can be worn in many ways. Detail in front, back, under one arm and so on. There really is no "right way" to wear it. My necklaces are very adaptable to different kinds of outfits. The best way to wear them is attach them to the garment with safety pins to keep it in place.


Click to my Zipper necklace tutorial to see how I make these.

The latest addition to the Trashion Fashion Line.

The top part of my dress will look something like this.

I´m making this dress for my first real fashionshow. The theme of this show is "Paradise birds". My dress is supposed to be the peacock...


And if you liked this, check out our "TRASHION NATION - New stuff from other peoples trash" group for more trashy recycle ideas.

See "all sizes" to see the details better.

This is from my inspiration clip-book. I have it with me where ever I go.



I really do have to make more like this!!!

If you're looking for a different type of leaf, or different style of bottle to dangle from

yer own--don't be bashful about droppin' me a line to get the process percolatin'!


This may be the next big thing! be apart of the deafening crescendo, and order now! and don't forget the subliminals...

sculpted assymetrical tunic in soft gray, green, yellow. all cotton!

"Hunger hurts but starvin' works when it costs too much to love.." ~ "Paper Bag" by Fiona Apple.


I have to admit, I hadn't planned on using this song today or at all, but when a few packages arrived today and they were stuffed with this crinkly packing material, I knew something had to be done. And I knew there was a song called "Paper Bag." :)


Here´s a closeup of the two knits. I have made a tutorial on how to make this kind of sweater reconstructions from secondhand knits. The tutorial can also be found from my blog and Cut Out And Keep craft community.


Photo Päivi Anita Ristell

A One of a Kind Wearable art sculpture


Artist: Mary Anne Enriquez

AKA: Urban Woodswalker



- Plastic laundry detergent bottle

- Plastic laundry softener bottle

- Plastic Yogurt bottle

- chenille stems

- adhesive

- fused plastic bags


For more info please read my flickr set description here:

Fascinators are a fashionable way to crown an outfit. They are easy and fast to make and they require little material. Perfect to make from satin and lace ribbons, fabric scraps, small toys, plastic flowers and so on. Make different styles, colors and sizes to suit any outfit you might wear! Suitable also for short haired girls :)


Want to know how this is done? Visit my Fascinator tutorial on Flickr or Cut Out and Keep craft community.

lots of fun repurposed vintage fabric iron-on hearts.... almost ready to drop off at my fave little ottawa store! you can iron these cuties onto almost anything!


just need to be packaged up. please see my profile for info on vintage fabric iron-ons and other goodies.

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