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it's a new smile between us(Self Portrait)


I have been tagged by Edushi instead of taking a new sp I decided to move this one up front (no its not cheating), basically since I made this photo private while I was at work, so I could edit and place my watermark on it-when i got home.... it removed all of the faves... just like most of the other photos. Anyway here are 16 random things about me :D


1. I recently started a "100 things to do before I die" list (im halfway through)

2. Its hard for me to not have sushi at least once a week.

3. I wish I could quit my job and spend my time doing something useful

4. I think I will finally go and get my licence this Saturday

5. I have my eye set on a 50mm f1.8

6. I will turn 20 this summer (Waaat???)

7. I always seem to loose track of time

8. Another Albanian Photographers Flickr Meet would be really nice

9. I love and hate NY

10. I try really hard to forgive people

11. I am a cheeseeee lover

12. My feet are big

13. Flickr has been helpful in so many ways

14. I did a 25* things on facebook

15. Maybe thats the reason I am running out of things to say

16. I am in love!


16 de Octubre de 1998 - 16 de Octubre de 2010


12th Anniversary of the Episcopal Coronation and Solemn Proclamation as

Patroness of the Church of Saint John the Apostle & Evangelist conceded by His Excellency Most Rev. Rolando J. Tría Tirona, OCD, DD Bishop of Malolos

Cenizal (Saint Anthony of Padua) 1035

Hino RK1J

Pilipinas Hino MR Series


Location: Tirona Highway, Brgy Habay 1, Bacoor City, Cavite

Manastir Moštanica udaljen 12km od Kozarske Dubice, Republika Srpska.

Manastir je jedan od najvećih srpskih manastira u Republici Srpskoj. Ne postoje pouzdani podaci o vremenu njegovog osnivanja. Prema jednom predanju manastir je zadužbina Nemanjića, a prema drugom podignut je 1113. godine na mjestu pogibije svetog Teodora Tirona. Prema nekim drugim predanjima podignut je u 16. vijeku. Prvi put pismeno se pominje 1579. godine. Zanimljiv je podatak da je manastir do sada cak 9 puta spaljivan i ponovo obnavljan.Манастир_Моштаница


Mostanica monastery, 12 km away from town of Kozarska Dubica, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Partex Fuso regular aircon mini bus


Tirona Highway Panapaan Bacoor Cavite

Tracy Ayson, Sarah Tirona, Vina Guerrero, Katt Valdez, Trice Nagusara, Ava Te, Crissey Si and Farrah Espina

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

how to pull off the spanish flair trend for the vertically challenged + where to get what

Self Portrait


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Hino RK1J-ST Regular Airconbus


Aguinaldo Shrine Tirona Highway Kawit Cavite

She wants to get near to you,

Don't turn her away,

She wants to get through to you,

She wants you to say


Give me your night,

And I will show you my passion,

Give me your lust,

And I will drink you dry,

Give me your dreams,

And I will show you a lover,

Give me your heart,

and I will hold you close,

And I will love you till the day I die.


Self Portrait

Hino Prisma RF821


Aguinaldo Shrine Tirona Highway Kawit Cavite

June 18

One out of turn:

Yesterday I walked down through Queen Heleni Alley. A child, nine or ten years old, was walking in front of me. We were alone. The alley was dark, and once in a while he glanced back and quickened his pace. But when I walk slowly, I walk pretty quickly. I could feel his fear. I could remember this kind of fear well. And I wondered how I could put him at ease without embarrassing him. Then he tried to leap away-- but he twisted his leg badly, and now he dragged it along behind him, whimpering in pain. This is how we walked, together at a fixed distance, until we reached the end of the valley. He's limping outside, and I, inside.


(David Grossman,Be my knife)

Tirona Parque Natural, Colombia

Tirona Parque Natural, Colombia

Flooded Aguinaldo highway cor. Tirona Highway Bacoor Cavite

Self Portrait


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Blue 4U.


Your sloe-gin face

Infused its magic into

My heart, drop by drop

As the music drew me in


I sipped slowly of its nectar

Savoring every tantalizing

Drop of your goodness

Intoxicated by your smile


But just as quickly

As you appeared

I turned and lost

My vision of you


Sleepless nights unfolding

Memories of you swirling...

Floating through my head

Searching in my dreams


Intoxicating memories

Of you... your loveliness

Dizzy in my searching...

Eternal hangover of the heart


by friendofalex15

this photo looks good because someone special edited this

The TID Tower is an under-construction high-rise in Tirana, Albania. The building is expected to be 85 metres (279 ft) tall. It consists of 25 floors. The design comes from Belgian architectural firm 51N4E, and construction started on 14 January 2007.


The TID tower is part of the ambitious new master plan for the city, which want to make around ten iconographic towers. The main program of the tower consists housing program. Offices, shopping and restaurant facilities are located in the base. At the top of the building a panorama restaurant. The tower appear to be constructed from individual plates of clear and sand coloured glaze which are placed at different angles adding to the towers look and giving it texture, although its more likely the tower is fully glazed and the coloured panels are laid over the top and form balconies and such but it all adds to the illusionary qualities of the towers appearance. During early stages of the development last year, builders were presented with a unique real estate construction dilemma. The development is almost on top of the Suleman Pasha Tomb. A circular 3D cut-out at the base of the building ensures the two exist in harmony.


"M.E. (Interviewer Mark Evans): What about Tirana, your capital city? What is it like?


F.T. (Fatos Tarifa; Albanian ambassador to the USA): Tirana is the most dynamic city in the Balkans today. Twelve years ago, when I left, Tirana had a population of 250 thousands people. Today the city has one million inhabitants. (...) Tirana may be characterised as a city in construction, or as a gigantic construction site. There are new buildings everywhere. Tirana is a booming city."


F. Tarifa, To Albania; with love, 2007, Lanham, p. 78


Common areas between apartment buildings were brought back to normality after decades of neglect, while existing parks, city squares, and sports recreational areas were renovated giving Tirana a more European look. However, some green areas are being used for the construction of skyscrapers. Rama has been accused by critics of corruption while issuing building permits, but he has dismissed the claims as baseless. Decreasing urban space and traffic congestion have become major problems as a general construction chaos is observed in Tirana.


Although much has been achieved, critics argue that there lacks a clear vision on Tirana's future. Loss of public space due to illegal and chaotic construction, unpaved roads in suburban areas, degradation of Tirana's Artificial Lake, rehabilitation of Skanderbeg Square, ever present smog, the construction of a central bus station, and public parking lots are some pressing issues still remaining to be solved. Some proposed future plans include the continuation of illegal buildings' legalization process, construction of the southwestern portion of the Big Ring Road, a tram system, and the rehabilitation of the Tirana Train Station area.

Enver Hoxha Piramid

Tirona Parque Natural, Colombia

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