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Per requests, the color version of my Moulton Black&White image. Right under that fogbank is the Snake River.


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A sweep of colorful Adirondack chairs for sale in Canada. This was the true light I shot it in, but includes some pesky shadows in the foreground and background. Reworked here,.

A reworking of my rainbow chairs image, here: This processing darkened the background and saturated the already vivid colors.

Morning at the Moulton Barn near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This was converted from color to B&W in Photoshop.


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Mother Nature dropped another 20 inches of snow this week. Our winter has been as cold and snowy as the past summer was hot and dry. I'm sure a lot of you are dealing with the same thing. I hope the spring mellows out. ...

Oh yeah.. this is not kansas... this is my fantasy of kansas. I've never been there. :)


Barn by flickr friend TPorter2006 Thanx Terry! You rock!

Bird and Tree Brushes by Shadowhouse Creations He is one of the most generous people on flickr as far as sharing his brilliant textures and brushes!

Sky by distressed jewell This texture is free and one of her best!

Field by colourize Don't know her but she's got some nice stock.

towards the light

Why not [View on Black] and tell me what you think ;)?


Diolch am yr holl sylwadau. Thank you very much for all comments and faves.

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Update December 2010:

I submitted this photo to 'Your Best Shots 2010' Group because it shows the start of a new direction in my photography. I'd upgraded my kit (see my profile), and started a project to take landscapes of my local area. This was the first photo from that set which made it into explore - so I suppose I was taking photographs that other people liked too. The beach is one of my favorite places. Two abandoned boats lie here. The one you see is only accessible at low tide. That morning, I was up at 4 a.m. to take a short drive from my house, followed by a 15 minute walk, to get to the boat. It remains one of my favorite photos to date :)

Thanks and congratulations to TPorter2006 for including the photo in his gallery which was shown in the Flickr Blog on December 23rd 2010 - which happens to be my birthday :)

The other landscapes (which feature this boat again) are here:

Tirluniau/Landscapes 2010

Thanks for your visit :)


Wonderful moments


Finally, our little daughter Paula was born last monday (june 2011). Although, she's a very good girl with us, we have a lot of work. Those that are parents know what I'm talking about. It's a very wonderful moment to us.


Al final, nuestra pequeña Paula nació el pasado lunes (junio 2011). Aunque es muy buena con nosotros, nos da bastante trabajo. los que sois padres sabéis de que hablo. Son unos momentos maravillosos para nosotros.


Press "L" worth it / Pulsa "L" vale la la pena


LIGHTING: hot-shoe flash (SB-600) (1/8) with a handmade stofen (white plastic bag), 90 grades up, 30 grades right, and a flag to protect the baby from flash light. It's placed about 25cm.


ILUMINACIÓN: flash portátil (SB600) (1/8) con stofen casero (bolsa de plástico blanco), 90º desde arriba y 30º desde la derecha, con una banderola para proteger a la bebe del flah. Situado a unos 25 cm


Inspired by Touhami Ennadre


WINNER Contest "june 2011" / Ganadora Concurso "junio 2011". Grupo "Blanco y Negro - Black and White". This photo'll be icon of this group during next month / Esta foto será el icono del grupo durante el próximo mes.


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Memorial Day Air Show, Multiple Image taken with 400mm telephoto lens. Best in lightbox Bruce Springsteen sings in Paris

Lounging in the sunshine in SF Bay.


3rd Place Winner in Buoyant 2011 Competition

Sometimes I wish I had extra arms. It'd be really useful while trying to set up a scene...


I can honestly say I've never felt prouder than yesterday when one of my photos got featured on the Flickr Blog. A huge thank you to TPorter2006!

Winner : Kanchenjunga Pinnacle Challenge - May 2011

Winner : Pinnacle Hall of Fame - May 2011

Winner : Friendly Challenges - March 2011

Winner : Light Writers Challenge - April 2012

Winner : Flickr Challenge Group - July 2012


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- Canon 7D & EFS 17-55mm f/2.8

- 1/10th sec, f/2.8, 31 mm, ISO 3200

- Handheld



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I was sad as I clicked this, my last look at Venice through the view-finder since I was leaving early the next morning. I remember wondering what that man was lost in thought about . . . whether he was a local and how it might feel to live in Venice if there wasn't a deluge of tourists every year . . .


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tporter2: Love!


stedman: Thanks @tporter2 !!


americanochronicle: Awesome!


jakl5: Nicely captured, I can feel the day. It's good you sat and watched, you were able to be in it, with it ... and then you captured it.


lucky_chucky: Great Hipstamatic combo!!


shardrix: Such a wonderful picture, love the soft dreamy feel. And the WINDMILL!


sapurah_lashari: This is just super!


onaitis: F awesome!


Upped the brightness thanks to your comments, my Flickr friends!


