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De vez en cuando hay que hacer

una pausa


contemplarse a sí mismo

sin la fruición cotidiana


examinar el pasado

rubro por rubro

etapa por etapa

baldosa por baldosa


y no llorarse las mentiras

sino cantarse las verdades.



thank you for your time and support :)

Timelapse ;-)

Misty morning at Elan Valley, watching the landscape develop!

Timelapse of the comet over Baker Nevada at the foot of the Great Basin National Park.

Youtube version


Music: STRFKR - Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second


Real duration: 48 minutes

This is a time lapse video of comet NEOWISE taken from 3500 ft at Thunder Ridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway (mm 75). In addition to the comet you can see a storm that was about 70 miles away in WV.



Timelapse footage of the noctilucent cloud display last night (June 2nd/3rd) from one of the two cameras I had running at the time.


The first proper display of the short season for these clouds, (the previous night they were also visible, but only briefly and a bit of a let-down when they disappeared shortly after). Hopefully last night is a good sign for the next few weeks.


Noctilucent clouds (NLCs):

Time Lapse at the Namib Rand

Views from an overnight wild-camp above the New Precipice looking down across the Mawddach Estuary and surrounding Snowdonia.


Music: 'Whispers' by Hyson.

Hace 5 años el sol se fue, el día se hizo noche y esa noche duró como si fuera puro invierno. Pero antes o después amaneció. Y fue otro día.

long exposure timelapse

Timelapse of sailboats on the Charles River in Boston, shot with a Sony Nex 5T

This photo was taken looking the other direction from the main falls, if visiting here a visit to the tea garden is a must

Timelapse of sunset clouds over the Charles River, shot from the Prudential Skywalk using iPhone 6s and ProCam’s RAW intervalometer. I was hoping for more color in the clouds, but this is something... I’ll have to try it again, maybe in the summer when the sun will be setting more that way and there will be more boat activity on the river.

Whilst at Whitstable Bay shooting I set up my other camera to timelapse and capture many of the things changing throughout the evening, the clouds passing, the sun setting and the tide going out.

During the 3 hours I shot this for the sea level and Greta (boat) dropped by some 3m!

A short snippet from the timelapse session on Thursday night at Saltburn.

The good thing about a timelapse is the time it gives you. Normally when I am photographing I take a picture, make sure it is good and then move on to find a differnt composition or see if I can imporve the previouse one.

Shooting this gives you 30 minutes of time to relax and enjoy the view.

A timelapse of clouds over Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. I love how the clouds always seem to be attracted to the top of the volcano.

A late afternoon on the quayside waiting for the sun to set and the city lights to illuminate the river.

Primer intento de time lapse.

The super blue moon rise on 31st January 2018.

Voici un nouveau timelapse que j'ai fait en avril !

Profitons de la beauté de la nature et de tout ce qu'elle a à nous apporter !

Protégeons-là !

Bretagne Erquy Port du petit St-Michel les Hôpitaux.

Montage vidéo time-lapse, 13sc - 250 clichés

Time-lapse video editing, 13sc

Last night's sunset was a little too heavy on the dark clouds.

I took this Video last evening without trigger. It was very cold and I was walking around behind my cam. Hope you guys like it!!

Standing alone at portencross castle this lone fisherman casts off into the gloaming. A beautifully still night on the Ayrshire coast


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This time lapse video was Inspired by my friends in the National Geographic Your Shot (NG YS) community, where I have learned so much, as well as my mentors, the editors of YS. I am hoping by sharing this video that viewers will take a moment to help us save YS, which is due to close at the end of Oct., by signing this petition Thank you! :) .... I have also added the link in the comment section HERE for easy access. It costs nothing but a moment of your time and your help is valued very much by myself and many others in the YS community. THANK YOU!!!

The timelapse I took of the Aug 2nd sunset with that tripod setup. What's the name of the kind of small high up clouds at the beginning? Because I think those are some of the best clouds for a timestack (at least in lighten mode). ETA: they are cumulo stratus clouds.

A short timelapse at Lough Tay lake, during an amazing day!

lightpainting timelapse photography


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