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Die shortlist (TOP10) und commended (Top 50) Fotografen aller Kategorien der Sony World Photography Awards 2017, dem weltweit größten Fotowettbewerb, wurde heute veröffentlicht.

Ich freue mich, dass mein Bild "Winter Fairytale" es in die Top 10 der Open Competition "Travel" geschafft hat. Die endgültigen Gewinner werden am 28.03. 2017 verkündet. Die 227.000 Einsendungen kamen aus insgesamt 183 Ländern. Jetzt heißt es Daumen drücken :-)!

The shortlisted (Top 10) and commended (Top 50) photographers for all categories of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards,

the world’s largest photography competition, are announced today.

I'm happy to announce that my image "Winter Fairytale" made it to the shortlist (Top10) of the Open Competition "Travel". 183 countries were represented in the submissions photographers entered 227.000 images across the awards’ competitions. Winners will be announced on March 28. Keep the fingers crossed for me :-)!…/winners-galleries/2017/open/shortl...


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Full moon rising at 5:36pm today (26/07/10). From New Brighton beach. A layer of fog near the horizon distorted the moon more than normal atmospheric distortion. 600mm f/4 lens

I got 15 applicants, 13 photos, but only 10 of them can be in.


I'm sorry for the bad quality at the models, my fault :/

Okay, here is a personal Top 10 of Custom Minifigures of all time. These are my personal favourites from my collection and are not necessarily based on accuracy or effort. The reason why I want to do this now is because there are so many extraordinary customs in the making this year that I wanted to get an overview of what happened SO FAR. This list obviously just contains customs that I own, one figure that would most definitely be on my list would be Jay Garrick by Christo, but I will never own it. I also excluded digital printed customs as they could not compete in terms of fitting next to official ones as well as other customs for the same reason. Because of this C-3PO by super-minifigures ( is also not on the list, which has a 3D-print on the chest and is simply awesome. Please keep in mind that my all-time favourite minifigure is still Grand Admiral Thrawn by Christo, but I thought it would be boring if I always included him. :D

Alright, here we go:


10 Deathlok by KO Custom Minifigures


The reason why I like this figure that much is mainly because of the chest print. The muscle printing is something out of the ordinary and looks very comic-like. The detailing of this figure is great, you get this little flag on the chest as well as an extremely detailed face. Even if Microman has a special Helmet mold, that looks very accurate to the movies, I enjoy this figure even more because it looks much cleaner, but comes with a load of details nonetheless.


9 The Collector by Phoenix Custom Bricks


Okay, here is a custom that would not have been needed, because there is an official version of this character around. But if you start to compare them you notice that this one is much more accurate. I loved the part of the Collector in GotG Vol.1 and especially the facial expression makes this figure so fantastic. It captures the grumpy Benicio del Toro perfectly.


8 Mystique by christo7108


Mystique was always one of my favourite characters of the X-Men series. This version is based on the movie appearance and just captures the whole body-scale effect really great. The only thing not so nice about this figure is the facial expression as it could be an evil smile. The custom made hairpiece also stands out as this is the perfect capture of the sleek dark red hair.


7 Black Widow by christo7108


There are a few face prints in the history of Lego-minifigures of actors that really stand out because of the way they unmistakeble remind you of the actor/actress. These would be f.e. the face of Evangeline Lily or Chris Pratt. This figure instantly reminds you of Scarlett Johannson because of the perfect adaption of her face. The right hairpiece did not exist when this figure was released, but now there is no mistaking this minifigure for anyone else than Black Widow. The outfit and the SHIELD logos on the arms are also really nice.


6 Bane by christo7108


Another figure of which an official counterpart exists. I think pictures say more than words:

As you can see, there is not even a way to describe how much this figure is more accurate than the official one. What I especially like about this minifigure is of course the faceprint, because even compared to all other minifigures out there it is extremely detailed, probably one of the most detailed faceprints ever.


