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copyright 2009 the_Resurrection

Excerpt from my upcoming book:

The Drops. I take them every day, along with my nutritional supplements, though they are not nutritional supplements.

I went through some interesting times when I first started on the drops...very interesting. Sort of unpleasant really. But now, the drops are a breeze. A routine I do, every single day. Like watching a science experiment before your very eyes

Not pleasant, at all, what my poor lil' old body has had to deal with. Stress is a killer. It really is. The amount of damage that one can do, to one's own body, from stress, is amazing.

And no, I'm not a doctor, or health practitioner of any kind. I have no degree, except the one I gave myself from my own health challenges. And boy, have I seen some things.

Never had cancer. Never had excruciating pain. Cross my fingers, eat well, exercise, manage my stress, to never have anything that puts me in the hurt locker, the hospital, or in the grave [before I'm ready].

About five years ago, I hit a wall with my health. To a point, where I was unsatisfied with the...ah...advice and support I was receiving from western medicine.

I refused to believe that I was supposed to live like, and move like, a person thirty years my senior. And mind you I considered my health to be good up until this point. I received yearly physicals without any input from my medical M.D. to alter my lifestyle in any way [meaning I received a clean bill of health]. I wasn't a smoker, took supplements, exercised regularly, didn't drink much, and ate well.

So I decided to get really OPEN about health, and proactive. I got a ton of books, and started reading. I absorbed books about my condition [or what Western Medicine's best guess as to what it was] and looked for books about other people who had overcome their own health issues.

I noted that not all alternative health practitioners are the same. I had been going to an alternative clinic for a year or so, but felt that they were not addressing the issues I was having [not that they weren't competent and supportive but they were missing a piece of my health puzzle]. Meaning, you have to find someone, who fits you, and who can offer you what it is you are looking for.

So I started having this sort of inner question I repeated every day to myself, sort of a declaration really.

"This can't be all there is. There has to be something more then this. I refuse to accept that this is my new normal."

And sure enough, I found what I had been seeking in Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health through a local chiropractor [Interesting to note that up until very close to this time, I had the opinion that all chiropractors were useless because they never 'fixed' you. Needless to say I have since changed my opinion, drastically.].

From there, my eyes were opened up to all kinds of things, like the codes, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Stone, and the drops [which I just started this year].

It was a long and uncomfortable road back to balance and health, that took several months of daily effort [several times a day at that]. I also dealt with my emotional and spiritual health through a variety of metaphysical books and exercises [Louise Hay has some wonderful books]. I had to go on strict diets for weeks on end, the most extreme was no protein, no dairy, no sugar, no wheat. It sucked, big time. But I did it, and I turned my health and emotional state around.

And now I work on myself every day. I work on my physical body, and my emotional and spiritual self. I work on not allowing the STRESS MONSTER to take over my life and my health. And I work on believing in myself, and being kind and loving to myself.


No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. The information/statement is the opinions of the authors only, and is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. The statements made are not intended to be used as medical advice, nor is the information intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult with your Medical Care Provider before initiating or altering any medical treatment.

copyright 2010 the_Resurrection

Excerpt from my upcoming book:

I found out a few things today. First the really great news. My tooth energetically tested as strong! WHOO HOO! It's taken three long, very uncomfortable months, complete with nutritional supplements, chiropractic adjustments, therapies, MMS Drops (used a diluted solution with a Oral Irrigator twice a day on my teeth), chewing mostly on my left side, and eating soft foods. I've lost weight from having to deal with the tooth.

The bite is still not back to normal, because now I have TMJ. But I'm resetting my bite with the help of a tongue dispenser.

So for the interesting. I was energetically tested, and my Emotions came up. Big surprise. Not really.

I found out, that I was not afraid of not being successful. I was afraid of BEING successful. And I was afraid of people LIKING me.

Why? Why oh why, would I be afraid of those things? Why would I be subconsciously sabatoging myself and prevening good things from happening?

