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The wall of flowers at Trader Joe's!


The snow mounds and ice are finally melting here in New York City and I'm able to drive to my favorite flower markets to fill my house with the sights and colors of spring. I'm so excited to have these beautiful colors in my home to enjoy and photograph. More flowers tomorrow!




Nikon CoolPix6000

© alley cat photography - all rights reserved


Definitely my fav food on the planet. Chocolate is great anytime of day.

I apologize for the pun but let me tell you about a funny story. For those who many not know, there's a pretty large grocery store chain in America called Trader Joe's. I really appreciate all essential workers and I pray for them and hope their days aren't too terrible having to work during a pandemic. It seems so unfair.


Trader Joe's workers are known for being especially chatty and friendly. And during a pandemic, they still ask questions like, "So, what have you got planned for the rest of the day?" My initial instinct because I am an extremely labile and difficult human is to say something really outrageous like how I'm planning on going to a rave in Berlin later on in the day because these things are no longer possible and most of the fun things I used to do I can't do anymore like go see a concert or a movie in a theater and every day I wonder if these places and spaces and traditions will even survive this pandemic.


The next thing I have an impulse to say is something really weird but also honest like "Oh, I'm planning on taking a lot of macro shots of my cat's paws." This would sound pretty crazy and so I honor that thin shred that separates me from severe mental illness and choose to say something more practical, "Just biking around, enjoying the nice weather."


But, can you imagine if I had said the thing about the macro cat paws?


Anyway, on a non cat related tangent, always wear your mask and don't give these hard working humans a hard time about anything and also my favorite Trader Joe's product, canned grape leaves/dolmades (I know I know it sounds awful but they are amazing) are still out of stock so if you're looking for them somewhere in America, you'll be likely waiting a few more weeks as there is a distribution problem. Aren't you glad you read to the end of this ramble now?


Also, I have quite a few photos of the full glorious specimen of a cat that is Jarvis Cocker, named after the lead singer of Pulp, and here's a link to one of them in case the macro cat paws aren't enough for you (This tuxie is truly my life, people) Happy Caturday, everyone!


**All photos are copyrighted**

I had planned on using the previous image in my stream as my submission for Crazy Tuesday's theme of Festive but I went to Trader Joe's this morning and was greeted by this festive living Christmas Tree and thought it was more on target for the theme. She not only looks festive but she was hyper energetic and festive in her greetings. Way to go TJ's!

Because Superbowl, even if I watched only the commercials and Stephen Colbert, who no longer calls it the Superb Owl.

Twine loop on a spice-scented broom from Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's Turkey & Stuffing en Croute, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet corn, and cranberry sauce.


"Flavorful turkey tenderloin and sweet cornbread stuffing are hand rolled into flaky, buttery puff pastry. A sprinkling of herbes de Provence on top of the pastry adds an elegant touch."


This is a hibuscus sitting outside TraderJoe's, welcoming customers with its brightness and big petals.

This is another one from the Topaz Studio. Some of you were interested in the Studio, it's free to download and whatever Topaz Software you have will run in side it. The special effects are extra. Someone said you can do the same effects with Photoshop. True. It's just easier with Topaz. Just another tool in the box..;)

Trail Mix, for C3PO

(available only at TraderJoe's-Mos Eisley, Tatooine)

Spice-scented decorative broom from Trader Joe's.

This composition reminded me of a variety of fox..;-).


These are two pie pumpkins I got at Trader Joe's for Thanksgiving decorations. They are meant to be used for cooking and baking. Both have been cut and the seeds and strings removed. Now, what shall we make?

I'm thinking about stuffing them with diced apples, raisins, and nuts.

Some brown sugar and/or maple syrup and honey would be good.

Then baking them slowly on a baking pan.

I must remember to cover the two lengthwise cut halves with aluminum foil to prevent the tops from getting scorched.

The pumpkin cut crosswise has its own baking cap.

If you're vegan, you may not want to add honey...;):



"Trader Joe's" "Pie Pumpkins" "Comfort Food" Orange Cut Food Cooking Baking "Family Recipe" "Mom's Recipes" "My Recipes" Vegan Vegetarian "Kitchen Counter" Preparation "Mister Pumpkin"

Well -- themes like this are just plain fun. You can eat your subject! In any event, after a workout at the gym this morning, we stopped at Trader Joe's and my wife said these were perfect for the theme -- chocolate covered dried fruit. Makes a nice abstract to say nothing of a delicious snack! HMM to all!


#MacroMondays #Candy

52 Weeks of 2016

Week No: 45

Theme: Chapter 4

Category: Creative


The Brief:

"It has been a long year and your stories are ready for their final conclusion. How does your own story end and will it be a happy or sad ending. Maybe it is not that type of story. Remember the idea behind this category is for you to tell a complete story, in four chapters using a single picture at a time.


Please include chapters one, two and three in your comments so that everyone else in the group can see the full story."


ODC - It's About Time


ODT - Four or More

Mother Nature’s Autumn art.

The snow cover in the garden reflected a most beautiful white light through the bedroom window which won't be seen again until the next snow storm.

Orchids in my kitchen window...

I had to buy this even though I was just there to shoot the flowers... LoL


I can’t go to the grocery store this time of year without stopping to photograph the produce😊

I love the variety of patterns and colors of the pumpkins!

A cool little bit of public art of the best sort. There for the observant to enjoy but soon gone. This tiny snowman is keeping track of the public ashtray in front of Trader Joe's in Orem. I love his chocolate chip eyes...

A marriage both wonderful & delicious between Damn Fine Cherry Pie & a jar of Trader Joe's Cherry Pie Filling. I am ridiculously happy with how everything turned out. 🍒

Oatmeal cranberry dunkers with white fudge drizzle. Crispy and crunchy even after a good dunking.

Tea options at Trader Joe's for the Smile on Saturday group: Topic tea-rific. Happy Saturday!

Senior hour. They are admitting 10 seniors for every 2 regulars for the first hour of the day, 9-10am. Worked well, in my experience. Although I don't believe they limited the # in the store at any one time. It was a little more crowded in the aisles than quite safe--I thought.

LATER: They've adjusted the system. Now "seniors only" at 8AM. Spacing in store generous. . . feels very safe and checkout very quick. A pleasant experience.

Trader Joe's bag made from 100% recycled kraft paper.

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