5 Spider-Gwen by Phoenix Custom Bricks


I really like her for her character, I swear! :D Okay, obvious reasons aside, what I admire about this minifigure are the parts where the printing occurs. PCB captured the outfit perfectly, even if that meant to print only part of the arms or inside a cowl. With this techniques, it really stands out from other figures out there and gives this figure a nice touch.


4 Rainbow Batman by BrothersFigure


Okay, this character is obscure. I never read a comic with him, but the whole part where the “Dark Knight” comes in rainbow colours is just too funny. I’ve seen many bootlegs of this, but the original one by BrothersFigure is just something special. It comes with a painted cowl and a shiny print which make this figure a real eyecatcher. As if a colourful Batman wouldn’t be eyecatcher enough… :D


3 Luke Skywalker by christo7108


One of my most recent additions to my collection and an instant favourite. This figure looks so outstanding and has so many great parts about it. You have an accurate hairmold for the EVII haircut, a robe piece that is printed to capture all the creases and a faceprint that looks nearly like a real person. Watch out Hot Toys, here comes Christo. :D


2 Half & Half by BrothersFigure


Obscurity knows no borders. That is the case with this figure. Again, I am not familiar with the source material for this, but the execution was just perfect. The molded cowl is fantastic and everything else had to be split to accommodate this piece. So you have a half & half faceprint that goes perfectly with the cowl, a half & half torso and leg print that looks very creepy sewn together and they created a fantastic finish with the cape that is, again, half & half. I simply love this. :D


1 The Amazing Spiderman by christo7108


Well… Spiderman is my favourite superhero and this is my favourite minfigure form of this character. Why? This has simply to do with the printing. It is not too overdetailed and you have these expressive eyes and the whole printing looks really shiny if you see it in person. Okay, I can’t describe it very well, I just love this figure. :D


That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this little list and I can say, I am super excited to see the upcoming releases by Brothers, Phoenix, Christo, ParisCustomBricks and all the others.


Well, it's this time of the year again. I have been very sick for the past few weeks, hence my absence here, but this means I also had time to think through my favourites for this year. Custom minifigures will follow today, here are the officials.


While the Custom Minifigure business exploded this last year, TLG also improved their minifigures on many fronts. Especially for the Star Wars figures, there seem to very talented designers involved who also get enough budget for cool molds and hairpieces. My most anticipated release for this last year has been Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is one of my most favourite Star Wars character of all time. You cannot imagine my disappointment with the official figure when I saw that it had the wrong insignia printed on the uniform… Well, back to the roots. Christo made a timeless variant of this character, which looks nearly perfect. But, Thrawn didn’t make my Top 10 because of this unnecessary flaw. This year I have only included licensed minifigures, I think the first non-license figure on my list was place 14.


Here goes the countdown on my personal top 10 from this year:


10. Yondu

GotG 2 was an amazing movie and Yondu was one of the strongest characters. I waited for this minifigure since the first movie and I think they have done right by him with this. All the beautiful details included, especially his faceprint captured this character really well. I love the missing tooth and also the fin mold looks great. The only thing more we could have wished for was arm printing, but TLG seems to keep this type of printing to an absolute minimum.


9. Zardu Hasselfrau

Yeah, this was one of my most favourite moments in GotG 2. This character is pure nostalgia, I remember watching him and the even cooler Kitt when I was a kid. I am glad they did this character before getting rid of Dimensions. The minifigure is not the most detailed or extravagant, but it captures all the necessary details to recognize Michael Knight from the series. They also brought back the perfect hairpiece for this, Frodos hair in dk brown.


8. Rebel Ground Crew

Wow, this took a long time. The last time we have gotten this character was in 2002, even though it cannot be excluded from a functioning Rebel base. So I was even more hyped for this minifigure than for the updated General Lando, that came in the same set. This minifigure is extremely detailed and has a torso print that continues on the legs, which is a very cool feature. The faceprint is not new, but it fits this character really well.


