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I really liked how these guys caught the light. Although, I have no idea what they are. Does anyone know?


Also, I found out today that the Holiday Card I designed for my work will be featured in the GD USA in-house design annual. The company I work for is TransUnion... Look for it in this summer's edition! Hooray!

Msn 46554


First flight January 24th 1973


Delivered new to KLM on February 9th 1973 as PH-DTE, to Trans Union in February 1984 as N130FA then to SAS in September 1985 as SE-DFG and subsequently LN-ALN. Moved to JAT Airways in June 1989 as YU-AMD and to Skyjet as V2-LEA from November 1992 to June 1994 during which time it was leased to Air Zaire and Sobelair. It continued with leases to Sobelair, Skyjet, Shabair and VASP as OO-PHN then to Ghana Airways as 9G-PHN in May 1996. It was stored in 2002 and scrapped in 2004.

The other Setra of the repatriated pair, PM-9550-AM is numbered 218. They retain their Island Bus livery.

The only photo opportunity I had with this ex Transunion Irizar PB, was through the window of a moving Transabus service heading for Palma! Here is the result, captured in Inca. 9795 GCY is a 2008 MAN 18.360 and as no.93 in the Comas fleet carries Viajes Simpatia branding.

A few of my Transunion images seem to have slipped through the net, so here they are. In 2012 Setra S215HD PM-8864-AY was still active, albeit working on contract loan to Mac Hotels in Puerto Alcudia for local shuttle runs to the beach. Here she is returning to the hotel.

Transbus, not to be confused with Transabus, is a new operation in 2014 - an associate of Transunion from which 10 coaches have been transferred. No 27 in the new fleet is PM-0380-CM, a 1997 MAN 18.420 with Irizar Century 1 coachwork, with an updated front panel.

PM-0378-CM is now no.26 in the new Transbus fleet. Unlike sister no.27 this one retains its original front panel. Transbus revives a name from the 1990s, an operation which had become part of the Florit fleet, Transunion's predecessor.

Two of the other vehicles which went to Transabus in 2013, but which have since been returned to Transunion were the pair of 2001 EuroRider 35As with ultra-high (3.7m) Irizar Century 2 bodies. 0471 BHH now wears the latest Transunion livery and is operating from Palma depot as no.272.

Also returned from Transabus was sister vehicle 0469 BHH. This was immediately allocated to Transunion's associated Summit Bus fleet, where it carries fleet no.66.

A pair of 1994 MAN 16.290s with Noge Xaloc II bodies arrived with Transunion still carrying their Madrid registrations. M-6887-PL after a year or so became IB-0438-CY, but M-6889-PL was not re-registered until 2003 when she became 9543 CLK. She was seen the following year in Purto Pollensa.



VIN VS9DS33HAH1016050


Ex T 1034 AW


A Transunion nº704


Beware of Thieves, whom the police go to college to learn how to catch and convict.


Thieves Tap Into Home Equity

by Bob Tedeschi

The New York Times, Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Homeowners who have significant equity in their homes may be well-advised to check their credit reports frequently.


That is one conclusion of a recent report from the Identity Theft Assistance Center, a nonprofit industry group, which said that identity thieves had recently begun making targets of individuals with good credit because such people often have substantial untapped home equity.


The home equity line of credit is an ideal vehicle for criminals, according to Steve Bartlett, chief executive of the Financial Services Roundtable, a consortium of banking-related companies that offers financial support to the Identity Theft Assistance Center.


Mr. Bartlett said such credit lines are typically "big pools of money," and if consumers do not regularly check their accounts, that pool can drain quickly.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation's annual mortgage fraud report, which was released in April, cited home equity credit fraud as an "emerging scheme" in the slumping real estate and mortgage market.


Those with poor credit have been preyed upon by identity thieves in recent years, because thieves who pretend to be such owners could easily obtain mortgages from subprime lenders with little documentation.


Now that lenders have vastly tightened their lending criteria, criminals who specialize in mortgage fraud have little choice but to move upstream and seek out victims with good credit.


Home equity lines are a favorite option because they are almost as easy to open as a credit card account, as long as a criminal has the proper financial information.


