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There's no mountain train. I'm running low on images that I think are interesting so I just stuck these three together to make one..:) I know, I've been watching too much Creative The train is the newest image. I starting taking my camera everywhere in hopes of getting a good shot and when I was coming home Yesterday, I spotted this train headed north coming out of Mexico and pulled over to take the shot.

About 2 months ago, I told the Parks Foundation I would lead a hike along Barton Creek Greenbelt on National Park Day. I figured March, central Texas, Spring weather...Tomorrow at 9 am it will be 39 degrees..:)) Imagine my surprise. I know, it'll be fine after the first mile..;)

This image is a little day glow. It got away from me some how.

Shot taken that NSW Rail Museum in Australia

White Pass & Yukon train #1 rolls through Skagway Jct, moments after departing the depot at Skagway, AK. The train will make a run to Carcross, YT before turning back to Skagway as train #2.

Ostrava, Czech Republic

May 2017

I caught a train for the first time in over ten years. Funny considering I grew up catching trains everywhere.

With camera in hand but no tripod.

I took a few shots of the train whizzing past but I wasn't happy with the shots. Then I decided to try to get a longer exposure to get that effect of the train blur.

I like the result hope you do too.

Rockdale Station Sydney

..all quiet at the train yard in Tilton, image of a train lashed with varied cabooses...sitting could imagine the stories each could tell in its working day...

This Train resides it's self on the West Coast Wilderness Railway down at Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania.


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I was fortunate enough to be asked if I would like an accompanied tour of the ELR sheds and sidings, take some photos that could be used in the Societies Magazine, of course I jumped at the chance! Thank You David Flood! (magazine editor)

I reached places I never thought I would see, the best 4 1/2 hours I have spent anywhere for a long time!

The images can now be shown on Flickr, as they have appeared in the magazine.


Optima Express oriental train from Villach hauptbahnhof to Edrine Gar, on Parcani bridge

a decaying train somewhere on a holding track. i think they just toally forgot about it. beautiful little location.

This train used to be my daily commute to work. Until it was replaced by Fyra trainsets and then rerouted over Brussels Airport. Since then, regular IC trains were the fastest option. That gave me the opportunity, though, to capture it on photo while waiting for my train. If I arrived at the station early, that is, which didn't happen all that often. I was able to make this photo because I missed the earlier train and had to wait anyway.


ATBE 186 225 (B 2833), Antwerpen-Berchem 9-12-2015


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NS VIRM double-deck train at Amsterdam Centraal

Happy face train - smiley face train - Cumbres and Toltec Railroad Engine 495 in Antonito, Colorado.

BNSF 5913 and CREX 1314 team up to haul a long coal train out of Galesburg Illinois.

Photographing a Test Train on HS1 in any kind of light is a hard thing to do. Eurotunnel have the contract to haul them with their Krupps Locomotives and they always go out at night after the last Eurostar and are back home before daylight. This one was booked back at D Moor at 0447 but I watched it on RTT during the night and it was running 30 minutes late which meant its seen here about 0510 in the morning with just enough light amongst the mist to record 0004 & 0003 on the 2312 D Moor to D Moor test train with it running up to Stratford International twice up HS1.Seen here dropping down the Freight Chord to D Moor at the end of its long night.

Its been twenty years since I last took a proper train picture in Australia, but was fortunate to spend a few hours up the Hunter Valley before presenting at a rail photography conference in Sydney last weekend.


It is, however, a shame that the Train Gods saw me coming and laid on a couple of solid days of rain, plus - to make doubly sure - all four lines closed on the weekend for trackwork. Excellent. Should have worn my invisibility cloak.


The 90s have always seemed purposeful looking engines to me, and despite an influx of modern power, it's good to see them still lugging coal around in the valley.


Three 90s on the four track main at Victoria St, East Maitland, 9 June 2017, NSW, Australia. They are on the North Line track - perhaps headed for Stratford?

Waiting to go.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA.

My Day 4-9-2017.

Tulsa by rail.

Sony SLT-A57

Must be heavy, look at how many engines it has.

This is my first attemp at selective coloring. It took me longer than I thought it would but I'm pretty happy with it.

I downloaded Elements 10 for a christmas present to myself and what a nightmare. Topaz works with 10.

Canadian train at Banff National Park

All rights reserved. No use without permission.

