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Now I just couldn't continue without giving the tile fireplace some love. Here is your option A fireplace in the living room.


Tuiles de Provence

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Viile Basse - Carcassonne, France

Salamanca Square, Tasmania.

human services agency

san francisco, california

University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado

Looking through the wall of the English Walled Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens


The pattern this origami tessellation represents is known as Pythagorean Tiling or Two Squares Tessellation ( I came up with this design independently, but it has been known since at least 2003. As far as I can tell, the first to fold it was Alex Bateman (his fold is at Recently, Madonna Yoder / gatheringfolds has published pictures of a number of related designs as well.


In this particular fold, the ratio of the sizes of the two squares is equal to 2:1 which results in an elegant pattern and also arises naturally due to the way I arrived at the pattern by using an 8x8 grid to fold a single molecule. However, all sorts of ratios can be folded, with a very large difference in size on one end of the spectrum, and a ratio of 1:1 which means just a flagstone of equal-sized squares on the other (example at


The structure of this model is that in each corner of a small square there is a modified twist which connects to a corner of the big square. The result is a flagstone pattern on the front side (the side with the two-square tessellation). In the case of 1:1 ratio, the tessellation is an iso-area flagstone. There is some similarity in this model's structure to Momotani's Wall.


Each molecule uses an 8×8 grid and in the folded model corresponds to one small square plus a one gride unit wide area around it. The molecule can be considered a kind of twist. In this model, all molecules have the same chirality (direction of rotation). It is also possible to connect the same molecules in a different way, with neighbors having opposite rotations. This results in a flagstone pattern of squares and rectangles (pics coming up).


This model is the starting point for my Woven Triangles tessellation series (see

Roof tile detail. Kyoto, Japan. Hasselblad X1D.

I created the Diamond or Tile, if you will, in Paint Shop Pro and then gave it a treatment Of Picture to Painting preset Slumber. Happy Sliders Sunday, Everybody!!

Happy Monochrome Monday, everyone!



close up of the sydney opera house tiles just as the sun was setting which gave the yellow tinge




The Spanish love their glazed colourful tiles and use them on floors, on walls, inside and outside, made with great Artistry and creativity, they liven up the place and are part of the architecture.

These were 4 flights of stairs, a real eye-teaser.

Standing in front of it, it looked like a tall wall, I asked a model to go and sit on the first landing, free and comfortable, not posed.

I have it with all the steps, but the place was surrounded by palm trees, it was impossible to get a picture without shadow, this was over the midday= the least favourable moment to take a photograph, so I decided to go for a closer comp.

A commercial shoot in Fuerteventura.


Take care, be safe!

Have a colourful day and thanks for your comments, M, (*_*)


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FUERTEVENTURA, portrait, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, tiles, Spanish, stairs, model, young, sitting, horizontal, colour, "magda indigo"

At first I tried building the image with the complete long stairway. After cutting and adding I figured out that a basic rectangular/square tile was all I needed for replication. While it's not all that apparent two different samples were used, one horizontal and one vertical. I also discovered that if I did a little more shading to each tile I could quickly make this appear as a true weave pattern. Maybe next time, we'll see.

Vertical tiles, horizontal tiles, diagonal tiles...tiles everywhere! And a chimney as a bonus.


Taken with my Nikon Coolpix P900

Edited with Lightroom Mobile

Tiles near Chinatown on Fisgard Ave. in Victoria Canada

What tiles do I press to open the portal

Ceramic wall tiles on the Asian wing of the Ringling Art Museum with bamboo branches. Sarasota Florida USA.

Tiled roof shot in Neive, a small picturesque village, in the Langhe region of Italy. I shot this with my Olympus E-M1.

Ceramic wall tiles. Asian wing, Ringling Art Museum, Sarasota Florida USA

Moroccan tiles, stacked ready for transport.

Done for the Tuesday/Thursday Things group.


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Fresh new orange tile at St. Clair West subway station. Opened in 1978, the station recently completed upgrades to become fully accessible in 2017.

Floor tile detail of the Basilica in Venice.

Abandoned building

09/08 Tiles


Budapest, Hungary

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