The answer is simple. Because those things represent change. And change, into an unknown, is scary.

I have been alone, lived alone, squirrled away on a hill, away from socialization for so long, that it's all I know. It's safe for me.

But I don't want to be safe anymore, even if I find it uncomfortable to the point of fingernails on a chalk board.

So I say a new mantra in my mind.

It's okay to be successful.

It's okay for people to like me.

It's okay to let go.


No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. The information/statement is the opinions of the authors only, and is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. The statements made are not intended to be used as medical advice, nor is the information intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult with your Medical Care Provider before initiating or altering any medical treatment.

copyright 2009 the_Resurrection

Excerpt from my upcoming book:

Today, I thought my title would be 'My Mother's Keeper', which was going to be a somewhat unpleasant story, by the by.

Mom got really sick over the weekend, coughing and hacking. At first I thought it was because she was smoking my eye. But she'd done it before and hadn't hacked up a lung (not literally, mind you).

I know all kinds of health stuff. I've been a great and eager student for five years. Course I don't have a degree. Frankly wouldn't want one. But I know stuff.

And my parents get tired of me knowing stuff. I'd say it bugs the hell out of them.

I keep telling them, a lot of people who don't know what I know, but who would be interested, would give me a much warmer reception then my parents do.

I have to work on NOT helping them. A terrible thing, some might say, to say. But a true statement.

Don't help people who don't want your help. Even if you had to see them hack away at their lungs right in front of you.

I made a 'Sick Cheat Sheet' years ago for them, my parents. Do they read it? Not really. They should be doing stuff on it every day, sick or not. But the only real time they even hint a glance at it, is when they're really sick, and I've made several cautionary statements at how sick they are. Whatever.

So today, I took Mom in to the Doc's. I didn't want to go with her. Because going with her, makes me responsible for her, in some way. And I'm working at NOT being responsible for her. I have my own problems, thank you very much.

And I went to have him do a quick check of my eye.

So we went in early because the office is going to be closing for the Holidays. We get seated in a room.

The Doc walks in, and starts working on my Mom. We're in there about five minutes, and the door opens, and in walks Dad.

I was shocked! I had told Dad at least, five times, I thought he should go in and get checked out.

But Dad gave me his usual, "Thank you for that input, now bugger off" attitude. And so I let it drop. Not my fault if they don't take care of themselves. No sir.

So when he decided to show up, that was a big deal. He said Mom's face lit up, and of course the Doc was happy to see him too (the whole office loves my family, as we do them).

So, we're all laughing and carrying on during our exams with the Doc telling us his usual banter of stories and jokes.

The Doc worked my Mom over pretty good too. She had pretty bad bacterial infection in her lungs. I was correct in my energetic testing of her, but wrong with what I thought it was from.

It was fun! But even more, it was good that we all got checked out. Good that we're all doing okay, with everything that we've been through (which the Doc knows about).

The Doc pulled Dad aside during the exam and told Dad to "really make in big in 2010"! laugh

It's interesting to me, to note the people that really care about us, know what we've been through, and still believe in us. And not just believe, we have people literally praying for us to be successful (and not because we asked them).

I don't trouble myself with the non-believers, anymore. I don't trouble myself with anyone that doesn't want to be in my life, even if they come in the skin of family.

Today, turned out to be a much better day then I thought. I like us like this, when we're all laughing and having a good time. When we've forgetten...


No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. The information/statement is the opinions of the authors only, and is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. The statements made are not intended to be used as medical advice, nor is the information intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult with your Medical Care Provider before initiating or altering any medical treatment.


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Touch for Health Goal-Setting & Metaphor Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark, with Annemarie Goldschmidt

It began to rain so hard that class went inside a yurt. From the photo it is easy to see that these homes are amazingly pretty and functional. Known by some as the original 'mobile home', these homes can be packed and moved relatively easily as the tribes continue their nomadic ways as they have for many generations.


