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Re-upload of a previous shot of the stairs, this time re-edited in B&W.

Tired after arriving in UK from Belgium with my Son & daughter in law- as I'm typing he lays snoring at my side.

The man was working used tyres, from which was obtaining bags, vases, containers of a really robust and strange aspect. He was so peculiar that I had to halt and take some photos. This is the one I love the most.

Frost is finally loosing its battle against the sun and spring is crawling out. Everything awakens from the rest, except of myself. I'm so tired! Winter dormancy fluently became a spring fever...

An autumn capture at the Vlaardingse Vaart, once the stage of horse drawn canal boats going from Vlaardingen to Delft.

Camera: Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ia, Film: Kodak Portra NC, 160 asa

Summer morning, abandoned farm, Cadillac, Saskatchewan.

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♫ 'Cause I've been nothing but good to you

You're howlin' into the night won't do

I'm tired of talking, talking, talking, talking

I've been nothing but good to you ♫


Song: LÉON – Tired of Talking

Heart of mine

Be still

You can play with fire

But you'll get the bill

Don't let him know

Don't let him know that you love him

don't be a fool, don't be blind

Heart of mine


Heart of mine,

Go back home

You've got no reason to wander

No reason to roam

Don't let him see

Don't let him see that you need him

don't push yourself over the line

Heart of mine


Heart of mine

Go back where you been

The only trouble with you

Is if you let him in

Don't let him hear

Don't let him hear where you're goin'

I'm tired of ties that bind

Heart of mine


Heart of mine

So malicious and so full of guile

I give you an inch

And you take a mile

Don't let yourself fall

Don't let yourself stumble

do the time, don't do the crime

Heart of mine


Heart of mine...

pinhole camera Reality So Subtle 6x6F with Yellow filter (Y2), film Fomapan 100, developed on Compard R09 1:50 for 9 min.

The iconic tire swing at Lake Benson. I am sure this will bring up childhood memories of simpler times.


Many thanks for visits, comments and faves, most appreciated!

À tire d'aile / MVD2771:copyright:



Le minuscule et furtif.

L'instant décisif est bref.

L’action passe en un éclair.

L’interaction quasi immédiate.

Le geste est inné et spontané.

L'instantané qui saisit bien l’enjeu.

Promptement par un réflexe instinctif.

La détente répond à ce moment précis.

Immanquablement l’index est conditionné.

Temporalité et photographie en un clin d'œil.

L'instinct et l’anticipation sont de précieux atouts.

L'instant décisif n'est alors que l'affaire de seconde.

Le temps de réagir, pour appuyez sur le déclencheur.

La photographie qui réussi à capter l’action et l'émotion.


La passion qui se plait à figer un oiseau minuscule en plein vol.

L'émotion, c'est l'inspiration du moment qui se passe sous nos yeux. L’inspiration, c’est un oiseau mouche qui se déplace à grande vitesse.

L'instant décisif, c'est l’émotion qui nous fait appuyer sur le déclencheur.


Sous pression le déclencheur s'active et répond à l'inspiration du moment


La nature procure aux yeux attentifs les plus beaux spectacles du monde. La photographie ajoute au plaisir des yeux celui d'un divertissement sans fin.


L’art visuel, c'est d'abord l'art de capter l’émotion.

Il n'appartient qu’à l'artiste de faire vivre ces œuvres.

À chacun ses émotions selon l'inspiration du moment.

L’émotion est un moment privilégié au coeur de l'action.

La photographie sert à faire parler les émotions par l'image.

La passion est une nature qui se dévoue gaiement à son art.


Pour le plaisir et la joie qu'elle me procure,

la passion des images.

Michel Villeneuve53

Objectif 100% Nature


:copyright: All Rights reserved no publication without permission from the author.


:copyright: Tous droits réservés aucune publication sans la permission de l'auteur


I'm so tired ♫ , and it's still Monday morning!


I'm so tired ♫, y eso que aun es lunes.


#6/ 99 strangers


{explore(d)} thanks!


on this days i am so tired because many exams,stresses... so i wanted to add this here :o)


Best wishes all.!


Explore No.5

shirt from Cold Ash available at The Mens Dept.


just feel too tired and hungry

Old tractor tyre in a barn

Don't use this image on any media without my permission.

© All rights reserved.


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CANON EOS 400D EXIF 1/500 f/7,1 70-300 mm ISO 400 + HDR


Las hélices convierten la energía rotacional generada por el motor en el empuje necesario para el desplazamiento de un barco. Descontando el diseño de esta, cuanto más grande sea más eficientemente trabajará. El problema radica en conseguir un equilibrio entre este tamaño y la capacidad del motor para hacerla rotar a su régimen de trabajo idóneo.


