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Cycling by night.


'day one hundred and twenty one' On Black


An explanation of how I achieved this effect:


I only had my compact Casio Exillim, which does not have fancy trailing curtain flash or similar frippery, so I simply had to play with a long exposure. I set the exposure time to about 10 seconds, and put the timer on. I triggered the timer, and had 10 seconds to get up the hill before the camera started the exposure. I then rolled down the hill at more or less a constant speed (you can see where I slowed down as the light trail gets a bit brighter), and came to a stop where you see my ghost. I stayed motionless, doing a trackstand, until the exposure ended, making an imprint of my image. Et voila!

my track bike and it's more sophisticated big brother

let it be known that i spent 50% of yesterday trackstanding or hula hooping (not at the same time, unfortunately)

my job kicks your job's ass.

by request. this will be the last one of me in the office.

a new print for a bike themed show opening next friday may 7 2010. at artisan in santa cruz ca.

A shot from an early February ride. The description for the "Racing Tricycles" group is concise and informative, and I'm inspired to paste it here:

"A uniquely British invention, racing tricycles achieved their highest popularity in the 60s and 70s. Few are still made, but a British Racing Tricycle Association is still active. They offer a different sort of ride, very much counterintuitive. You can't lean into a turn, and instead you almost lean out. Keeping the inside wheel down in a turn can be a challenge, and bumps in the road that you hit with only one rear wheel will definitely steer the bike. Easy to do a trackstand at a stop light however. Please submit pics of your vintage racing trikes." -bobbiker

Josh, in hot pursuit on the last lap of the "Messengers race"...

A bike rider waits for the train to pass. Waller Avenue at the Norfolk Southern crossing, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Sprint finish at the Northbrook Velodrome.


Kay arrives ahead of the bunch at the top of another short sharp climb, and decides to practice her trackstand. Brakes required as she is pointing slightly downwards.

Morales y la gran magia tropical.

Did the first bit of the 'poti today to get some pics as I haven't taken a camera in here before. Camera on a gorilla pod on timelapse. I'm pretty much trying to trackstand to make up for the slow shutter.

Sally Winnenberg created the one-piece suit. This was taken on W 4th Ave. in the mid 80's.

while Damon's in the windy city this weekend. waaaaaaa


This bike is all about the go go go. I took it out for a joy ride on Saturday and broke serious sweat in a dress. I just can't possibly enjoy this bike any other way, she's such a freaking rush. Demon-chaser.

I spotted a video on E Mountain Bike Network encouraging everyone to improve their trackstanding ability. This is where you are not moving, with both feet on the pedals. Difficult, and surprisingly exhausting!

We went into the back garden for a play, and I used a gorillapod to fix my point and shoot to my handlebars, with it set on a 10 second timelapse.

Many were blurry, some were just boring, but I rather enjoyed this mid-wobble one, with the handlebars raked over to the left, and Dave peeking in!

It also shows the newly cleared holly patch, and the back of our funny little home.


From last weekend Allycat in Stockholm...

Tricia's a lot of fun -- she enjoyed showing off for the camera with her standing trackstands. I hope I can find her in daylight sometime for decent photos.


San Jose Bike Party February 20, 2009. Most of these were shot at the starting point at Dick's Center.


More photos from The February San Jose Bike Party.


Trackstand del sotosotosoto


Fujicolor c200

Seriously, this man can trackstand anything. This is my folding "chopper", made from a toy folding bike and a load of crap old bits. It's an amusing bike to ride, the brakes don't work at all!

I'm no longer racing track, at least this season. The Waterford, having no need for it, had to move on to someone who would race it. Fortunately, good friend and teammate Dave Bowers took it off my hands. Hell, he wanted it all along.


After we stripped it of it's old parts, we put Dave's on. Ridiculous!



Dave's New Waterford (My Old Waterford)

Nate got 4th place at the SJFixed Alleycat last Sunday.

Nikon F3

Kodak Portra 400

First no handy trackstand!Can you see the how serious i am?

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