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“It takes both rain and sunshine to make a Rainbow.”

HBW! This is to an awesome summer. I'd choose Coke over Pepsi any day!


Edit (June 4,2008): Sorry for the watermark, but this photo has been stolen a few times already and I really don't want it to happen again.




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For a while at Cole's Corner `-´

lol, the video

One of the things which came home with me from England.

2017 one photo each day.

I need to stop eating!


Why are pot pies so delicious?

Wind blown sand and topsoil creates an interesting pattern on melting snow on Ptarmigan Ridge Trail near Mt. Baker, WA, USA.


A toast to all my Flickr friends whose continuous assurance and encouragement helped me get along with a complex contraption like a camera... Thank you for the 96,000 views of my entire stream as of today.

Wlodawa, Poland

Frolicking among the wheat fields and enjoying the late sun and warm summer evening coming here for a visit, so quiet and relaxed.


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This toast I found at a local cafe in Barcelona. It is apricot and grape jelly on toast. These colors represent modern art colors and the shape of the way they are represent some types of cubism.

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When the skies are looking bad my dear

And your heart has lost all it's hope

After dawn there will be sunshine

And all the dust will go

Skies will clear my darling

We'll show this baby all the love we know

And in the morning, I'll make you up

With some tea and toast

(credevo fosse una canzone allegra e invece ha un testo strappa lacrime)

lift whatever glass you fill

and toast a passing breeze

for life is swift and beautiful

and we are among friends...


Lucy Meskill

Toast, Glorious Toast!


I can have it with butter,

I can spread it with jam;

Or maybe with cheese,

And a lil' bit of ham.


Don’t want your bagel,

or your croissant;

Keep your muffin,

It’s not what I want.


I want my toast,

Need it crispy and light;

Golden and hot,

But if you grab it I’ll fight!


Toast, toast, toast,

I do love it, sure!

But I’ll share it with you ,

‘Cause you I love more!



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Please be patient with me....the sunset was so wonderful.....I tried not to be so repetitious....but It was an awesome sight! Hard Not To Share My Passion for the sky, light and cloud......

and once upon the time they meet in a world filled with Rainbow :P

All the things I love on Valentine's Day!


Coffee and cinnamon toast with my Spouse!

Macro Monday 31st March. A tasty snack. For me it is toast and marmalade everytime!

"Oh! my friend, when you feel bursting on your lips the vow of eternal love, do not be afraid to yield, but do not confound wine with intoxication; do not think the cup divine because the draft is of celestial flavor; do not be astonished to find it broken and empty in the evening."

- Alfred de Musset




Thanks a lot for visits and comments, everyone... ! Have a happy Friday 13...!

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a little interview here


Is Peace toast in this time of the days?

Toast with Jam / Toast with Moldy Jam

Happy Bokeh Wednesday everyone!


Had this piece of avocado toast for my morning snack yesterday and liked it. (Posted to Facebook and Instagram).

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