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Guacamole toast with lime, tomatoes, seeds and red bell pepper.


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Happy Smile on Saturday! “Song Title”


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The song was originally released as the B-side to Streetband's first single "Hold On" in September 1978. However, "Toast" received heavy airplay from Kenny Everett on Capital Radio and this led to the sides being flipped and "Toast" being released as the A-side a month later. Helped by the heavy airplay, the song became successful, peaking at number 18 on the UK Singles Chart in November


Streetband became Q-Tips and then Paul Young went solo. Thank you for the additional information Helen Haden!

Drink a toast to the ones who gave it all, who shewn bright as the sun, if only for a brief moment, then suddenly were gone, leaving nothing but the memories of their brilliance.


Here's to the ones who lived long and well, yet will be missed all the more for the many they touched along life's road.


A toast to the anonymous, the undiscovered, the obscure, who never really had a chance to have their day in the sun yet still left the question deep in the heart of anyone who knew them at all . . .

Why so soon?




I apologize for not adding a LM for this beautiful place but honestly I don't remember. If anyone thinks they know please share. Thank you ♥


♬ Hear What I See




"My friend I wish health to you,

I also wish wealth to you;

I wish the best that life can give to you,

And may dreams always come true to you.

May fortune be kind to you,

And happiness be true to you;

And love be so sweet to you

And life be long and good to you."

- Willie Jolley




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What else I am a Baker:-)

Yesterday for the first time since my retirement I made halva with semolina, Greeks do this during lent.

I need to stop eating!


Why are pot pies so delicious?

Toasted and dozing off

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USDesigns Bombay butterfly chair


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MM 2nd.The best toast I ever had was when I was young and at my grandparents house.They had an open fire and we would toast bread or crumpets on toasting forks.I don't have an open fire but when I took this photo it just reminded me of those times.For the set up I place a second flash behind another slice of bread which gave it the warm look.

Under constraction


Minolta Rokkor 35-70mm f:3,5 MD MF

Sony α6000

Down the hatch camera man! Surprise Supra: Georgian market vendor offering Georgian wine to photographer in no uncertain terms. Toast



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Hihihihi hôm qua rất vui vui :x yêu yêu thế:*:* chụp cũng đc nhìu hình ưng ý lắm:*

Тост с джемом из красной смородины к чаю.

В традиционном английском завтраке обязательно присутствуют свежеподжаренные тосты с маслом, джемом или мармеладом.

Some builders are bred for greatness, and others are just bread to be toasted. It's a Wonder some have even made it this far...

Iron Forge


Head of our household.

This year has been very grey and dark and it has been hard to drum up the enthusiasm for photography. So a kick up the back end and a little playing. A toast to light, and hoping for more of it next year. (Nothing original but something to get back in practice at light hunting!)

at 9 past 9 on monday the 9th. i made myself a toast for breakfast. with 9 stripes and nine dots of curry ketchup, i added a nine shaped splash for good measure. bon apetit.



Entered in February Contest #70 - Romance in Kreative People.


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Images and Textures of my own.

Many Thanks to my beloved wife for her face.


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Querétaro - México.

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Please play the YouTube video below. I hope it makes you smile! 😁

A toast to happiness, to balance, to self consciousness...

a toast to kindness, to solidarity, to empathy...

a toast to the light...a toast to life...


cinnamon sugar

strawberry jam

almond butter


plum jam


Great Harvest Bread Co. has a great poster of toast and a variety of toppings that hangs on the wall of my local shop. Every time I visit I think I need to create my own version. I had a loaf of bread that was on the way out and decided today is the day to play. This pan is courtesy of a friend, she is great at getting pans to have personality. The almond butter and plum jam were made from scratch.

Roasted capsicum and spiced baby potatoes with poached egg on whole grain toast. Perfect!


Come see Spotlight Your Best where the March 2020 theme is “Food & Drink.”


For “Toast and.............” in the group 120 pictures in 2020.


The Kiolet family Julekake recipe has been passed down for generations. Carol's nonny (Great Grandma) made this Swedish bread with dried fruit when Carol was a child. Her dad still makes it every year. And now Drew (our son) makes it! It tastes very good toasted with butter!

I promised someone a picture of breakgast, and here it is :). This is for 120 pictures in 2020 #109 "Toast and.....". The toast is 12 grain (mostly whole wheat), the eggs are scrambled with a mix of red and yellow bell peppers, poblano chiles, and onion. It goes without saying that they are seasoned with a bit of crushed red pepper for a daily dose of capsaicen. The sausage is unfortunately store-bought, as I haven't had time since our move to make a batch of homemade. I like to have a bit of fruit as well, in this case a few red grapes.

We had a couple of days away to East Sussex last week (to make up for Greece-gate! 😂) ..the town of Rye is so pretty, all cobbled streets, ancient haunted pubs and cute little tea rooms.


The tea rooms reminded me of all the comforting things about Autumn...toasted tea cakes, crumpets, soup, big pots of tea....yes I know, it's all about food and drink for me!


Photo taken and edited on my phone....I do quite a lot of phone photography and especially like playing around with textures and vintage-style edits without having to get the laptop out, but never think to post any of them here...but as I'm having a lazy rainy day today, here it is!


Wishing everyone a great week ahead :)


Sometimes what I really WANT to eat is something tasty and simple, like hot buttered toast......tea time !!!


Submitted to the group 116 pictures in 2016 for theme #11 Eat What You Want Day

MM "Hot or Cold" Toaster from the inside

Toasting the toaster, warm bread, delicious, especially on a day with icy cold rain showers like today.

Avocado toast with seeds on blue plate.


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