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A beautiful little Grape Hyacinth (Muscari latifolium) with its bright lavender top popping. At Smith's Lyman Conservatory, of course - we're still buried in snow with more on the way. :)

Orange button top mushrooms found in the woods at Iron Hill Museum located in Newark Delaware. Photograph created by Melissa Fague.


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This is the top section of Winniweta Falls near Jackson, NH

Its not often I see a guy wearing a top hat, but today was one of those days.


Taken in Norwich

just another macro from me:)

there will only be a few more this time around i think:))


have to post and run, off to a party at work of all places:)) will be fun:))


hope you all are doing great and you are having a great weekend:))


thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, much appreciated:)))


johnny :))

Hola amigos , tengo curiosidad en saber porqué , ulitmamente tenemos tantas visitas , alguno conoce el motivo?


Walking high among the forest trees.

I was on a higher level of the walkway looking down here.

The Tree Top Walk at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Vancouver. B.C.


''Movie Madness'' Contest in the Kreative People group:


I bought a new camera the other day and tried it out on a shop window (what else!? :-)

The background poster image of Fred and Ginger is in the Public Domain.


This top is made of pieces of Terrain by Kate Spain and Kona White. I have now found this block is in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia as #3364, Fan Quadrille - Mountain Mist. Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations also did a tutorial with a version of this block here:

Now to quilt it in time for the FAL deadline at the end of this month.


Friends & Photographers from Malaysia visited me and we went to the highest peak of Germany, Zugspitze 2962m.This is the Panorama from Garmisch-Partenkirchen towards Kreuzeck left and Zugspitze. On top we had 5°C and still snow...more to be shown.


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The last of three images of the "Top of Troy" building in Troy, MI... a suburb of Detroit.

Hitting the top of the wave on a longboard, lots of fun to be had on a day with some 1-2feet waves!


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Roseberry Topping at sunset before the snow arrived.


Much better in lightbox.


Paul Downing Photography


The Top of Texas Tower was built in 2013, It is a newly built observation deck inside Fair Park

Another shot from a recent walk on the North Yorkshire Moors.

The sun was setting just to the left of the shot.

Roseberry Topping can be seen in the distance

Some beautiful light across Roseberry Topping and Teesside today prompted me to take this 6 shot panorama. It was quite a trek to get there as the sun was setting and as usual Lady Roseberry was choc a bloc with hikers and families out enjoying the snow. I'm just glad there was enough of the white stuff still hanging around - I've been trying to get a decent snow shot in my photostream for ages....


Hope you like.

Please view in large.

hill walked to Ben More and found this little winner at the top !!Cold at the top ,,no kiddin !!1174 meters

A cool day with The LD-GANG , bbq and cans for free !

In other words "Top notch" !

Discovered a great little rocky outcrop and viewpoint yesterday whilst at Fisherman's Bay, NSW; Australia for a sunrise shoot.

I took a series of images around this spot trying different compositions and POV's - I climbed higher for this composition to overlook the little rocky cove to the left and the ocean and colorful sunrise stretched beyond - hope you like it!!

I used a shorter exposure to retain some shape to the waves that were rolling in and timed it to capture the receding water around the rocks in the little cove below!!

I had a tough time keeping my Lee grad filter free of condensation from the changing air temperature - plenty of wiping!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day and weekend!

*** Recommend to view LARGE on Black!! ***

Thanks for any comments, viewings or favorites for this and any of my other images!!!

Additional info: Lee .6 ProGlass + Lee .9 Hard Grad filters used here.

Ja, en dan is het genieten geblazen van deze uitzicht!

Met een supersnelle lift ben je binnen no-time boven.

Geheel rondom kun je de stad goed bekijen, en aan de helft is een buitengedeelte met glazen wanden van ong 3 meter hoog.

Maar juist voor de fotocamera is er een opening van circa 20cm, zodat je niet vanachter het glas hoeft op te nemen.

Vlak na zonsondergang heb ik deze geplaat.

Je ziet het zakencentrum, en links op die grote verkeersplein een donkere lijn.

Dat is de metro.

Aanbevolen om bij bezoek aan deze toren vooraf te reseveren, en om voor zonsondergang naar boven te gaan, om dan ook zonsondergang te zien.

En dat dus op 800m hoogte!


English text:

After a quick lift, you get the best possible view of the city.

An around space at the top of the building with a split opening in the glasswall, it's easy to take pictures like this.

I strongly advice you to book in advance, because it's mostly sold out, and it's costs about 20 Euro via internet.

At the desk at groundfloor 80 Euro...

You see the business centre, and also the metroline crossing the traffic junction.

This all at 800m high!

Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II




61st Fighter Squadron (61 FS) "Top Dogs"


Luke AFB's first F-35

~ Top Hat part of the Abracadabra outfit by B!Fashion, created by the very talented Barbarella Coic. I was delighted to wear this outfit for the Best of Italian/Maseno Show

self portrait from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

And the top is complete. I am sad and happy to be finished. Basting will commence tomorrow!

A sunset view from the cliff~ top at Chapel porth.

I would have ironed the wrinkles out but a swimsuit top is too hard to iron.

Top floor of an abandoned metropolitan office tower





Do you remember Top Cat Cartoon?


Top Cat!

The most effectual Top Cat!

Who's intellectual close friends get to call him T.C.

Providing it's with dignity.


Top Cat!

The indisputable leader of the gang.

He's the boss, he's a pip, he's the championship.

He's the most tip top,

Top Cat.


Yes he's a chief, he's a king,

But above everything,

He's the most tip top,

Top Cat.


Top Cat!

Top of Mize Mill Falls located in the Sipsey wilderness, Bankhead National Forest.



That kid has a view - at the top floor of the deYoung

Awaken with a group of powerful stream of pink and reddish rays of sunlight in the east lakeshore, no delay at all, less than 7 minutes headed to the lake,almost missed the perfect timing for the peak sunrise.Caused maybe by the sudden temperature rise overnight,unique for a cold January! Please press L for large image!

Berlin on TOP at Night


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