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The snow cover in the garden reflected a most beautiful white light through the bedroom window which won't be seen again until the next snow storm.

For Cliche Saturday: Flower arrangement.

For Sliders' Sunday: Background slid in.

Well -- themes like this are just plain fun. You can eat your subject! In any event, after a workout at the gym this morning, we stopped at Trader Joe's and my wife said these were perfect for the theme -- chocolate covered dried fruit. Makes a nice abstract to say nothing of a delicious snack! HMM to all!


#MacroMondays #Candy

Colorful tin which held delicious macaroons from Trader Joe's, now repurposed to hold spare change.The cookies were delicious but disappeared from the market long ago. Only the tin remains.



ODC: Repurposed


Six Word Story: Holding spare change--no more macaroons....

He actually snags it, pulls it down, and unties the knot, so that it floats back up.


I retied the knot later so that he could continue to get a grip on the string.


MUCH LATER: DOINK! And the light comes on. He's trying to escape via balloon!

Oatmeal cranberry dunkers with white fudge drizzle. Crispy and crunchy even after a good dunking.



The wall of flowers at Trader Joe's!


The snow mounds and ice are finally melting here in New York City and I'm able to drive to my favorite flower markets to fill my house with the sights and colors of spring. I'm so excited to have these beautiful colors in my home to enjoy and photograph. More flowers tomorrow!




Nikon CoolPix6000

© alley cat photography - all rights reserved


She dragged her new friend in there first thing.


Huge! On black

Here's another mono shot, this morning playing in traffic near nob hill. This could well be the only HANDHELD shot in my entire photostream. I pretty much always have the camera mounted to my tripod, but the circumstances here required being out in the middle of a busy handheld it was. I spied this shot a couple years before, and didn't have the glass for it then.


It was a fun time and I ended up meeting with two different friends, at different times, strangely enough. Thanks guys, for the company. Lens is the tiny but powerful F*300/4.5 on the Pentax K5. Nik silver efex and some random burning here and there. I hope you like it!


I have no title. Explored!

Just tulips from Trader Joe's. I thought they were pretty.

I've been going to the gym every day... but then I undo all the hard work with tasty treats like Blueberry Ice Cream and Ginger Cookies from Trader Joe's. Curse them and their delicious temptations and lower than low prices! Grrr... lol.

This is another one from the Topaz Studio. Some of you were interested in the Studio, it's free to download and whatever Topaz Software you have will run in side it. The special effects are extra. Someone said you can do the same effects with Photoshop. True. It's just easier with Topaz. Just another tool in the box..;)

1 dark chocolate wedge leaning on two wedges below it.





Six Word Story: Chocolate wedge leaning on chocolate below

Trader Joe's roses were necessary today.

My favorite kind of green for today. The kids swam while I ate the prop. :)

The Berkeley Trader Joe's has dog parking.

Oh man, after ten days of vacation, real life is rough! I am longing for those days filled with nothing to do but take pictures of my lunch.

This is a great cheap beer... $2.99 for a six pack.


The last broken and crumbled dregs of the graham crackers from Trader Joes. They are a little soft and stale, but still taste good. And there is a new box sitting waiting in the cupboard!


"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #1" "Biscuits" "Worn and Weathered Thursday"

after being away for a while, it feels great to finally be under my own roof.


thanks to rachel, morgan and katt for the testimonials! if anyone else would like to write me one, go for it... hehe.

i have to pull $24.95 out of a hat for my pro account. mehhhh.

lastly, follow me on twitter if you haven't! my goal for the summer is to get 500 followers and i'm almost there!


fact #9: i'm an indecisive loser and i lie to myself constantly.

come here, my little balloon... I want to talk to you....

A carton of graham crackers from Trader Joes. They are flavored with cinnamon and are quite delicious. My husband claims they are good for his digestion!



"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #1" "Biscuits" "Texture Tuesday"


Six Word Story: Graham crackers are not too sweet

I wish this was a better photograph. The plant was stunning. This does not do justice to the original.

tiramisu (eggless version)


for those who don't feel comfortable with raw eggs consumption.

(may be, just an excuse to make tiramisu more often because this version can be kept in the fridge for slightly longer period of time) =P


*taking a really long break away from the kitchen... hope i will be back soon*

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