Conrail train DE10 passes the reservoir at Jamesville NY with a northbound powered with a brace of "Dewitt Geeps". This is on the old DL&W/EL branch from Binghamton to Syracuse NY.

The office car special makes its way north past relics of it's predecessor at the H10 milepost. The train is returning to Altoona, PA from the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA.

A former Burlington Northern Railroad F45 leads a Utah Railway Wattis Plateau to Intermountain Power coal train into the UP interchange yard at Provo, Utah on Nov. 21, 1987. Behind the stylish F45 is a quartet of former Southern Pacific SD45s.

De retour pour cette nouvelle année avec un train..... fantôme


DRI 3RAW, dxo, cs5


Gare d'Amiens, somme, picardie, france

Shu VL80S-1843/1854 (25 kV 50 Hz) with train #44 Almaty – Qostanay. Turksib in the Shu station 2013/11/03

The V63 049 runs with ore train to Hegyeshalom at last summer lights. It was taken between Budaörs and Törökbálint

Train cars waiting on a siding near N Euclid in Bay City.

Two Dv12 locomotives with freight train T53385 from Haapamäki arriving in Seinäjoki on snowy afternoon.

Poznan, Poland


Come aboard...its warm inside!

And just so you know...2 zloty to travel by street car for 20 min...better have your ticket too...the train police like to surprise you! I think it is a 400 zloty fine. Easier to buy a tram ticket.......much easier.

After waiting for BNSF traffic to clear for over two hours the sand train finally gets word that they will be next and okay to double up their train. Here the sand train pulls out of Midway yard and towards the engine house as they double up over 100 cars of sand. On the head end is MNNR 50, 71, and 55. On the rear as helpers were a pair of the newer GE B39-8's.

Friends of the Rail (FOTR) is made up of volunteers with a passion for all things train - Occassionally they open the station up for photographers and most of us find something to photograph :)

Train at Copenhagen Central Station

By the year 1980, catching an A-B-B-B-B-A set of EMD F7s was very rare. Early in the morning on July 27th, former Bessemer & Lake Erie units haul iron ore for United States Steel, photographed twisting through Wyoming's South Pass. By noon the train will be interchanged with the Union Pacific at Winton Junction, a location north of Rock Springs who will haul the ore pellet jennies to Utah's Geneva Steel mill.

I took this near a stretch of road that runs parallel to the train tracks.


A very old locomotive and vagon used on mining times

Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, Colorado.


(Railfan jargon - "Covered Wagon" = an EMD E-series or F-series locomotive)


D&RGW 5771 & 5762


Builder's No. 20527 (F9A) and 20531 (F9B) used in multiple with other A and B units in mainline freight service between Denver and Salt Lake City and also used on the California Zephyr in the 1960s and the Rio Grande Zephyr in the 1970s and early 1980s. Last revenue trip in freight service September 30, 1984; donated by the Southern Pacific Lines 9/11/96.


EMD F-units were a line of Diesel-electric locomotives produced between November 1939 and November 1960 by General Motors Electro-Motive Division. Final assembly for all F-units was at the GM-EMD plant at La Grange, Illinois. They were sold to railroads throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The term F-unit refers to the model numbers given to each successive type, all of which began with F.


F-units were originally designed for freight service, although some hauled passenger trains. Almost all F-units were B-B locomotives; they ran on two Blomberg B two-axle trucks with all axles powered. The prime mover in F-units was a sixteen cylinder EMD 567 series mechanically aspirated two-stroke Diesel engine, progressing from model 16-567 through 16-567C.


Structurally, the locomotive was a carbody unit with the body as the main load-bearing structure, of a bridge-truss like design, and covered with cosmetic panels. The so-called bulldog nose was a distinguishing feature of the locomotive's appearance, and made a lasting impression in the mind of the traveling public.


The F-units were the most successful "first generation" road Diesel locomotives in North America, and were largely responsible for the replacing of the steam locomotive in road freight service.


F-units were sometimes known as covered wagons, due to the similarity in appearance of the roof of an F-unit to the canvas roof of a Conestoga wagon, an animal-drawn wagon used in the westward expansion of the United States during the late 1700s and 1800s. When a train's locomotive consist included only F-units, the train would then be called a wagon train. These two usages are still popular with the railfan community. (Wikipedia)


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