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Cristal - Tower " Paris"


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This is a shot of the world famous Tower Bridge in London. It was taken from a tripod mounted on a railing on the river front.


I took this shot after me and my partner had gone on a long walk together around the river. This was shot before the golden hour. At some point I will be going back to get some shots whilst the bridge is lit up.


This looks much better in large press L to view it the way it was intended to be viewed.



Tower Bridge by night. London, UK

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Retouching a few shots from my london trip. Tower Bridge in London.


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Single RAW file,Tonemapped in photomatix & PS with topaz adjust, topaz de-noise & topaz clean

No introduction needed, re-edited from the archives.


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Shot in November 2013 during my vacation to England with my family.


No need of descriptions since this master piece is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

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The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It was named after the engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. Construction started: January 28, 1887

Opened: March 31, 1889

Height: 301 m

Dating from the 7th century, this round tower can be found in Co Galway and is part of a larger monastery settlement.

More details can be found at

Titanium Park in Santiago, Chile. In the middle, the Titanium Tower one of the tallest buildings in Santiago on the left and right the smaller new buildings of the Titanium Park.

version "serieuse" Batman est rentré chez lui...

The tower in the night.



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It was another grey cloudy evening on the South Coast of the UK yesterday so no chance of any decent sunsets so I decided to go and search for some manmade colour in sky and paid a visit to the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Just after sunset the lights are turned on to illuminate the tower , the colour frequently changes through the year and last night it was violet which made the tower stand out against the moody grey sky!


For those of you interested, the Spinnaker Tower, is a 170-metre (560 ft) landmark in Portsmouth and is the centrepiece of the redevelopment of Portsmouth Harbour, which was supported by a National Lottery grant. The tower was designed by a local firm, HGP Architects and engineering consultants Scott Wilson and built by Mowlem and reflects Portsmouth's maritime history through its being modelled after a sail.


Construction started in 2001 and was completed in 2005 at a cost of £35 million, the tower was opened on 18 October 2005.


If your ever in the area it's well worth a visit as the views from the tower are stunning on a clear day!


4 second exposure using a Lee 0.6 ND grad filter.


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Know as the "Twin Towers" of Dubai.

Cropped to Square format.

LE | DB | D600 | Tokina 16-28mm

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The weather has been pretty cold and weird around here! We received about a foot (25 cm) of snow yesterday! A little deviation from my snowy shots recently so I won't make you guys all bored :) I have been very busy and had no time for Flickr and photography much.


Have a Wonderful day! I will try to catch up with you guys later.

As lovers need to FALL in love

They're often drawn to landmarks, tall,

Once up above, they pour their dreams

On lowly mortals, one and all.


Now, there's a perfect pinnacle

That rises high, beside the Seine

Where lovers who have scaled the heights

Return, with joy, time and again.


Locked hand in hand, they make the climb

E'er searching for the highest ledge

From whence to cast their tender hearts-

A sacrifice to seal their pledge.


This beacon has become a shrine,

A place where those who still believe

Can rise for ever heavenward-

Where hearts are lost but never leave.


The architect could not have known

His vision would withstand such time

Transcend its, merely, metal form

Achieve the essence of sublime.


.......Poem by Mary Ann Love


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France: September 2012

Es que algunas fotos hay que traerselas !!!.aunque sean tan clasicas como esta

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Tower Bridge

Another view of the magnificent Tower Bridge over the Thames in London from the #london14pw Photowalk with +Gordon Laing

Tower Bridge is my favorite landmark of London and since I first saw it I wanted to make a decent picture of it. Finally this year I (and London's weather) made it possible .


Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8, tripod.


Processing: manual blending using several exposures. Color and contrast adjustments in Nik Color Efex 4.


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The Sauvabelin Tower just outside Lausanne overlooks the city. It is more than 35 meters high and build of wood.


The tower is open 9am to 5pm in winter and in summer from 9am to 9pm.

Eiffel Tower


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Tower Bridge es un puente levadizo en Londres que cruza el Río Támesis. Se sitúa cerca de la Torre de Londres, la que le da su nombre. Algunas veces es llamado erróneamente Puente de Londres el cual es el siguiente puente situado río arriba. El puente es mantenido por Bridge House Estates, una compañía sin ánimo de lucro bajo la tutela de Corporation of London.


In every weather condition, Tower Bridge is an impressive landmark which a tourist cannot miss, but I find that it is at its best when it stands out against a stormy sky. Under these conditions, in fact, it shows the weight of its history and seems to be a living presence.

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Sorry I uploaded this and ran... literally. Sat in departures for an hour and only found I had free wifi access just as they called my flight .. doh :-( One quick upload... didn't even have time to put a description...


So... This was taken Tuesday night, and the sky really was that colour... an unbelievably beautiful night in London. 30 sec exposure and managed to catch the movement in the sky. Exif data, map location etc all added in replaced shot.

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