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An interesting site on my street late one evening.


Go to the website at


Maybe sign the petition.


That is if you want a garden to be made out of the whitehouse front lawn.


From the WhoFarm:


here are the TENTATIVE DATES for TheWhoFarm's amazing journey from now through the November election. We are driving across the country in our food-producing TheWhoFarmMobile...spreading the word of our petition and and collecting voices that collectively say "We, the people, respectfully request that an organic farm be planted on the grounds of The White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC."


(And if you haven't already signed, we're live at -- tell your neighbors, tell your friends.)


Tentative Tour Dates for TheWhoFarm

Los Angeles Sept 16-21

Sedona, AZ Sept 23-24

Flagstaff, AZ Sept 25-26

Albuquerque/Santa Fe Sept 27-Oct 2

Austin, TX Oct 3-6

New Orleans, LA Oct 7-10

Birmingham, AL Oct 11-12

Atlanta / Athens, GA Oct 13 -15

Asheville, NC Oct 16-17

REST STOP Oct 18-19

New York City Oct 20-Nov 1

Washington, DC Nov 2-10

video shot with TheWhoFarm coming shortly...

video shot with TheWhoFarm coming shortly...

Apple's flagship store on 59th street and Central Park... crawling with tourists. An Apple's an Apple, folks...

David Pogue of the NYT coming to the Apple Store to film a comedy bit to air on CNBC Thursday night.

TheWhoFarmMobile visiting Casey's grandparent's house in Ramsey, NY.

Standing in front of the Apple Store with friends we flagged down of the street because of a cool t-shirt.

these kids were LITERALLY half my age. One of them even had braces.

I have no opinion on this other than that it was ridiculous (as is evidenced by the look on the security guard's face to the left - he was simply moving a barricade stand, but looks like I felt about this).

Visiting Middlebury College Organic Garden.

passing the time by rocking out.

video shot with TheWhoFarm coming shortly...

daniel bowman simon was the first man in line, i love this guy


video shot with TheWhoFarm coming shortly...

Casey talking to a group of young tourists and a mother about organic farming.

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