7. Invincible Iron Man

I know a lot of people were not satisfied with the simple helmet mold for Iron Man. But for his ANAD appearance it works just perfectly in my opinion. The print on the helmet captures the design really well and so does the detailed printing if torso and legs. Now will someone finally do an accurate Classic Iron Man please? :D


6. Raging Bat-Suit

Wow, there were a lot of Batmen this year. With the LEGO Batman Movie and Justice League the different suits were just so many. Of all the more than obscure Movie suits my most favourite one was the Raging Bat-Suit. It just looks so cool and gives us the classic cowl as well as the boxing gloves in two new colors. Overall the design is simple but perfect, mostly because the colors go so well together in my opinion. Though I hope this is enough and they soon go back to “only” 3-4 different suits per year.


5. The Flash

The Flash was a great character in Justice League, even though I didn’t like the Superman scene at the end and the “BOOM-sound” effects of his moving around. But overall his appearance was very nice and I also liked his suit. I think I’ll say this here the suit designs of all the characters in JL were just perfect, they looked mighty just like they should in this type of setting. I think the LEGO design captures they suit just great, especially with the great new helmet mold. Though it is really absurd that they made it in standard red instead of dark red like the suit. Every prelim picture showed that it was only reflective light that made the cowl look a lighter color. Without this issue this figure may have well been higher on my list.


4. Rey

I know what you may think, the outfit of Rey is not really different from last year. Yes, you are absolutely right, but I think she looked awesome then and she looks even more awesome now. The Resistance outfit fits her perfectly and I really like the color scheme. The faceprint is just perfect for her character, but what I most like about this minifigure is the hairpiece. This is now the second hairpiece that is exclusive for Rey and I am just so glad that they didn’t went with the standard Qui-Gon hair, as this new one captures her hair so well.


3. 4.LOM

As I said before I think the most effort in design as well as the most budget goes into the creation of Star Wars minifigures. The new Bossk is awesome, but I especially like this character as he hasn’t been there before and brings us a step closer to finally completing the famous bridge scene of ESB. The molded headpiece is amazing as well as the colouring of this rusty bounty hunter. Now PLEASE make Zuckuss, 17 years for George’s sake…


2. Baby Groot

This MINIfigure just cannot be missing from my list. Baby Groot probably my most favourite pop-culture character from this year. And TLG even gifted us with 2 different versions. I like this one best because the little ravage outfit is just toooo cute. Even if this figure is so small there are all the necessary details and the faceprint is so sweet.


1. Aayla Secura

My most favourite official minifigure of this year is without a doubt this new version of Aayla Secura. The dark azure colour just fits her soo well and she doesn’t even have a stupid TCW face. She was my favourite jedi in the arena of Geonosis when I watched the film as a kid and I have been very happy with the Arealight design for many years, but this design just takes the cake.


My R4-1L Moc made it into the opening sequence of Brickvaults Top 10 Mocs this week, which is just worth a watch anyway for the jaw dropping stuff being made out there:

My second tiltshift fakery. My dad and I flew to an antique airplane fly in. You can see all the antique airplanes in the grass off in the distance. We're in a Stearman like the one behind the red striped building.

Esse ano foi até sacana de tanta coisa linda que teve! Que horror ter que escolher esse top - e só lamento, foram 12, não 10... Escolho as coisas meio que por representação, e não podia deixar de colocar alguns!


Teal Dimension, L.A. Girl

Eu tenho uma paixão crônica por essa marca, provavelmente desde os Rockstar. Ela ficou um bom tempo meio por fora das novidades esmaltísticas, aí veio com os 3D Effects e com os Sand Blast, sambou na cara da sociedade e fez valer o meu amor. Infelizmente, não fotografei as unhas adornadas pelo Teal Dimension, mas o acabamento virou um preferidão, com seus caquinhos holográficos. Pretendo completar essa coleção um dia.


Glow Satin, O Boticário

Este era um pro qual eu não dava nada até ver nas unhas da Eva, visão que me fez correr atrás de um pra chamar de meu. E quando usei, sei que fiz muita gente correr pra chamar um de seu também. Já usei várias vezes, como base pra um monte de coisa, porque ele é perfeito pra isso, com os brilhinhos prateados e a boa cobertura, elementos que o fazem único na minha coleção.


