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Mamiya 645 Pro TL

Kodak Tmax 100

20160117-8738TMX-IIIf-red elmar 50mm 3.5-JA Mokpo, Yaksando

Chamonix 045N-2

Nikkor SW 90/4.5

.6H (over the sky)+.6S diagonally over the water) grad ND + polariser


TMX, developed in XTOL 1:1

Holga 120N

Kodak Tmax 100 in D76

Holga 120N

Tmax100 in D76

MamiyaRZ67 Pro II

Kodak Tmax 100


Mamiya 7ii, 43mm, Kodak TMX, XTOL 1:1.


Camera: Yashica Mat 124G

Kodak: TMX-100

Seattle Wheel taken with the anamorphic pinhole. TMX 100 processed in Tmax dev. (1 to 7)

Mamiya 7ii, Kodak TMX, XTOL 1:1.


AllMyCamerasProject #6



Yashimar 80mm f/3.5

Kodak Tmax 100 (TMX) expired 1994

Dev: Kodak HC-110 1+39 continuos agitation


Tried out a friends Yashica-A which he always ignored in favor of his other Yashica TLR's, but I like the simplicity of it and shot a roll - Now he offered me to trade it for a roll of Acros film :-)


The film was old and untested but came out flawless from my hc-110 treatment, the base is perfectly transparrent and it looks awesome dispite being 23 years over due!!

hasselblad 2014

Hasselblad 500C/M

Carl Zeiss C Planar T*80mmF2.8

TMX Self Development

Hasselblad 503CX

LEE Big Stopper

Kodak TMX 100

Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Hasselblad 503CX

LEE Big Stopper

Kodak TMX 100

Kodak Tmax dev 1:4

Yashica Mat 124 G

Kodak Tmax 100

Rome Trastevere 2013

Yashica fx3 50mm

kodak 400-tmx

Epson Stylus sx130

Ps Cs6

Georg, artist, theatre painter, sculptor and a very good friend of us. Many years ago he studied with my wife at the Mozartheum in Salzburg and both had together a studio for many years. They worked for great theatres in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France and even for New York and Japan. - Good old, but passed times!

Today Georg is retired and my wife is only in business with stage settings and costumes.


Georg lies on a theatre painting in his studio in Koppl. The painting is for the performance "Land des Lächelns".


Hasselblad 500 C/M

Carl Zeiss Distagon 40mm f1:4

film: Kodak 100 TMX

Nikon flash SB700

Location: Koppl / Salzburg / Austria


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hasselblad 2015

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