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finally took a picture of my desk for a pool that i've been a member of for quite some time and never dropped one by.

haven't been flickring much due to life and fires and such.

hope all are well.

i believe in love

i believe in greed

i believe the human heart is a slave to its own needs

this looked just like a painting at the time after i secured the focus point

it blew me away -- there is this energetic light ripple that confirms the plant's architecture which is highly visible here. the plant's soul, so to speak

i love this stretch of tree-enshrouded road.

the settings got mashed as i was turning the camera on

hey friends, still going to be a week or so before i solve my computer and connect problems (several thousands of dollars later, too... aiiieeeee)


missing your streams and your sharings and your goodness


looking forward to reconnecting!!!

much LOVE and find your joy!!!!


the eventual metaphor that torbakhopper developed for life was the exploding dahlia in space.


he believed it was as relevant as any. like our own lives, the painting series was one of joy, discovery, expansion and three dimensionality.


scott richard had proposed in 2003 that instead of using square light blocks to formulate pixelation through one light system, if we used the square format but instead of adjusting light values as on or off in tones, the pixel could pulse if we used rotating stars (in the form of revolving triangles) as one light system being played through another light system based on spinning circles.


the colors going through the other colored layer will emanate and vibrate. the results would produce a greater sense of three dimensional viewing.


since this concept was hard for others to understand, he has been painting it ever since.


we're still using the single light platform in our technology, but the art of liquid painting was an emergent extension of this desire to represent breaking the pixel.


liquid painting, as such, refers specifically to works of painted art which are not complete and undergo significant enough transformation to never be the same again -- hence, the liquid part of the title, liquid painting.

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