Harley Quinn, by Dany Vianna

Este glitter foi feito quase que sob medida pra mim - há muito tempo, vi numa foto que rodava pelo Tumblr um esmalte com filetes e hex vermelhos, pretos e brancos, e pedi desesperada pra Dany montar um assim pra mim, pra que eu pudesse usar sobre o Skull and Glossbones e chamar de Harley Quinn, "a namorada do Joker". Ela viu a foto, topou, falou de adicionar uns douradinhos e um par pro vidrinho, que obviamente se chamaria Joker. E assim saiu o lançamento da marca dela para o dia dos namorados! Por causa da caixinha desse esmalte, li mils HQs nas quais ambos aparecem, e fiz uma das nail art mais simples e das quais mais gostei no ano.


Intuição, Ellen Gold

O Intuição eu ganhei de presente da Dany, e usei em duas manis seguidas, de tanto que adorei o tom e a qualidade - acho que, se tivesse ficado por cima da minha mesa, eu teria repetido mais algumas vezes. É um verde oliva bem escuro, sem nada de cinza, e calhou de chegar numa época na qual estava procurando um esmalte exatamente nesse tom.


Dracarys, Penélope Luz

Uma palavra transformada em esmalte e um vidrinho pelo qual esperei uns vários meses pra usar. Já gostava muito dele antes de assistir à Game Of Thrones, depois tornou-se um preferido. Queria ter colocado o Selene Loves Endymion neste top também, já que gosto de ambos com a mesma intensidade, e só optei pelo Dracarys porque o meu exemplar dele já está com o rótulo que eu fiz HAHAHHA


Emmett McCarty, EDK

Usei bem no começo do ano, num encontro com as amigas dos esmaltes, e ainda nem tinha a câmera nova quando o fotografei - sempre que vejo essa foto, sinto vontade de repetir a combinação apenas pra ter um novo registro, já que glitters ficam muito mais fiéis se retratados com a Canon... Só sei que o negócio brilha demais e é meu EDK preferido.


Slumber, Gimimimi

Porque fiz muito poucas misturas pra mim mesma neste ano, mas me orgulho muito desta em particular e fiquei com vontade de usar de novo só de escrever esse trecho. Fiz à base de Psicodélica da Jade, esqueci os outros ingredientes da poção, lembrei e fiz mais dois - um foi pra uma amiga e o outro será sorteado em breve, e se eu fosse você, ficava esperta... Porque eu esqueci a receita de novo, e definitivamente ;/


Salto Agulha, Beauty Color

Um esmalte antiguinho e negligenciado por mim. Negócio lindo e ryco, cara de gringo por cerca de duas Dilmas, numa perfumaria próxima de você.


336, Kiko

Foi meu esmalte de aniversário, então é lógico que seria algo especial. Meu primeiro azul elétrico, e o mais intenso. Nem tenho palavras pra descrever o quanto gostei desse tom na minha mão...


Godiva, Zoya

Pra mim, é um esmalte cheio de significado, além de ter sido o primeiro Pixie Dust que usei. O nome me chamou atenção porque a Lady Godiva é citada em Don't stop Me Now, do Queen, e porque a lenda sobre a suposta personagem histórica é bem legal. À parte disso, ganhei esse lindo da Lu e sou aloka dos nudes, então o vidrinho tinha tudo pra causar palpitações!


Divina, Ludurana

Multichrome e magnético, dois acabamentos dos quais eu gosto demais, juntos, pela primeira vez no planeta! Ah, Ludurana, vamos trabalhar nessa decantação e me contrata pra fazer as campanhas de divulgação das coleções...


