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View On Black (If you would, please, and large brings out some details)


57th & South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. First snow of the season.


We were the only ones out, it seems.


Textures: Flypaper, Skeletalmess (texture), Pareeerica (snow), Distressed Jewell (brushes), Divebob8 (brush)

Another colorized and painted image from a black and white photo.


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John F. Kennedy Boulevard | The Love Park

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Textures by me and ghostbones

sin salida

► Contra lo surrealista de la escena, no es un montaje. Se puede ver en la carretera al cementerio en un pueblo de la provincia de Soria pero del que no diré su nombe para que sus habitantes no sean mofa de turistas y excomulgados por el señor cura...

no way out

► Against the surreal in the scene, it's not faked. You can see it in the road to the cemetery, in a little village of Soria, Spain, but I will not say its name in order that their inhabitants should not be fun of tourists and excommunicated by the priest ...

Much better on blackMucho mejor sobre fondo negro

The Best of 2009 Video (large version)


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. 2010©jesuscm. All rights reserved

Photographed while exploring with Kiyoshi-san and Makiko-san. Omotesando, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. December 24, 2014.

Poles of various kinds, wires, clouds, trees, against the sky.

Taken out the car window.


Telegraph Tuesday - HTT!

Traffic light on green in Thayer Street, Marylebone, London.


For my photo called 'Stop!" press here

I posted a very similar one a few months back. Can't get the theme out of my head.


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EVEN in this kind of weather, Saturday night traffic downtown.


TMSH2/15/#10-Even (big stretch, or....creativity)

Week #8 Bokeh

Nature enhancing the mundane.


© All Rights Reserved. Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.

At left, Santiago Calatrava's "bird-in-flight" PATH train station (construction underway), part of expanded WTC transportation hub


Center and right, One World Trade Center, 7 World Trade Center


processed in Picasa (except the Frame, ofcourse)

Week 6, Nocturnal-52 Weeks


"Maine, the way life should be". State slogan doesn't seem like such a great idea on days like this.


The coin toss prayer. The loss, win, bow. It all seems much more vivid now. Iconic face, familiar room. The new numb safe, the same old tape. The breath on the display case or the kiss, cut, taste, the courage to negate away. The finger to condemn, suspend belief, god damn.

(Cube - safe word; my cube LP, Left Hand Path, 2016)


Bietigheimer Strasse, Ingersheim, February 12th 2017


[Leica M6 / Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4 / Kodak UltraMax 400]

A 'guinea grinder' is apparently a vernacular sandwich peculiar to central Iowa. I'm told there's a trend in local family-owned fast food shop to changing the name to just 'grinder,' but there are still several places that stick to the name. If you read the sign, you'll see this is the Home of Jennie's Original "State Fair" Guinea Grinder (which, I guess, distinguishes it from the non-State Fair version of Jennie's Original Guinea Grinder).


It's basically a sort of loose-meat sandwich made with Italian sausage ground with pepperoni and cooked with lots of spices, served on a sort of soft Italian loaf and topped with hot peppers and Monterey Jack cheese. It's really a rather good comfort food, though perhaps not as ethnically sensitive as most sandwiches.

... an obsolete painted bicycle - three -

(once they were traffic signals project)

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