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Had to drive inland away from Lake Superior to get some fall colors....well worth the drive I'd say; a quick stop in Comment one to capture the yellow, wish I could have gotten down on the forest floor for a different perspective....


"Isn't it strange how the leaves can change,

From green to orange and gold.

Isn't it queer how the leaves disappear,

When the wind is high and cold...." The author is....?


Enjoy the end of your week, m'friends......Pat...xo

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We still have color here....I need my camera when I'm walking!

Texture used


The farmer put in very long days

After supper he’d go back out

And work sometimes ‘till long after dark

Hard work was what he was about


It was a life he had always seen

Working the land like his father

It never once entered his mind

For his life to be any other


But you know, there were times

When he would feel such magic

Sure, life was very difficult

But there usually was nothing tragic


When the night time would come

While he was in the fields

One bale after another

Would add up to a winter yield


He’d watch beyond the windmill and silo

As brilliant colors the sky would get

The farmer would smile as he saw

A striking and heartwarming sunset!

~Marilyn Lott

One of the bell mouth overflows, known locally as the plug holes on Ladybower reservoir. They are stone built and 80ft or 24m in diameter with 15ft (4.6m) diameter outlets, each one discharges via its own valve house at the base of the dam. Most of the year they are out of the water and only look like this after heavy rainfall or flooding

... desiring or seeking powerful change in one's life, behavior, or situation.


Lost in an ocean of rapes, I wish you a happy Easter week-end my beloved flickr 's friends :))))

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aufgenommen am Ukleisee -

Vorgestern hatten wir einen wunderschön sonnigen Herbsttag!

Heute allerdings war alles grau, dunkel und nass!

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.- Max Muller.

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Another from our visit to Lincoln's New Salem Historic Site


Have a great Thursday, and as always, many thanks to everyone for all your visits and comments!!!!!

Another sunset but at least every sunrise and sunset is unique and cannot be replicated. On this occasion the clouds were lit up as the sun disapeared behind Mount Dromedary. I was returning from a bushwalk on Bruny Island as the evening sky became interesting on the causeway at Granton.

Wednesday 2nd April, 2014.

Photo By Steve Bromley.

I have rehearsal this evening so I am posting a bit early. I saw dew on the plants the other day and went to tell my good friend Sony.

wet feet and trousers again, hss

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Sunrise from Rotary Park, Maungatapu, Tauranga.

Esta es una finca ubicada en una de las márgenes del canal de Castilla en el termino municipal de Medina de Rioseco Valladolid.

El puentecito en realidad es una compuerta que da acceso al dique seco.

Mesa Arch Sunrise! Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT and You are welcome to purchase high quality luxury wall art as well at

Die Badesaison ist vorbei - jetzt gehört der Strand wieder den Möwen!


Si queréis saber como la hice:


Toni Duarte Freelance Photographer

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« L'arbre se sauve en faisant tomber ses feuilles. » de Pierre Jean Jouve


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I took this shot in the south of Denmark.

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