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This was my first attempt at a double transparent image. I liked the idea of seeing my hand in the iPod Photo. I meant to have both screens in focus, but when I saw hot his turned out, I decided I liked it this way. You can see my second transparent screen image i the background that I just posted as a stand alone picture.

my attempt at a transparent desktop

Came across the idea again and now with my Rebel XT, gave it another go.


Now I'll know when some pesky spider walks by...

I got tired of processing and uploading my pictures from the Yosemite trip, and decided to dig through my favorites to find some ideas to play around with.


First time attempting this and seems to be successful. I think I'll have lots of fun in the future toying with this idea. :-)


*credit: The shot is inspired by w00kie.


Transparent Desktop


by teraminato.

This was my first attempt at a transparent screen. The apsect ratio is off on the background and the colors, ewww, just awful. Good lighting is key

This is using a slightly different technique. Note the brightness adjustment for the terminal window.

My attempt at a transparent desktop. It's rubbish, I know.

In London. My first attempt at the famous transparent desktop. :)


It would work better in daylight, though...

Not 100%, but I wanted to play with our new camera (

I jumped on this bandwagon months late, but I'm here.

I finally have the opportunity to join in on the "transparent desktop" craze. :)

my screen has gone wild! :) (Rome, Italy - 2004)

Not bad, although my phone's crappy quality doesn't help. :/

I was bored and had a little fun with my computer and camera this day... There are some amazingly good 'transparent desktops' out there but I'm still rather fond of mine.

pierwsza próba


- bez tutoriala

- bez statywu

- no i bez snu :)