In a typical scheme, the F.B.I. said, perpetrators pose as homeowners to establish home equity credit accounts online.


Criminals will then often send a fax to the bank requesting a wire transfer of funds to a different account. To verify the request, the bank unknowingly calls the perpetrator.


The F.B.I. does not break out various types of mortgage fraud by state, but in general, mortgage fraud is a bigger problem in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut than in many other states. New York is among the 10 states with the highest rate of mortgage fraud, while New Jersey and Connecticut rank in the top 20.


Mr. Bartlett, of the Financial Services Roundtable, said the region was a logical choice for mortgage fraud because of the relatively high value of homes there and the relatively high income of the residents.


Victims of such schemes are typically reimbursed by the lender if a bank investigation confirms fraud, Mr. Bartlett said. But lawyers who represent victims of identity theft said such remedies do not often come quickly or easily.


One way for a homeowner to determine if someone has created an equity credit line is to enroll in an identity fraud detection service like one offered by the Identity Theft Action Center, called ITAC Sentinel.


That service, which costs $10 to $18 monthly, will alert subscribers to credit inquiries or changes to an account.


Mr. Bartlett said that Identity Theft Action Center, a nonprofit organization, earns nothing on the service.


Services like ITAC Sentinel can also provide alerts to debt unrelated to home equity, like credit card accounts recently open in the subscriber's name.


The major credit bureaus -- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion -- offer competing credit monitoring services. And a check of a credit report would also reveal a debt to a bank unknown to the homeowner or a debt to an existing bank that has suddenly grown larger


New to Unibus and taken into the Florit fleet in 2001, passing on to Transunion in 2003, Noge Gregal bodywork is carried by MAN 16.372 PM-2068-BM.

Villalonga nº27


Volvo B10B


Beulas Stergo


Vin YV3R12B15SA001987


A Transunion nº722

Last year, I attempted a similar shot only to find that the battery had just died on the camera. This is an Iveco Eurorider carrying Irizar PB bodywork, negotiating the humpy bridge along from the Bellevue hotel complex in Alcudia.

The other four 2009 MAN 18.360s for Transunion carried Irizar Century 3 bodies. Here is 4207 GMH at the airport.

The other two vehicles which returned to Transunion from Transabus have been allocated to a new venture, of which Transunion appear to be the majority player, named Union Bus. More about that later. Here is Irizar Century-bodied EuroRider PM-2386-CB as Union Bus 151.

In 2004 Transunion took delivery of 3 Iveco EuroRider C31As with Irizar InterCentury coachwork. They were intended for local service work, but arrived in this strange yellow livery. Were they diverted from another customer? Seen In Palma bus station in 2005.

Musa of Palma was another operator to succumb to the burgeoning Transunion fleet. Here no.1 is seen in Puerto Pollensa in 1999. It was a 1983 Pegaso 5036 with Van Hool Alizee body.

Seen passing through Plaza Espana in Palma is 0745 GDN. This Indcar Wing-bodied daily A65C18 is now no.70 in the Transabus fleet, having been acquired from Transunion in 2013.



Man 16290A Noge Etna


Ex Florit nº307 (PM), Ex Transunion nº705


Along with all other Transunion TIB assets, the three 2008 MAN 18.360s I have just listed with their original owner, passed to Transabus. 5633 GDK became Transabus 45.

IB-9256-DF was new to Batle in 1999. It is a Volvo B12 with Irizar Century Mk II coachwork. It was absorbed into Transunion, but then sold on to Ultra Bus as no.1, as seen here.

Last seen in service on Majorca with Transunion's predecessor Florit back in 2003, an amazing return appearance by a pair of Setra S215s. They have been with Island Bus on Ibiza, but are this year running with Transunion. Based at Palma depot PM-9549-AM is numbered 217.

PM-8612-BU briefly joined the newly formed Transunion fleet in 2003 when Batle was subsumed into that new operation. It was quickly re-sold to Estelbus, an owner-operator?, of Palma and is seen here as no.22F at Palma airport in 2004.

