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HBW! Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while. First days of school have been quite busy. I'll try to visit your streams really soon.


It's been a while since I last posted a purple shot so (ehe-hem Dan Almaral) hush :P

The ocean floor

begins to disappear;

I sense that terrible depth.

~Open Water


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Mumbai, India - A roadside seller seems shy, but eventually welcomed a photo.


Canon 5D II

EF85mm f/1.2L II


Come on. Mom says it's my turn for the good perch now.

L'abeille domestique (Apis mellifera) - Apidae


Basado en boceto "Space Cowboys" de Dissors


SQUIRREL with thanks to Peter Trimming

PIRATE by CGartiste from DeviantArt

TEXTURE by AlienCat22 from ENVATO - Photodune


Created for 66th MMM Challenge




30 руб/шт


850 руб за весь комплект (43 шт)+ фирменная коробка в подарок

Take here a large view!


Die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg ist als Stadtstaat ein Land der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, zweitgrößte Stadt Deutschlands, siebtgrößte der Europäischen Union sowie die größte Stadt in der Europäischen Union, die nicht die Hauptstadt eines Mitgliedsstaates ist. Im Jahr 2008 wurden in Hamburg 1.773.218 Einwohner gezählt.


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The main man Bio TATS dropped this heater in the Bronx for me as part of our 'Trading Places' project.


Got to say the man nailed it and then some - letters have some serious funk and the fill is banging... this piece looks sooo tasty i might just have to have a nibble on it here and there.

This snowy winter shot was taken on the opposite side of the Stockholm Central. To our left is the bus terminal and World Trade Center; to our right is The Waterfront hotel building.

These are old Johnny Thunder and Pirate torsos and head wear.

The Black heads are for display purposes only.

The few minutes of sunrise just before the light trades places with the dark.

This image is for Brigitta, who constantly seeks to brighten everyone's day with her art. You can see her bright ideas at


Thanks Gabe for the ship idea!

Here is a crosshairs test that I did. The crosshairs themselves are antenna from various sets with a travis brick in the middle. It really isn't that impressive, but I hope to improve it in the future. Not really a MOC, but something worth uploading as I am having major last minute problems.


Expect new uploads A LOT this week :D ***********The worst come first.************ (That is if my computer works right..)


(This may lead to a stop motion... Who knows...)




30 руб/шт


850 руб за весь комплект (43 шт)+ фирменная коробка в подарок

The weather phenomenon that caused these clouds to be quite so dramatic during this particular morning is the jet stream. The jet stream normally runs over the UK much further south at this time of year and keeps the country covered in cold air. For a few days the jet stream moved north and the air was warmed from the south creating high pressure and cleared skies all the way over the horizon. Not something we see all that often in this part of the world.

I’ve called this image Trade Winds not because these are an effect of the trade winds, which are further south, but because the shapes you see in the clouds are mainly formed from the vapour trails of commercial aircraft approaching the nearby Edinburgh airport. I know it’s a tenuous link but irrespective of how they were formed it was as amazing sight that morning.


Taken from Falkland Hill overlooking the Firth of Forth.

1973 - Palermo,Sicily,Italy Fish market

This was a great day. I arrived early at Glacier Point and had the entire place to myself for the 3+ hours I remained up there. Prior to heading back down, I decided to take this shot looking out towards Half Dome. On this day I was reminded of a quote: "Enjoy whatever it is you do today, because you are trading a day of your life for it." Certainly easier said than done on some days, but it was easy enough on this particular one.


Yosemite Set on Black


Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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Hubbell Trading Post is a historic site with exhibit center in Ganado, Arizona. It is considered a meeting ground of two cultures between the Navajo and the settlers who came to the area to trade.


I didn't have access to my computer or photos until recently, so I have been editing and posting up a storm. That way hopefully I won't lose any of my photos just in case. Thanks, I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! :)

Yesterday I died; tomorrow's bleeding

Fall into your sunlight

The future's open wide beyond believing

To know why hope dies

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