Fantasy Fire, Maxfactor

Encerrando a lista com um desejo que eu julgava impossível, a queridíssima Lari fez uma troquinha e conseguiu um destes cobiçados vidrinhos minúsculos a mais, e me presenteou com ele! O Clarins 230 já foi objeto de desejo de qualquer esmaltólatra fã de multichromes, então apareceu o Fantasy Fire, um pouco mais fácil de se conseguir, pra suprir a demanda. Nem acredito que tenho um desses, ainda mais ganho com tanto carinho <3

An Air Caledonia ATR about to leave Christchurch and head to home airspace after servicing and new paint in Christchurch.

just playing around

Highest position: 9 on Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kildale North yorkshire

A caterpillar... mostly green


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A previous life of mine.


Aye, there be some Captain in me!

some days just feel like this.


Listen-- Don't Box Me In!


You walk

I'll run

And follow right behind you


You call

I'll come

And I won't remember where I come from


Over there

At the end of the bar

This fish keeps swimming

In a jar


I feel

A tug on the line

Which end

Will I be on this time?


Don't box me in

Don't box me in


One day

I'll show them

Just what I'm made of


The'll be

A time

When I won't remember what I was afraid of


And I'll be swimming

In the sea

No banging on this glass

For me

My eyes saw red

When my world turned blue

So I'm leaving

Everyting that's true


And I'll jump into

A brand new skin

And then you won't be able

To box me in

Don't box me in


Don't box me in

Don't box me in

Let go!


There's a few places 'round

That I've never been

There's an ocean out there

That I gotta swim

There's a river that flows

Right past my door

I wonder...

I wonder...



And if sometimes

I can't seem to talk

You'll know this blackboard lacks

A piece of chalk


Don't box me in

I told you not to

Don't box me in


Don't box me in

Don't box me in

Let go!


Create your own Rubik's Cube

Just to celebrate Austrias's entry into the Top10 of the FIFA world ranking (soccer, male) with a loooooong flag. :-) ;-)


Train: Jubiläumszug "175 Jahre Eisenbahn in Österreich"


#ikwt #frankreichwirkommen #euro2016

Welp I thought I'd do I top 10 cuz why not


Honorable mentions mr freeze, superman (regime earth from injustice), black Adam, darkseid, zod and ra's al ghoul


10. Sinestro favorite versions forever evil and sinestro corps war


9. Harley Quinn favorite versions DCAU and new52


8. Joker favorite versions DCAU and arkhamverse (note fig is just a mix of most of my jokers)


Btw 8 and 9 switch back and forth a lot


7. Riddler favorite versions DCAU and pre-52


6. Captain boomerang favorite versions DCAU and DCEU


5. Scarecrow favorite versions arkhamverse and DCAU


4. Captain cold favorite versions DCAU and CW


3. Deathstroke favorite versions CW and Judas contract (comic)


2. Reverse flash favorite versions CW and flashpoint


1. Two-face favorite versions DCAU and face the face


Who are your top 10 dc villains?

Phew, this was an amazing year for customs. We had a lot of variety for characters and techniques from different customizers. Many characters that were long neglected have been finally made properly, but we also got a lot of very uncommon characters. This top 10 was extremely hard to put together, but I think I can safely say that these are my favourite customs of 2017.


I will start off with a bonus eleventh minifigure, as it fits neither the digital or pad printed category, but looks just amazing. C-3PO by super-minifigures is a fantastic replica of the 24k gold statuette that was given out as a gift many years ago. It is not the same as it comes without back printing and has a different color scheme, but my oh my this minifigure looks precious. The minifigure is fully chromed on all parts and insides, the chrome colouring is of highest quality and the details have been 3D-printed in the torso. If I may borrow the words from our dear Christo “your Star Wars collection will never be complete without it”


Another honorable mention is the Zebra Batman by UG Customs, as I didn’t want to include this character again on my list, because I already did it with Christo’s figure last year. The quality is amazing and I really like the 360 degree printing on this minifigure.


