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I need to stop eating!


Why are pot pies so delicious?

HBW! This is to an awesome summer. I'd choose Coke over Pepsi any day!


Edit (June 4,2008): Sorry for the watermark, but this photo has been stolen a few times already and I really don't want it to happen again.




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Inspiring, dazzling, stunning, energizing, overwhelming and chaotic all at the same time. I love Tokyo.

The Poplar river in Lutsen, Minnesota produces foam that collects at the base of the waterfall near the Lutsen Resort.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday everyone!


Nothing better than a marshmallow toasted on an open flame!

Arranged a dawn shoot at Hastings but the sun decided not to turn up!

Holiday toast for all! More quality time out and better health!!!! :]


Pentax 67, SMC 45mm f4, Kodak Plus-X 125 (125PX) developed in T-Max 1+4, wet-mounted drumscan (scanned through PhotoMultiplier Tubes - PMTs - no CCD nor CMOS used in the light detection & digitizing process), no cropping.


...::: 4nalog :::...

and once upon the time they meet in a world filled with Rainbow :P


♬ Hear What I See




Wind blown sand and topsoil creates an interesting pattern on melting snow on Ptarmigan Ridge Trail near Mt. Baker, WA, USA.


A pretty glass of something bubbly!



Entered in February Contest #70 - Romance in Kreative People.


Created for New! ~ Challenge 163.0 ~ November Nuance ~ The Award Tree ~.


Images and Textures of my own.

Many Thanks to my beloved wife for her face.


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

© All rights reserved.

Under constraction


Minolta Rokkor 35-70mm f:3,5 MD MF

Sony α6000

365 Toy Project - 237/365


Aldeia de Couce - Valongo

North of Portugal

A toast to happiness, to balance, to self consciousness...

a toast to kindness, to solidarity, to empathy...

a toast to the light...a toast to life...

Tea and toast with Grampa

Explore. Front Page. April 20, 2009.


I would like to make a toast

to lying,



and drinking.


If you're going to lie,

lie for a friend.

If you're going to steal,

steal a heart.

If your going to cheat,

cheat death.

And if you're going to drink,

drink with me.

~ Anonymous


A monday toast to everyone! :)))


Copyright ©G.DelaCruzPhotography. All Rights Reserved.


Interestingness: #32.


Banana toast with (not healthy at all) delicious coconut spread, haha. What did you have for breakfast today?


// Pan tostado, plátano y un nada delicioso spread/untable (¿cómo se llaman esas cosas?) de coco, jaja. ¿Qué desayunaste hoy? (:




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Put your Polaroids in the toaster ... :-)






© Tanja Deuß | All rights reserved.

Do not use, copy or edit any of my images without my written permission.



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Oooo LOOK! There's a panda on this side too!


A little clean-up, otherwise a raw Second Life image.

a macro shot of a burnt bulb socket

notice the humanlike - face? Creepy!

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Toast with Jam / Toast with Moldy Jam

Toast, Glorious Toast!


I can have it with butter,

I can spread it with jam;

Or maybe with cheese,

And a lil' bit of ham.


Don’t want your bagel,

or your croissant;

Keep your muffin,

It’s not what I want.


I want my toast,

Need it crispy and light;

Golden and hot,

But if you grab it I’ll fight!


Toast, toast, toast,

I do love it, sure!

But I’ll share it with you ,

‘Cause you I love more!



Sugarloaf Mountain

Boulder County, Colorado

Is Peace toast in this time of the days?

Per fare un buon French Toast bisogna portare il pancarrè a Paris

29 July, 2010 - Way back in January, Kerstin (aka Shash) contacted me to ask if I would contribute a photograph to a project she was working on. The project, a book, was to contain both artwork and writing that revolved around the theme of small scale food production. Now, after 10 months of hard work, that book is at the printer and available for pre-order. Go here to order a copy, to see a list of all 32 contributors, and read more about this fine collection of writings, photographs, and illustrations.


The first breakfast of 'Roid Week. And in honor of the occasion, I even managed something approaching focus. Take that, eyelashes.

A strange name for a cat and he just adores mice, hard to watch the bizarre death ritual that this little rodent has to endure. The first few times I witnessed this I tried to rescue the mouse concerned, but I guess the cat is just being a cat, and that is the long and the short of it.

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