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Tourism in mountains. Tourists on the top of the mountain. Nature in mountains at autumn.

My first time here. The breeze would not stop to get a calm reflection though.

I had to go to the dentist for a filling this morning, so here's one from my archives - a long exposure shot of a tourist bus speeding up D'Olier Street, Dublin.


Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens at 17mm, ISO 50, 1 second, f18, with a FaderND varieable neutral density filter, mirror lockup, wireless remote control shutter release, and a tripod.

... at least in autumn, there are not many people around.

One of the Costa cruise ships in the harbour.

Who cares about the weather?

The dock of Piazza San Marco.

Venice. Italy



Sta. Cruz Marinduque April 2011

Tossa de Mar, La Selva, Girona (Spain).



I suppose that this one would be the aspect of Tossa when Ava Gardner fell in love with this town and Spain in 1951. The filming of “Pandora and the flying Dutchman” meant the beginning of the tourist boom of the Costa Brava, and then all Spain too.



Tossa de Mar is a holiday resort located in Catalonia on the Costa Brava, about 95 kilometres north of Barcelona and 100 kilometres south of the French border. It is accessible through Girona airport, some distance north.


There is ample evidence of settlements dating back to the Neolithic period, and it is believed that the area has been continuously populated since that time. Between the 4th century BC and the 1st century BC appeared the first Iberian settlements, followed shortly after by the Romans in the 1st century.


In 966 Tossa is ceded by Count Miró of Barcelona to the Abbey of Ripoll. Some two centuries latter, in 1187 Tossa is granted its charter by the Abbot of Ripoll, coinciding with the building of a church atop Mount Guardí, the remnants of which can still be seen today.


Sometime in the 12th century the mediaeval town was walled off and a castle was built on the highest point of Mt. Guardí, this castle was to be subsequently replaced by a wind mill, and this in turn by a lighthouse which is still operational.


By the year 1500 the first houses were built extra-muros to accommodate population growth. This process was greatly accelerated during the 17th and 18th centuries, shaping an urban configuration which was to remain practically unchanged until the arrival of mass tourism in the 1950s.





Yo supongo que éste sería el aspecto de Tossa cuando Ava Gardner se enamoró de este pueblo y de España en 1951. El rodaje de la película "Pandora y el Holandés Errante" significó el inicio del boom turístico de la Costa Brava, y del de toda España en consecuencia.



Tossa de Mar, también llamado Tossa, es un municipio de 5.260 habitantes (INE 2005) perteneciente a la provincia de Gerona, Cataluña (España). Situada en la comarca de La Selva, su ubicación en la Costa Brava hace que sea un destino turístico importante.


En la bahía de Tossa, posee un recinto amurallado románico, la Vila Vella, en un pequeño promontorio en plena playa con siete torres circulares, se estima su origen en el siglo XII para evitar los ataques de piratas. En su interior los restos de una iglesia y el palacio del gobernador del siglo XIV. Cerca del recinto se encuentran los hallazgos arqueológicos de lo que fuera una villa romana del siglo IV, la villa romana de Els Ametllers. Posee un museo municipal dentro del propio recinto con colecciones arqueológicas, de pintura local y extranjera, escultura y vidrio.


En los años 50, Ava Gardner y James Mason llegaron a la pequeña localidad para rodar "Pandora y el holandés errante" y eso le dio cierta fama al pueblo, en cuyo filme se bautizó "Esperanza".


Marc Chagall la bautizó con el nombre de "Paraíso azul" en 1933.


Magic moments, when two hearts are carin'

Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharing


I'll never forget the moment we kissed the night of

the hay ride

The way that we hugged to try to keep warm while

takin' a sleigh ride


Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharin'

Magic moments, when two hearts are carin'

Time can't erase the memory of

These magic moments filled with love

The telephone call that tied up the line for hours

and hours

The Saturday dance I got up the nerve to send you

some flowers

This frame isn't particularly artistic or with any thought laid into it, however this scene got me laughing silly when I was there shooting it. I've been doing landscape photography now for 15 years and shooting auroras for most of that time, and it's only in the past two years things have changed drastically in terms of aurora tourism. Before you'd be able to go almost anywhere without running into anyone, but now everyone is everywhere.


A few years ago we icelanders joked about the phrase "How do you like Iceland?" in the sense that foreigners were so few and far between that we were actually really interested in what they had to say about our dear little country, but I don't hear anyone asking that anymore.

not really sharp or well framed, but I thought the expressions were worth it ...

Petite Rue des Bouchers, Brussels.


View On Black


minolta mc celtic f2.8 28mm

All rights reserved to Ahmed Nageh . Please don't use these images for any purpose without notifying me for explicit permission


Stanley Park Wormhole Walk

I took this HDR handheld at Chena Camp during the Riverboat Discovery cruise.


7 Exposures - Nikon D300s

Photomatix Pro

Picasa 3 for Crop & Contrast

Climb ev'ry mountain

Search high and low

Follow ev'ry by-way

Every path you know


Climb ev'ry mountain

Ford ev'ry stream

Follow ev'ry rainbow

'Till you find your dream


A dream that will need

All the love you can give

Everyday of your life

For as long as you live


Singkarak tourism train when moving beside Singkarak lake hauled by BB 204 16 SLM.



Commercialism in London's Piccadilly Circus.

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