Five of the ten Scanias delivered to Transunion in 2014, all with Irizar Century 3 bodies, have their livery applied on a silver base. Is this yet another revision to the livery, or were these supplied from dealer stock? Here is 8605 HXX - Felanitx 611.

Another Irizar InterCentury joined Transunion in 2006, this time on a EuroRider C31A chassis. 0466 DYX was seen in Palma in 2010.

In 2013 some 30 vehicles transferred from Transunion to Transabus when the latter acquired the franchises for Transunion's local service network. Half a dozen of those vehicles have now reverted to Transunion (some being passed on to associates as we shall see). The two Irizar PB coaches (both Iveco EuroRiders) which had received TIB livery when transferred, have now once again been repainted. Wearing the latest Transunion livery is 3648 CTH, now no.257.

Not the best of shots, agreed, but this Unvi bodied Iveco was the only photo I caught of only a small handful of vehicles I saw carrying what appears to be Transunion's new livery.

Transunion's 9667 GMD, another Irizar Century coach, at the airport.

Having sold its local bus services to Transabus, in 2013 Transunion renamed that part of its organisation (Transunion Lineas Regulares) as Summit Bus, and transferred some 16 vehicles to that new unit. Summit has its own grey livery, and an operating centre on the eastern outskirts of Palma. PM-4794-CG, a MAN 18.420, is no. 50. All single-deck coaches have Irizar Century bodies. Palma airport, 2013.

In 2013 3832 GMD passed from Transunion to Transabus, Here she is with her new owner passing through Plaza Espana in Palma and carrying new fleet no.41.

For 2009's larger coaches, Transunion also favoured MAN, in this case 18.360s, all with Irizar bodies. Here is 3833 GMD at the airport. She has carried this attractive Natalie Tours livery from new.

Valldemossa is the setting for this view of EuroRider C35SRi 2037 DKM, with Irizar PB body. Duty no 832 is worthy of note. For the last 4 years a number of Transunion vehicles have operated in Tenerife and Gran Canaria under contract to Thomas Cook. Those transferred carry 800 series numbers. Some have curiously retained those numbers on return to Majorca.

6461 HDN, also with Beulas Stergo coachwork, was A-4182-CY when in Alicante. Looking good at Palma airport in 2012.

No. 2 in the Micro Palmas fleet is 6106 CTV, a 2004 Daily A65C15 with Indcar Wing body. Micros share their operating centre with that of Summit Bus, near Palma airport - both operators being associates of Transunion..

New to Coll in 2000, Daily A59.12 IB-7725-DM carried Carbus Irati coachwork. It passed with the Coll business to Transunion in 2003, and then to Autolineas in 2009. Here it received TIB livery and fleet no.1. It is seen at Sineu railway station in 2010. This concludes our review of pre-2001 vehicles which found themsleves later in life in TIB livery.

Possibly the only non-TIB liveried vehicle in the deal with Transabus, with whom it is seen here in Palma in July 2013 - before receiving a new fleet number - is former Transunion Irizar Century 37-bodied EuroRider C35A 0471 BHH.

7657 HDZ will be remembered by some in Alicante as A-9212-CV. Like the other Stergos imported at the same time, this was new in 1996/97.

Running through the old town of Pollensa, 6214 CWK in TIB livery in 2010.

Transunion has very recently sold its franchised local service operations to Transabus. Some 25 vehicles are involved. 1373 CVC, an Irizar PB-bodied EuroRider C35A, has hitherto operated in Transunion coach livery, as we saw recently, but has now received TIB livery for its new role with Transabus. Palma, July 2013.

In 2010 2501 GDL received this orange livery with vinyls for FDM Travel and NT.incoming. Within a very short time the lettering disappeared, leaving the vehicle in this distinctive plain orange.

Transunion also needed some smaller (43-seat) coaches in 2004. Irizar Century bodies were selected for the three MAN 14.280 chassis. 8899 CVJ was in Palma in 2010.

As we have seen before Transunion tends not to retain Volvos. IB-8139-DD was sold to Ultra Bus, then a new operator, from Palma in 2008 - taking fleet no.2. It was passing through Puerto Alcudia in 2010.

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