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Total Eclipse of the Heart. Interpretive dance. Too much laughter. Nearly died.

The disco shuttle full of Rose's relatives.

Splendid footwear. And someone else with my appreciation for fishnets.

more in focus

Flickershow performing Idiot Grin.

Amusingly, this wasn't part of his interpretive dance...

Like most traditional weddings, at the end of the ceremony there was audience participation line-dancing. And a singing of Oh Canada.

Wouldn't it be grand if everyone were this happy at their wedding!

Sam at the end of her Polyester Bride storytelling/interpretive dance... revealing the ultimate secret of all brides... (Sorry, can't tell you if you weren't there...)

Sherry and Melle big face shot in the disco shuttle on the way over.

Cabaret - check! Topiary - check!