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Overlooking busy i280, these California Oaks have seen it all.

Afterglow from the Arastradero Preserve looking north to San Francisco. Just a hint of i280 in the background, where these are seen from "the front." This is why open space preservation in high density population centers is so critical. Surrounded by Egrets, Blue herons, rattlers, hikers and bikers, and ever-changing weather patterns. It's an oasis of the mind.


[kudos if you know the lyrics]

Afterglow from the Arastradero Preserve looking north to San Francisco. A few moments where all is right in the world. Solitude, tranquility, gratitude.

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At the edge of the Ecrins National Park, the plateau Emparis reveals large areas of pastures, dotted with cottages and lake, while offering a beautiful view of the massive La Meije.


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Textures by Lenabem-anna and Darkwood67

Late vestiges of sunlight across the upper trails. Arastradero Preserve.

Rare August storm clouds with a glowing sky. Felt Lake from the Arastradero Preserve looking north to Woodside.


The summer wind came blowin' in

From across the sea

It lingered there to touch your hair

And walk with me


All summer long

we sang a song

And then we strolled that golden sand

Two sweethearts and the summer wind


Like painted kites, those days and nights

They went flying by

The world was new beneath the blue

Umbrella sky


Then softer than a piper man

One day, it called to you

I lost you I lost you to

The summer wind


-- Frank Sinatra

A cold morning made for a nice shot of a horse out training in Aiken.

Late Spring Storm in the Arastradero Preserve looking north to Woodside. Fire in the sky fills you with awe and breathlessness.


and the wind cries Mary

California Valley Oak at Sunset. Springtime Storm on the Stanford Dish Trail. I had been waiting for some late season storms which are occurring all this week. Alone amidst natural forces. Ecstasy!

Old steamroller on the road to "La Fournaise", REUNION Island.


This image is from last spring. I was trying out the new version of Topaz Detail (v2) for the processing of this. I also used some Topaz Adjust and Topaz DeNoise. The un-processed image is in the first comment.

California Oaks on Stanford Dish Trail. Clearing storm clouds in infrared.

Many thanks to Pareeerica for this beautiful texture.

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I took this image when we rode the Chemin de fer de la Mure in France. It is a small touristic train using a railway initially built for the transportation of coal between Saint-Georges-de-Commiers and La Mure. The line was inaugurated on July 24th, 1888.

At one time this building was a small station, but is now used as a private residence.


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Textures by Skeletalmess (Jerry Jones)

Deep twilight at Arastradero Preserve. Moondog and shining path.


Another end-of-the-day moments of revelation. Just when you think the day is done, patience is rewarded. The walkers, hikers, bikers and horseback riders have left. It is almost closing time. The rangers are restless. And then then sky turns the most alluring and hypnotic pink and blue. The Moon is dancing with the clouds. It is Celestial Magic.

Was doing astrophotography on the beach at Edisto Island a couple of weeks ago.

Processed in Photoshop and Topaz including Impression


Added Textures are my own


Thank you for any comments

A Brown-Eyed Susan wildflower growing in the garden. Processed with Topaz Detail

San Francisco Pulgas Water Temple. Ancient and contemporary praise of the source of life -- water. Gateway to the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

Das ehemalige Jagdhaus, die Dianenburg wurde 1542 - 1546 von Herzog Moritz im Stil der Renaissance umgestaltet. Der Name des Herzogs gab den Schloss später seinen Namen - Schloss Moritzburg. Seine heutiges Aussehen, ein barocker Flügelbau mit vier verbundenen Türmen, von denen jeder einzelne nach seiner Funktion benannt ist, gab ihm August der Starke im 18. Jahrhundert.

Das Schloss liegt 15 Kilometer nördlich von Dresden im Ort Moritzburg.

Ehemaliges Schlachthaus der Stadt Bamberg aus dem 18 Jhd. an den Ufern der Regnitz. Heute beherbergt das Haus die Bibliothek der Universität Bamberg. Rechts der Kranen.

Former slaughterhouse of Bamberg from the 18th century on the banks of the river Regnitz. Today the building houses the library of the University of Bamberg. On the right side the Kranen

The colors at Price Lake along the Blue Ridge Parkway last week were just about perfect. Combine it with a great sunset and you have a perfect Blue Ridge fall scene!

Fog day in and day out is kind of depressing, today was different :-)

Public domain photo of the Piazza San Pietro in Venice in the late nineteenth century that was altered with the Topaz DeJPEG plug-in, then the Topaz Lens Effects plug-in (reflector silver effect), then the Topaz Adjust plug-in (color blast effect), then the Topaz ReStyle plug-in (fire dipped waves effect), then the Topaz Detail plug-in (soft and dreamy effect), and then the Topaz Impression plug-in (pastel 1 effect). Public domain image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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This Power Wagon truck sits in the Australian walkabout area of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, Arizona.