Now for the Top ten:


10. Silk Spectre by ParisCustomBricks

Boy, how long have I waited to complete my Watchmen lineup after buying the Christo trio years ago. Finally, ParisCustomBricks provided us with the rest of the Watchmen this year and has done an amazing job on them. Silk Spectre doesn’t come with a custom helmet like Nite-Owl, but is my favourite of the Trio nonetheless. Gabe captured the expressions on her face perfectly and fitted her with the right hairpiece. I especially like the torso printing of her outfit that continues onto the legs. The little zipper with the knits in her costume looks great. The minifigure has also printing on the back and the quality is great.


9. Ant-Man by KO Customs

Well, I wasn’t disappointed at all with the official Ant-Man minifigure until KO Customs showed us the possibilities for this costume. I instantly fell in love with the custom chromed helmet piece that just looks so accurate to the movie suit. Overall this minifigure looks fantastic and the design works very well, the only flaw is the silver printing on the body imo, as it is very fragile. This makes it a collectible and not suitable for playing purposes.


8. Classic Captain America by Brothersfigure

There is no doubt that Brothersfigure took the cake this year with their massive variety for different custom minifigures and genres. I am guessing PhoenixCustomBricks will make their comeback next year, but this year the throne goes to the guys with the shiny printing. This is one part I really like about their customs, the glossy finish, that keeps the minifigures from any harm and makes it possible to play with them. This goes for the classy captain also, but he is also an extremely detailed minifigure with 360 degree printing. What makes it really special is the custom PVC cap that has an indestructible feel to it. All in all the colouring fits the original well and I am glad we finally got an accurate version of him. Now all we need is a classy Iron Man. 😉


7. 1939 Batman v.2 by Christo

This had to be on the list as I have always wanted the Christo minifigure of this classic character but couldn’t get my hands on it. As I do not collect for investment purposes (which is a bad thing imo, don’t do this to fellow collectors) I am more than fine with rereleases of limited or sold out characters. This goes for Batman as well and while the overall printing of legs and torso look clean as ever the mask is the topping on the ice. Or the frosting on the top? I am not familiar with English sayings. :D Let’s just say, it looks outstanding, especially with the perfect alignment of the head. The quality of the injection molded piece is also top notch.


6. Speeding Blue Bullet by CyclopsBricks

Has anyone noticed that I really like the colour blue? :P Even if this minifigure looks simple at first, I really love it for the amazing coloring and strong printing. It just looks like a piece of art in my opinion. Though it has the same problem as KO’s Ant-Man with very fragile silver printing on the body, Earth-2 Superman looks just awesome and is extremely detailed where it was necessary. I especially like the double sided head print as it looks just so expressive.


5. Homemade Arachnid Hero by PhoenixCustomBricks

Well, there has to be at least one minifigure of my favourite superhero in this list. This time the wall-crawler comes in his selfmade outfit from the new movie and it just looks gorgeous. I’m very glad that Adam changed colours because now it looks very bright and the color contrast works perfectly. Every detail of the suit was captured accurately and I just have to say, this minifigure makes me so excited for the upcoming Phoenix releases!


4. Heimdall by Brothersfigure

What else to say about this figure that the picture couldn’t tell you? It is truly a piece of art, the execution of the printing is great, but the golden accessories take the cake. All of them, the helmet, the armor and the sword are really amazing and when fitted on the minifigure the character is unmistakably the guard of the Rainbow Bridge that we know from the movies.


3. Luke Skywalker by Christo

I feel like we are moving away from ordinary Lego minifigures more and more. With the headprint of Luke Skywalker Christo has entered a new dimension of realistic figures. The custom robe piece is fantastic and has got printing on the front and back. He also comes with a movie-accurate hairpiece. All about this minifigure is just perfect and I love it.


2. Xenomorph by Zerobaek

Alright, one more non-legolike. :D The only digital printed minifigure on my list takes silver for its terrific details. The Xenomorph from the Alien movies has an extremely detailed print all around which has kind of a scale-feeling to it. I know that the minifigure-form is not the most accurate base for this character, but it was made so insanely detailed and good that this doesn’t bother me at all. The highlight of this figure is of course the custom head/tail-piece which has a very frightening feel to it. This was my first minifigure by Zerobaek, but I can only recommend this fantastic customizer.


