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She fills the air with tokens of paradise.

Giving alms to virtues leaving me helpless against the sweet blows of her heartily embrace.

Her spiritual energy passes the universe with brilliant fire and turns the unholy to smoke and ash.

Signalman comes onto the track to collect the token , knowing that the single track from Ramsbottom to Rawtenstall is now free for the train waiting in the station to proceed up the line in safety ..

The Aspinall designed ex L&Y Class A (or Class ’27' if you prefer) 0-6-0 no.52322 crosses the road as she leaves Ramsbottom Station with the pick-up goods set.


3P20 Parcels Group 52322 Charter

Tamron 24mm F2.5 Lens Turbo II ( 35mm relative focal length aprx 35mm) probably shot at f8 or f11.



804 Queen Street East Toronto Ontario Canada M4M 1H7


Despite a promising start by the time 66736 had meandered a mile or so up the coast to Freemans Crossing box, the weather had definitely taken a dull turn. I've never taken a shot of the box from the oft used the A189 over-bridge, having looked at it a few times and rejected it for more interesting beach-side fare in better weather conditions.


Freemans box is the most modern still in operation on the B&T. Built in the British Rail era around 1956 it was installed to to control the lines to the power station, coal staithes and Cambois depot, that diverged to the right of the train (behind the box in this shot).


The driver and signaller prepare to exchange the token as 6S45 comes off the single track section between Freemans and North Blyth.


28th December 2019.


I had the delight of watching my granddaughter in an equestrian competition. Before the event, I wandered the roads near the paddocks and got a few shots.


This is Token, and I decided to leverage the light on his mane to create the silhouette feel in Luminar4.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sony NEX-6

Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4 SMC

(Full-frame equiv. focal length=75mm)

@f/1.4 1/2500sec ISO100


Spent a couple of hours at Carters Steam Fair in Cobham, Surrey this weekend, it was fun :)


EDIT: Thank you very much for all the likes and comments, I appreciate them all. It was a nice surprise to have this explored this morning!

This picture is for the group Macro Mondays and this week the theme is "Zodiac".


These three arcade game tokens are a few of the ones that I saved from the early 1980's. I used to go to the arcade with friends when I was a young teenager. A few of us girls mostly went to meet boys! :)


I was never able to get a coin with my Zodiac sign.... Aries.

RC-135V 64-14844 (05-05-18)

SPNC Year 2 Instruction #23: "Reveal a moment of human introspection within a bustling environment. Evoke the viewer to identify their own moments of reflection." - Brian Sokolowski

Isle of Wight Steam Railway.


In railway signalling, a token is a physical object which a locomotive driver is required to have or see before entering onto a particular section of single track. The token is clearly endorsed with the name of the section it belongs to. A token system is used for single lines because of the very much greater risk of serious collision in the event of irregular working by signalmen or train crews.

Walking the Token for the way back

2/52 Triangle - Macro Mondays


This is small triangular token from the board game Vindication.

One of the few remaining Token working lines within NSW is the Braemar branch from Mittagong Junction to Braemar to service a Railway sleeper production plant. When large quantities of concrete sleepers are required trains run to pick them up. It takes 3 days to load an entire train, on day 1 of the operation DL43 sits at the head of 2M51N awaiting the end of their pre-departure checks with 8237 out of sight behind. The train would shortly depart for Moss Vale.


82 and DL class have been regulars on these for the past 3 or so cycles, the train usually runs once per month. This train then went up to the North Star branch to drop sleepers for construction of the new ARTC Heavy Haul Inland Rail line.


2019-10-02 Pacific National DL43-8237 2M51N Braemar 400mm staff sign of


Nothing arty about this but when you sniff out a potential Token exchange between Driver and Signaller it would surely be rude to let this Victorian ritual go unrecorded.


Catching me unawares DBS Shed 66151 has just come off the Fowey branch light-engine and is running "wrong line" at Lostwithiel. Luckily the driver had to retreat to the rear cab to find the Train Staff, no doubt left there from the journey out, and this gave me a few moments to get into position.


With hand-over complete, he moved off to the down loop beyond the box, before eventually making his way back to St. Blazey travelling as 0G07. Earlier birds my have snapped it working down to Fowey as the 09.00 ex-Parkandillack (6P24), so I'm guessing this was the last move for the driver before finishing his shift.


14th January 2016


Funnily enough also captured 40 years ago, but with slightly more interesting traction ....

The 17.27 SHREWSBURY - SWANSEA passing the token to the signal man, at Pantyffynnon box.

Economy of movement !


Don't allow tokens of engagement to obscure what's most important


Blog post:

For those not familiar with the system, especially those out of the UK, this photo illustrates the railway token system in action. The gentleman in the safety vest has just handed the token to the locomotive's fireman. Taken at Swanage Railway, both are volunteers with the heritage line.


Now that 34072 "257 Squadron" has possession of the only token that exists for the section of single line that begins just after the bridge, that means no other engine can enter that length of track. It is a very simple and very safe way of operating. Performed manually here, on mainline single tracks such as nearby between Moreton and Dorchester South, tokens are now issued electronically.

Taken on the Keighley Worth Valley railway at Damems signalbox. I didn't notice the driver looking my direction nor that his head within the handle of the token ring!


60015 with the 13.02 Briggs Dowlow to Ashburys train at Great Rocks Junction. The signalman is about to collect the single line token which the driver is presenting

7DWF - Monochrome

07/09/2019 (Sat) 2030


Glenwhilly (south of Barrhill, Stranraer line)




1A02 1813 Glasgow Central to Stranraer


Exchanging single line tokens with the signaller




(Rokinon 35mm T1.5 IF UMC cine lens)


If you like railway pictures that are a bit different to the norm, try the Phoenix Railway Photographic circle website;


A young fireman working the Stanier 'Black Five' 45212 piloting the double header with 45407 "The Lancashire Fusilier" takes the token watched by a senior crew member leaving Ramsbottom Station on the 1st day of the ELR Spring Steam Gala..

You haven't been to Rome unless you see the Coliseum.

Great Rocks Jct, 18.2.20.

The 9M52 0852 Edinburgh - London Euston , is just visible at Waverley station.


14 4 16

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer."

Helen Hunt Jackson

At Dinas on the Welsh highland railway.

Trams/trains travelling from a to b along a single line track.


A ‘Token’, the name given to an object that is passed from the signalman (a), to the tram/train driver on a single line track used for two way traffic. The driver is then allowed to proceed along the single track; he then passes the ‘Token’ to a signalman (b), at the other end. If there are two trams/trains to go in the same direction (a to b), the ‘Token’ is shown by the signalman (a), to the first driver, and then given to the second driver, who then hands it to the signalman (b), at the other end of the single section of track. Signalman (b), now has control of the said section of track. Further trams/trains following in the same direction (a to b) are halted until the signalman (a), has control of the track once again by having the ‘Token’; which has been returned to him by the driver of a tram/train travelling in the opposite direction (b to a). The ‘Token’ can then be passed to the driver of the halted tram/train for him to proceed. This method ensures there is only one tram/train on that section of track at any one time. If there was a collision of two trams/trains on this section of track then the driver without the ‘Token’ is at fault.


This temporary track is in Mosley Street, Manchester as part of the Second City Crossing construction, leading to the new St. Peter's Square tram station.


I hope this isn't too confusing!

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