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tporter2: The windmill adds so much! Great!


shardrix: Oh, this is so wonderful. Just looking at this makes me happy.


stedman: ((#iphone4 #Hipstamatic #Claunch #Snapseed)) #bw #blackandwhite #sepia #windmills #pond #fog #mist #trees #Texas


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Two candy canes form a heart shape


Check out this gallery:


Add ?snow=1 to the url above to see it with snowflakes!

This is what my Christmas card looked like this year, Flickr pics all! Merry Christmas to my many Flickr friends!


Christmas Lights


Best Barn


Range Reflected




As The Bokeh Bounces


Another one from the archives, 2009. A green canoe on a Washington State lake.


Here is a bigger view:

This image had over 175 faves as on 6th October 2013. Then in a second the fave counter went back to ZERO - along with about 1700 images on my photo stream - just like that - no warning and no recourse :o(


Simultaneously it disappeared from all those 8 galleries in which other Flickr members had kindly displayed it. Surely Flickr can have software which will warn you if you are doing something that will result in such catastrophe. I was just changing the privacy settings of some images when this happened. How come if we, so much as, want to delete a set, a warning pops up (although that action does nothing irretrievably disastrous as this did) but no warning for a click that removes all the faves from all your images, removes them from Explore (about 70 of mine got removed from Explore with this one silly action), removes them from any challenges/contests you may be participating in, and God alone knows what else !!


- Explored : 27th Jan 2012

- Winner Pinnacle K2 Challenge - Feb 2012

- Winner : Pinnacle Kanchenjunga Contest - Feb 2012

- Winner : Pinnacle Hall of Fame - Feb 2012

- Winner : Flickr Challenge Group - August 2012

- Frontpage : Best of Nature's Prime - Mar 2012

- Winner : Lightwriter's Challenge - June 2012

- Winner : Challenge Factory - April 2012

- Winner : Beautiful world Challenge Contest - March 2012


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Camera : . . . . . . . .Canon EOS 7D

Lens : . . . . . . . . . . EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS II USM

Distance . . . . . . . . 36.5 mtrs/120 ft




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The back side of a morning glory reveals its own lovelieness, And if you like flowers from the back, you might enjoy this gallery:

All the these photographs are the property of the talented photographers listed and linked below. I hope you take the time to explore their photostreams because they are chock full of incredible photos. Enjoy.

1. 2919324 ribbon candy ornament01, 2. ribbon candy 4, 3. ribbon candy, 4. Ribbon Candy, 5. Green & White, 6. Ribbon, 7. Yellow & Orange, 8. Ribbon Candy, 9. Ribbon Candy, 10. Orange & White, 11. Cluster, 12. flounce, 13. Ribbon Candy


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Bluebonnets carpet a roadside in rural Texas.


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It seems that HBW is everywhere, even on raindrops on a window reflecting an autumn scene with a background of fall foliage bokeh.


The original image is here and the fall scene looks a lot like this.

The Grand Tetons at dawn. After I took this "big picture" shot, I focused in on the section of the image that became "Grand Tetons Grandeur". Original


Glad I took some time off from my office job to get this one!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my USA Flickr friends. This is the card I sent out this year. All of these pics are from our trip in October to Canada, Minnesota and Wisconisn. Nice to have a great card designer like my husband in the family!





Kayaks & Canoes:

Pumpkin Barn:



Moose Weathervane:


BTW, I do Thanksgiving cards because I truly love the Autumn season and because Christmas is just so busy...

Especially for two of my favourite Flickr buddies Terry & Elizabeth


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moondust7: Ouch!


svensmaganus: Geez...this reminds me of my Ex.


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erin2wright: Funny!


A bright red buoy tendered in sepia, here it is in full color.


#266 on Explore 11/26/2008

The wagonwheel gave this old house outside of Ste. Marie, Canada, a nostalgic feeling.


You can see it converted to Black and White here.


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imelda: I love Phil's !!!


curlygirl222: Hey, i went to Austin and had alligator on a stick at some street fair... Lol


annegrrr: funny and vintage!


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grooviemary: Cool


tporter2: Love


cameragurl: Love the effect and colors


erin2wright: Super job!! Love love love this one!!!


My daughter holds a fave sticker over her baby bump. Yes, my grandchild-to-be is a fave. And of course my daughter too.


Many thanks to Flickrite and photophlow addict nataliej for the sticker.


BTW, the baby is now 9 months old. Riley

Jump off this platform in the sky and a net will catch you below, fun!


You can see the net here:

This is a crop suggestion from TPorter2006...I have also tried to darken the photo a little to try and bring out the windfarm a little more

It's actually raining today and the lighting wasn't very good in my office so it is what it is. ;o)


I was tagged this morning by my friend Mel.


1. Sit down.

2. TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. Don't primp, just snap one!

3. Upload it.

4. Tag 5 people to do the same


Here are the people I have tagged:


1. Terry

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Bluebonnets on either side of a fenceline in rural Texas


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My Granddaughter, Riley, with one of her favorite flowers, the Texas bluebonnet. You can see her long lashes here.


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Yankee Doodle parade for the 4th of July in Denton Texas

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