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Seen hanging outside on an old barn.

A different view/composition of the colour version. Seen hanging on an old barn.

Created for "Will You Play With My Picture"

I created two images using my Tool Shed photo, I usually don't have trouble picking my favorite, but I did in this case. Finally I decided on this one as I liked the brighter shades of red and the painterly feel. And, if you are wondering, I added blur to the image, I just like the way it looked. The other version is in the comments, if you have time could you tell me which you like best.


This is what Mat had to say: This layer is to play with brushes, images, patterns or to use as a texture in the challenge Will you play with my picture?


You can find the challenge by clicking the texture in the first comment.


Explore #47 June 26, 2012

~Front Page June 27, 2012~


Thank you Flickr Friends, I appreciate your visits, comments, invites and favs. Please do not add your "personal" graphics or photos, I will remove them.


For Macro Mondays “Back In The Day” theme


(Note: Above is the version cropped per instructions of Macro Monday administrators to meet the group’s 3-inch guideline. The original image that I posted, which shows the tool in a more understandable context as to how it was worn, can be seen in the first comments box for anyone who is interested.)


This vintage tool was among my father’s things when he died. It was probably worn by him when he was a young man or perhaps by his father before him for use in harvesting corn by hand.


The tool consists of a metal hook riveted to a formed leather piece that straps around the hand and wrist using attached straps and buckles. Users walked beside horse-drawn wagons in the fields as they husked the corn manually and threw it into the wagons. The hook on the tool was used to rip the corn husk open so that the ear could be easily broken off the shank that leads to the stalk. Though labor-saving machinery was available for corn harvesting by the 1920s, some farmers still husked and harvested corn by hand into the 1940s.


The text on the tool metal says “The Raidt Make, Shenandoah, Iowa.” A bit of Googling reveals that there was once a company called Raidt Mfg Co. in Shenandoah, which is not far from where members of my family have farmed for generations in Southwest Iowa.




Fireplace Kitchen Tools you think it is hard to cook nowadays, hard to imagine cooking over a hot fireplace with some very basic items, shot in North Carolina.

I snapped this on a street that was being repaired.

52 Still Lifes 25/52 Tools / Herramientas

7DWF. Mondays. Free Theme

I was getting up late and drawing tools for awhile.

Located just outside of Sevierville, TN.

The Rolls Royce of spanners!

Tool for making a hole in wood to give a drill a start. Shot for Macro Monday theme: #Broken.

Processed with VSCO with b4 preset

Contaflex Alpha, f11 for 1/2sec

Fomapan 200 Rodinal


Playing with longer exposures, second film

Thanks for Explore!

This was a class exercise to make tools to be used on a Father's Day cake.

All the tools made with Fondant with tylose added.


I still have to add a couple of pieces for the belt loops but ran out of the brown colour fondant...oops!!


This was my inspiration for my tool belt.... I wish I'd left enough room for the belt and buckle....

The shoe makers workshop has seen a fair few people come and go in its past. Left to decay and sit in silence as its served its purpose.

Happy thanksgiving everybody!!

Flickr Friday's theme for this week - hand tools - "Anyone with a dash of creativity uses #HandTools to aid them in the process of art creation. What are your 'go-to' tools as a photographer?"


My favorite hand tools for creativity and photography - old photos, recipes & traditions, books, letters, journals and the common threads of our lives such as the appreciation of beauty and nature.


This photo quilt is the story of a family from the beginning to the end. In it, I used my hands, needles, scissors, a thimble and thread. But mainly, I used memories captured in photos.

This mother and son team of endangered Bornean Orangutans has their tools ready to pick raisins out of pine cones they are about to receive as a treat. The cute little guy is a year and a half old.


Bornean Orangutans are endangered largely due to habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. Much of their habitat loss is due to jungle clearing for the Palm Oil trade. The most important thing a person can do to help is avoid buying products with Palm Oil in them, which range from foodstuffs to cosmetics.

Alien: Isolation

• Console Commands / Config Tweaks for improving graphics

• Cinematic Tools by Hattiwatti

• SweetFX

• Snapseed for color, clarity, and tone adjusting, DoF if applicable

USS Intrepid (CV-11) - New York, NY

Rusted tool set of my grandfather

Still with natural window light.

1 texture MAT

1 Texture lenabem: nº 171

double Portrait improvisé pour essayer les "will news tools"... Merci mon pote...



things I can't be without~~~

A garden wall in Hatfield, Pretoria.


Have a wonderful day, everyone!




Para 52 Still Lifes: 25/52: Herramientas_ Tools.

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