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“It takes both rain and sunshine to make a Rainbow.”

For a while at Cole's Corner `-´

lol, the video

I need to stop eating!


Why are pot pies so delicious?

HBW! This is to an awesome summer. I'd choose Coke over Pepsi any day!


Edit (June 4,2008): Sorry for the watermark, but this photo has been stolen a few times already and I really don't want it to happen again.




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Wlodawa, Poland

Frolicking among the wheat fields and enjoying the late sun and warm summer evening coming here for a visit, so quiet and relaxed.


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Wind blown sand and topsoil creates an interesting pattern on melting snow on Ptarmigan Ridge Trail near Mt. Baker, WA, USA.


The Poplar river in Lutsen, Minnesota produces foam that collects at the base of the waterfall near the Lutsen Resort.

A pretty glass of something bubbly!

Inspiring, dazzling, stunning, energizing, overwhelming and chaotic all at the same time. I love Tokyo.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday everyone!


Nothing better than a marshmallow toasted on an open flame!

A toast to all my Flickr friends whose continuous assurance and encouragement helped me get along with a complex contraption like a camera... Thank you for the 96,000 views of my entire stream as of today.



Created for New! ~ Challenge 163.0 ~ November Nuance ~ The Award Tree ~.


Images and Textures of my own.

Many Thanks to my beloved wife for her face.


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

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a little interview here


MM 2nd.The best toast I ever had was when I was young and at my grandparents house.They had an open fire and we would toast bread or crumpets on toasting forks.I don't have an open fire but when I took this photo it just reminded me of those times.For the set up I place a second flash behind another slice of bread which gave it the warm look.

Arranged a dawn shoot at Hastings but the sun decided not to turn up!

This year has been very grey and dark and it has been hard to drum up the enthusiasm for photography. So a kick up the back end and a little playing. A toast to light, and hoping for more of it next year. (Nothing original but something to get back in practice at light hunting!)

One of the things which came home with me from England.

2017 one photo each day.

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When the skies are looking bad my dear

And your heart has lost all it's hope

After dawn there will be sunshine

And all the dust will go

Skies will clear my darling

We'll show this baby all the love we know

And in the morning, I'll make you up

With some tea and toast

(credevo fosse una canzone allegra e invece ha un testo strappa lacrime)

lift whatever glass you fill

and toast a passing breeze

for life is swift and beautiful

and we are among friends...


Lucy Meskill


Put your Polaroids in the toaster ... :-)






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Best Viewed on Black


Please be patient with me....the sunset was so wonderful.....I tried not to be so repetitious....but It was an awesome sight! Hard Not To Share My Passion for the sky, light and cloud......

Toast with Jam / Toast with Moldy Jam

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