The Mongolian Nomads are some of the last people on Earth to retain their ancient ways, but it can be seen from the photos that they now have solar electricity, TV and satellite dishes. Still, their life in some of the most remote places on Earth means self-reliance, something that Touch for Health can help provide to a greater degree.

Muscles testing & Contemplating the Meaning of our circumstances and aspirations can be Illuminating!

Matthew Thie, son of John F. Thie, DC

Christopher Beardall, son of Alan Beardall, DC

Sacramento, 2008

Acupressure Holding Points via 5 Element Theory

Anterior Serratus & Metaphors

Kenichi 'Dharma' Ishimaru gives an ESR balance to Amy Choi along Hong Kong Harbor with the skyline of the city in the background.


Kenichi is the IKC faculty member for Japan and Amy for Hong Kong. Amy is the founder of the Brain Body Centre in Hong Kong.


Kenichi, a huge admirer of John Thie's interviewing techniques for TFH goal-setting, summarized John's techniques into what he now calls, "The Zen of Kinesiology". He will present his paper at the Touch for Health Conference 2008 in Basel, Switzerland.

Earl and Gail Cook,

Developers of the eTouch and eCharts Software and Training program, Orlando 2006.

Adam Lehman and Gordon Stokes

Vision 2000 meeting in Malibu

Edith Laidlaw (from Dubai/Paris)

and Carrie Thie

Washington, DC, 2009

Matthew Thie,

Annemarie Goldschmidt

Muscle Testing at TV Station,

Puerto Rico, 2007

Adam Lehman, Kristina Baker, (Kenichi Ishimaru), Peter McClellan, Kathy Layland

Tony Gil, publisher of the Journal of Applied Kinesiology and Kinesiologic Medicine with John Thie at 50th wedding celebration for John and Carrie

Teres Major test in JAPAN

Judy Levin, Past President TFHKA

Gail Cook, Co-Angel, TFH

Nina Hock

Copenhagen IASK Conference,


John Thie was inspired

after the 25th anniversary gathering of the TFH Kinesiology Association,

to get gather some of the leaders together to get to know each other.

Alles Klar mit Kinesiologie

Brendan O'hara (with Digeridoo),

Larry Green,

Ohio, 2004

TFHKA Award Recipients, Washington DC, 2009

(Joint TFHKA, EnKA, IASK conference!)

Larry Green, 10 years service as Master of Ceremonies

Earl Cook, Touch for Health Angel-

Service above and beyond the call of duty

(Thanks to Gail Cook also!)

Carrie Thie 36 years supporting TFH

Matthew Thie- recent leadership

We made it to the stern of the Belle of Cincinnati as she sails beneath the golden arches of the I-471 bridge, officially known as the Daniel Carter Beard Beard Bridge.


Daniel Carter Beard was known as a 'friend of children' and is best known as the founder of the Boy Scouts of America. He lived in Covington, Kentucky and was the author of 21 books on surviving and living in the outdoors. Covington is just north of 'Daniel Boone' country and Beard was heavily influenced by Boone.


This bridge is known locally as the "Big Mac Bridge" due to its golden arches and the fact that McDonalds wanted to build a floating restaurant nearby! The building of the bridge was very controversial.


While on the boat, I tested the ability to connect wirelessly with the Internet as touted in the area's LilyPad Project but did not have success.

Robert Aboulache with John F. Thie at 50th wedding Anniversary for John & Carrie

What is at the Heart of Touch for Health?

That is for you to know...

Or to find out!

Laugh Therapy @ Sacramento 08

Kenichi Ishimaru

Wayne topping

Basel, 2008

Balancing with eTouch software (Metaphors)

TFH Students in Mexico City, Nov. 2006. TFH Metaphor Instructor Training.

Touch for Health Sweater

(Matthew Thie won @ Sacramento, 2008!)

IKC USA Faculty (MAT, Arlene, Wayne and Norma) and 2006 Updating instructors, Covington, Kentucky

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