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Miss F.

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Beautiful ebony woman in nylons and open toes sandals

There's something about crossing my thighs that just seems to titillate me, I so love the sensation of that soft, lascivious pressure.

Not my usual pics, but I just love having silky smooth shaved legs so thought I'd share! x

Alien Bees B1600, 3x4 softbox camera left. Alien Bees B800 camera right bouncing off a white wall. Triggered by Pocket Wizards (Mini TT1 on camera, Flex TT5 on strobe).

Porque este sol es gozo aunque te hiera

-Juan Lamillar


Pentax KS500

Fuji pro plus II 200

Assertive & Confident Ladies

I love the natural light in this shot - very flattering I think!

Girl with a flower tattoo on her thigh.

PVC high heeled thigh length boots

SL Male development has come a long way. There was a time that the men's thighs would never have looked like this. Most of the time they had sharp and pointed edges. You couldn't lay your avi down with their partner without cuttin' em' the fk up.

[Explored on June 26, 2013]

While driving home from work I noticed some promising clouds along the coastline, so I decided to stop for a photo shoot. Arriving at the beach an hour before sunset, I picked an interesting rock formation to shoot, but by sunset the tide had risen and that rock formation was half way under water. Shortly I found myself standing in sea water in my calf-high rubber boots, determined to get "the shot", but with sea water up to my thighs. Needless to say my rubber boots (once again) were filled with water and my jeans got totally soaked. Luckily, the phone in my front pocket stayed dry.


I ultimately admitted defeat and retreated out of the water to frame a different moss-covered rock I had noticed earlier in the evening. By this time the sun was well below the horizon and I was just about ready to call it quits for the night. Just one more capture...


Based on seeing "blinkies" on some test shots I decided to be "aggressive" and stacked my Lee 0.9H and 0.6S grad ND filters (angled slightly counter clockwise) to get a decent balance of foreground exposure vs. sky exposure. I also adjusted exposure compensation down one or two stops as the matrix metering was still overexposing. Aperture was at f/9 which is typically as wide as I get with my Sigma 10-20mm lens. Manually focused and tripod was really, really close to the rock.


I decided not to linger too long on the beach since it was getting really dark, so after packing up my gear, I double-timed it back to the car, boots filled with sea water. Upon reaching my car I finally relaxed, poured the water out of my boots, removed my soaked jeans, and drove home in my underwear.


Photo (single exposure) was processed in Photomatix for contrast, brightness, and compression. Then in GIMP for unsharp mask, white balance correction, and additional contrast adjustment. No boost in color saturation as the colors were already really deep.

I've said it elsewhere - but it does seem that I'm softening and rounding a little in all the places that one would want. I suspect its actually to do with ageing - but I'm not complaining!!!

My first and only pair of thigh boots. Worn with a nice denim skirt

Drawing on myself when bored..

More boots 'n' butt from the con. Can't get enough! :-)~

I can't type, but I can suck on two gloved fingers. What else do you have to suck on?

A quick test of my new boots with my PVC mini skirt.

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