Aunque existen muchos tipos de hélices los 2 más importantes son los que tienen entre 2 y 4 palas y son principalmente utilizados por motores intraborda con ejes. Las utilizadas por los motores fueraborda suelen llevar un número de palas que entre 3 y 6.


¿Como puede ser una hélice?


Su tamaño: Queda definido por dos datos; El diámetro total de la hélice y el paso de sus palas, es decir lo inclinado que están y por tanto la capacidad de impulsar agua. Estos dos datos son los más importantes para diferenciar una hélice de otra.


Generalmente un diámetro pequeño se corresponde con un motor de pequeña potencia, o con un barco diseñado para desplazarse a mucha velocidad.


El paso de la hélice se corresponde con el avance teórico que genera la hélice al girar esta una vuelta. Puesto que el agua es un medio no sólido y por tanto se producen rozamientos y deslizamientos el avance real será siempre a regímenes de funcionamiento óptimos, algo inferior al teórico.


Materiales – Pueden ser de muchos tipos, entre ellos de aluminio, acero inoxidable, bronce, o materiales compuestos. Las hélices en ‘composites’ trabajan bien y no son muy caras. Las de aluminio son las más utilizadas debido a la gran cantidad de medidas con que pueden ser fabricadas y las diversas condiciones y revoluciones con que pueden ser utilizadas. Las de bronce y acero inox son las que ofrecen las mejores prestaciones y duración frente al paso del tiempo, y son muy adecuadas para barcos que se desplacen a mucha velocidad:

Existen distintas aleaciones muy adecuadas para la fabricación de hélices pero las investigaciones en materiales compuestos son más que prometedoras. Además de ser totalmente inmunes a la oxidación y muy livianas, las hélices en ‘composites’ tienen un comportamiento frente al impacto muy diferente que las de metal. El daño queda localizado solo en la zona del golpe sin comprometer todo el eje o la reductora como a veces ocurre con las hélices de metal.


Propellers turn the rotational energy generated by the engine thrust required to move a boat. Discounting this design, the larger will work more efficiently. The problem lies in striking a balance between size and capacity of the motor to rotate to make their system work best.


Although there are many types of propellers 2 most important are those with between 2 and 4 blades are mainly used for axles with inboard engines. Used for outboard engines usually take a number of blades that between 3 and 6.


How can a propeller?


Its size is defined by two data, the overall diameter of the helix and passing their blades, that is what they are inclined and therefore the ability to push water. These two factors are most important to differentiate one from another helix.


Usually a small diameter corresponds to a small engine power, or with a boat designed to move at speed.


The pitch corresponds to the theoretical breakthrough that generates the propeller to turn this one around. Since water is not half so strong, and sliding friction is produced real progress will always be at optimum operating regimes, somewhat lower than theoretical.


Materials - can take many forms, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or composite materials. Propellers in 'composites' not working well and are very expensive. The aluminum is the most widely used due to the large number of measures that can be manufactured and the various conditions and with speed that can be used. The bronze and stainless steel are offered the best performance and duration compared to the passage of time and are very suitable for boats moving at speed:

There are different alloys very suitable for the manufacture of propellers but research on composite materials that are more promising. Besides being totally immune to oxidation and very light, in the propellers' composites' behavior is very different from the impact of the metal. The damage is localized only in the strike zone without compromising the entire shaft or reductive as sometimes happens with metal propellers.

Only a cat's paw. :))

Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho.

Walking is fun.. I hope I wont get tired of this.. Because I still cant afford a car..


I had some pretty much walking sessions on the weekend..

But that was all real fun walk because we met new friends, Rika and friends on Saturday. She lives in Korea and just came back to Jakarta for holidays and visits her family here..

Thanks for the great time, guys!


Time to go to office and that will be another walking session for me!

Have a great Monday, guys!



P.S: I'm a big fan of ISO 1600!

A li'l tree with a li'l tire swing.

© Jeff R. Clow


I found this cattle egret fledgling resting in a shallow pool of water that had formed on the sidewalk near the nature preserve. My first thought on seeing him was how tired he looked....


I was recently interviewed by RAW magazine online. Here's a link if you're interested in reading the interview:


Thanks for stopping by my photostream today - always much appreciated.

A tire hung in an old tree for a swing. Sepia toned and on canvas.

The Backs, Cambridge. Tired? Busy week? Yippee, it's Friday:-)

Rolling prairie in the foothills of the Alberta Rockies.

(Hwy. 22 area)

Title credit: Paul Reconstructing Light Thanks Paul!

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