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For Strobist: Gridded Stripbox elevated behind, two strip boxes on either side(left one behind model about 45 degrees and right one straight to side), beauty dish elevated front, 5ft octa camera left. Light mix of Profoto and WL's. All triggered by PW's. Processed in PS CS5.


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Trying to choose between two :)) cute red shoe or comfy trainers ??? LOL

what do you think ?? ;-)

Thinking of my daughter today as she reaches the destination of her second deployment. This is from my archives; the T6 trainer plane she first flew in Navy Flight School. My husband took this shot in Pensacola, Florida.

En haut du crêt de l'Oeillon dans le Pilat, avec sa table d'orientation qui permet de découvrir un très large panorama.

Pour cette photo, j'ai utilisé la technique le la pose longue pour avoir un maximum de traînées nuageuses. Elle est de 20 secondes. Mais le résultat n'est pas à la hauteur de mes espérances. Mais d'un autre côté, faire une pose longue à 9 h 30 avec le soleil qui brillait fort, fallait pas que je m'attende à des merveilles. J'me lèverai plus tôt la prochaine fois...


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A friend of mine has just purchased this Marshall bodied Dennis Dart from Metrobus. New to Oxford it's spent most of it's life down south and will now be preserved.

this is the remains of a 1940's flight simulator. It was a trainer for airborne torpedo launch. The pilot was suspended in a mock cockpit in the centre and images of ships were projected onto the walls.

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Balneario Camboriú - Santa Catarina - Brasil

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- Canon EOS 5D Mark II

- Canon EF 70-200mm F4L IS USM

- f/4

- 1/400

- 200mm

- ISO 100

- Exposición 0 EV

- No Flash

- Shoot in RAW and processed with Lightroom



Fitness trainer ZhangJian. Lighting set up please click to

changed up my trainer a bit, added some pokeballs to his satchel, and made this shiftry. tell me what you think :)

My brother came over this week!

macromondays theme sports shoes



Something I love about photography is the excuse it gives me to do things I couldn't otherwise get away with. When someone asks me why I set fire to a pair of trainers I can say "part of my photo project" and they somehow accept that as perfectly normal. If I said "because I want to watch them burn" I suspect their reaction might not be the same... truth be told, I did just want to see what happened :)


So anyway, the shoes. I bought these just before I got married and took them on our honeymoon safari in Kenya so they bring back happy memories, in the end though they were ready for the bin so at least they got to go out in style!

This Stagecoach East Midlands Jonckeere B10M has appeared in Aberdeen on training duties in recent weeks, not sure if this is a replacement for 52244 or not.


Seen here at Aberdeen bus station.

sweaty socks n trainers

Nikon D80, Nikkor 55-200/4-5.6, ISO 400, f/4,5, 1/100, 80mm


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My girlfriend´s new purchase had to be documented ;-)


Pentax K-5 + DA 21mm Limited

Nose of the Miles Hawk Trainer which was a static display at Waddington Airshow 2014. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this silver nose with the rain drops. This has been processed into a black and white HDR.

Seen in the milehouse depot of Plymouth City Transport are Atlantean TCO 537 and Titan HJY 297, Both Driver Trainers. Also caught is preserved CJY 299.

Empilement d'environ 200 photos qui donne 2 heures de prise de vue.


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moving again-4 time in 5 years, so I figure I take this shot before I go


they are new today- called nike skeets, not too sure what that means but i like them- will like them better when I wear them in a bit.

Since Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out recently, I decided to build another figure similar to X and Zero to commemorate the games. I say that this figure is similar to the others, but its construction (aside from the face) is entirely different. I also threw together a Treeko (the starter that I picked) because what's a trainer without his Pokémon?

Jorge y su lado más fetichista (Junio 2012)

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