1. Composite Superman by Brothersfigure

I love the approach Brothersfigure is taking by tackling lesser known characters as well. I haven’t heard at all about this character before I have seen it in minifigure-form. I really like the obscurity of this one though and the execution is simply perfect. You have the custom molded cowl, the fantastic body design as well as the custom plastic cape that capture both heroes very well and make this a villain to be feared. The uniqueness of this character makes it my personal favourite custom of this year.


The heads to Lyttelton Harbour taken from the New Brighton Pier on a day with some sea fog.


This image won a bronze medal in the 2010 Laurie Thomas New Zealand Landscape Salon organised by Christchurch Photographic Society. I had entered three of what I thought were "good landscapes" into the competition and added this to make up the numbers (4 allowed), but looking at the results, the judges in 2010 liked misty ethereal type images, so this succeeded while the others failed.


I was asked to produce an audio-visual (AV) of this competition for the organisers and when I was given all the info, one of them said "you will be pleased". It wasn't till I was going through all the successful images that I found I had been awarded a bronze medal.


Champion Landscape (digital), New Brighton Photographic Club, 2010


©2015 Patty Rybolt Designs

Spoonflower Photo of top 10 'Year of the Sheep' fat quarter bundles

Huffington Post names Top 10 images for 2014 from the Instagram account of US Dept of Interior


What an honor to make the top 10 images from The Huffington Post / US Dept of Interior Top 10 images of 2014. My buddy Kevin Dietrich and I made the Huffington Post / U.S. Department of the Interior Top 10 Images for 2014


#Alaska #alaskaadventure #wild #wildlife #RobDaugherty #RobsWildlife #nature #natgeo #wildlifeAction #lakeClark #nationalPark #Crescentlake #USInterior #AlaskaBear #bear #wildbear #action

A pirates advent calendar, build for the Brothers Brick Create-a-Calendar Contest.


Left to right: Captain Christmas, Crossbone Clipper, Christmas Tree, Imperial Flagship, Queen Anne's Revenge, Snowy Lighthouse, Skull Rock Island, Caroling Mariner, Festive Parrot, Whitecoat Soldier.


Actually, I have build 24 items, which can be found here.

in no particular order :)


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Fiz essa seleção baseada nas minhas fotos mais favoritadas, que coincidentemente seriam as que eu escolheria, só com algumas mudancinhas =P

A última verdinha não está na ordem das favoritadas mas eu acho que foi a mais elogiada e eu achei esse esmalte maravilhoso, precisava ir pras top's!

Happy Spring everyone....

top10-branded ADL E20D/Enviro 200 seen on Church Street with a 17 to Wigmore & Stopsley. This sight has become more regular with a reduced 10 service.

Finalmente fiz meu top 10! :D


Depois que a Thamires, a Paulinha, a Amandinha, a Andréa, a Viviane, a Josi, a Ju, a Gi, a Fernanda, a Sarah, a Dine e a Marcinha me indicaram, me senti profundamente pressionada e tive que fazer! hahahahha


Tô zoando, amigas, vcs sabem! Muito obrigada pelas indicações! <3


Só foi meio impossível escolher apenas 10, porque meus preferidos de 2011 foram bem mais de 10, mas abri as gavetas e peguei os 10 primeiros que vi, dos muitos preferidos.


Então os meus escolhidos amados são:


Show - Ludurana (claro!)

Hera - Hits

528 - Ozotic Pro

51 - Nfu-Oh

DS Extravagance - OPI

Black Pearl - Chanel

Brisa - Panvel

Ruby Pumps - China Glaze

2Nite - China Glaze

Burgundy Orchid - Sally Hansen


Boa noite, lindonas! Ainda não vou desejar feliz natal, porque amanhã quero postar o esmalte de Natal! ;)




As indicadas aí façam, heim! Tô pressionando! E se alguma que eu indicar já fez, desculpa! Eu ando sumidona do flickr, como eu avisei que ficaria. :P



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