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Thanks to Skeletalmess for sharing your fine textures - Sat 4 and Mixedbag 3

In the summertime, between rain and humidity, its not easy to find a night on the North Carolina Coast that' has better than good conditions to catch the Milky Way. This evening in June was magical. This was shot at the Bodie Island Lighthouse on the North Carolina Outer Banks.


Photo of the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris that was altered with the Topaz Adjust plug-in, then HDR, then the Topaz Detail plug-in, then the Topaz Adjust plug-in, then the Alien Skin Exposure plug-in, and then the Alien Skin Snap Art 3 oil pastel plug-in.


Stora Øyna, Sokndal


Amazingly it never did rain :-)

Herzog Albrecht V ließ das Antiquarium nach Anregung des Gelehrten Jacop Strade zwischen 1568 und 1571 als Ausstellungsraum für seine Antikensammelung errichten.

Duke Albrecht had the Antiquarium built between 1568 and 1571, as an exhibition room for his collection of antiquities.

:copyright: Irwin Reynolds, all rights reserved. If you are interested in using one of my images or would like a high quality fine art print, please send me an email (

Near the town of San Quirico d'Orcia in the region and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Val d'Orcia in Tuscany, Italy.


Wow, many thanks for all the favourites and comments and getting this to Explore #2! (Highest position) Hugely appreciated :D :D


More tech info on how I made this shot on my blog post.

Photo of the front entrance of the Villa Vignamaggio in Greve in Chianti, Italy that was altered with the Topaz Adjust plug-in (autumn and boost effects), then the Topaz Clarity plug-in (hummingbird wings effect), then the Topaz Detail plug-in (soft and dreamy effect), then the Topaz Adjust plug-in (French countryside effect), then the Topaz Lens Effects plug-in (graduated neutral density effect), then the AKVIS OilPaint plug-in (round brush effect), and then the Alien Skin Snap Art 4 plug-in (oil paint effect).

Photo of a gondola at the Venetian in Las Vegas that was altered with the Topaz Adjust plug-in (dynamic pop effect), then the Topaz Lens Effects plug-in (UV haze effect), then the Topaz Detail plug-in (architectural detail and sunset effects), then the AKVIS AirBrush plug-in (color spray effect), and then the Alien Skin Exposure plug-in (Kodak Ultra Color 100UC effect).

I got up between 6:30 and 7:00 AM and saw all the dew on the grass. The light was hitting it just right so I had to get a shot. This drop on the grass was a nice surprise.


Used Topaz Denoise to soften the photo, Topaz Detail to bring back the detail, and then Nik Color Efex to enhance the color.




Made Flickr Interestingness/ Explore for June 26, 2011. :D


(69 is the highest I saw it go)

I have been trying to manufacture this color red for a border for a while. The rest of the image was highly manufactured as well with a lot of work in Elements including the rather extreme conversion.

Von Graf Eberhard V von Württenberg zwischen 1476 und 1479 gebautes Stadthaus. Vermutlich für hochstehende Gäste des Hofes.

Built 1476-1479 on behalf of Count Eberhard V of Württemberg as an town haus for stately guest of the court.

Bürogebäude im dekonstruktivistische Architekturstil von Frank Gehry (Ephraim Goldberg) einem kanadisch-amerikanischem Architekten und Designer (Building C)

Office Building in deconstructivist architecture style of Frank Gehry (Ephraim Goldberg) a Canadian-American architect and designers (Building C)

Every fall, the peach orchards near where I live turn into stunning fields of orange. Its a beautiful sight that tells me Fall is about to turn into Winter.

Sentinel Tree and the landmark Radio-Telescope (the Dish) at Stanford Weekend Acres. A favorite of walkers and runners. A quiet respite from the high energy living of the Bay Area. Took me only 40 years to diligently search its locale, as the dish is clearly visible from i280 to tens of thousands of motorists daily.

Data: Canon 5D Mk II, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 17mm, ISO: 100, 1/4, f/22, tripod.

There is something magical about the first sunlight to fall upon flowers early in the morning. This was taken in the English Walled Garden just after 7 AM Saturday morning. It was a great morning to be out walking. Chicago Botanic Garden May 18, 2013 L1100372.dng

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When I saw these amazing crepuscular rays of sunlight form over this wide view of the park I knew it would be difficult to capture them so I opted for HDR. It's been awhile since I've done one this style, hope you enjoy!

Visited Virginia Beach this week and caught this sunrise at the pier there.

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