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Autumn leaves and puddles cover one of the woodland paths in Bushy Park, Dublin, on a sunny morning.


Colour editing in Lightroom


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Gone for The King today - Elvis Presley, singing live.

He made television and entertainment history with his Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii concert, performed at the Honolulu International Center Arena on January 14,1973. It was beamed live via Globecam Satellite, the concert was seen in over 40 countries by close to 1.5 billion people, a global ratings smash. Never before had one performer held the world's attention in such a way. Aloha from Hawaii presents Elvis Presley at the pinnacle of his superstardom, giving one of the most outstanding concert performances of his career.


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Elvis Presley ~~~ ♪ ♫ Burning Love ♪ ♫

بعد هبوب العواصف تتتزين الرمال يخطوطها المتعرجه

واشكالها الرائعه

the sand coming very beautiful and forms very nice after strong storms

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for my wife UTE: bewahre die goldenen Momente mit Deiner geliebten Schwester als Deinen Schatz! In Liebe, Dein Peter

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Maybe it is a bit early in the year, but the weather feels kind of like autumn....and I love autumn!

Köprü tarihi kesin olarak bilinmemektedir. Mimari tarzına göre Kız Köprüsü'nün Osmanlı eseri olduğu anlaşılmaktadır.

Fotoğrafı çekerken :)) When I was there..

Just a few leaves left until next year

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The last day, because on the original there were 3 whopping great telephone lines right through the centre of the pic that I was continually having to take out - this is the last time I kept thinking and promptly started again !

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Watch -

...le ali bagnate e le vele piegate. Nessuno vola, nessuno salpa.

Lunghi i giorni di gelo.



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vedile in nero / see in black



Video di presentazione della mostra "percorsi di luce" di Claudio Parente -






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hasselblad 500c/m c80mm+Adaptor fuji reversal film

CanoScan8400FV 600dpi

no photoretouch. It is not digital.


Photography concept

The camera is used instead of the brush.

expresses it with the camera.

I want to take a photograph like a watercolor painting.

I want to express the picture in the photograph.


searches for the focus to cut one hair gently.

There is a reason why I use classic reversal film.

I like digital Camera. However, it challenges very difficult reversal film.


I want to establish the SATOSHI style.

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Paris at night seen from the Pont de la Tournelle, France.



The shapes are real, the duck is real, the colours are not. I did a lot of colour editing on this shot of the duckpond in St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

Explore July 9/08 ..Mute Swan - View Large - Two new signets only couple or so days old, very cute. IMG_9301

(c) Richard Roscoe Photography, 2009


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doubles exposure + botta di c... :-) + pp.



Piove luce, a volte accade, piove intorno alle parole ed ai silenzi mentre tutto tace. Piega la testa la vita, quasi ad ascoltare l'eco della luce più vicina a terra, mentre scende, mentre si posa. Alcuni momenti, solo alcuni, sono respiri, poi suoni, poi si fanno note su un pentagramma immaginario scritto sulle nuvole. L'apparenza delle cose muta, spoglia, riveste. Quante parole, quante, eppure, dopo tanto rumore la luce fa armonia, la vita fa silenzio, pochi passi più in la, su ali bianche, si adagia accanto e mi consola.




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vedile in nero / see in black




Video di presentazione della mostra "percorsi di luce" di Claudio Parente -



To all my Flickr friends.......sorry about the lack of comments at the moment but work as taken over..I soon will catch up with you all.



On Explore - 21 Giugno 2009 h.p. # 329


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Con la amenaza de lluvia inminente, el cielo mostró un rayo de esperanza. Es inevitable encontrarle similitud con la situación económica y desde aquí desear que ese rayo permanezca en nuestros horizontes por mucho tiempo. Un abrazo a todos.Cómo se hizo en MI BLOGG: LENTE A TRAVES


I thought I would end this week with my own personal favourite from the series of reflection shot!


The top half is the original and the rest is obviously photoshopped but I feel that this is more the direction that I am heading for, making my photography more of an art form than just a straightforward image, some of you may not care for this type of vision but please let me know what you think?


Turn the challenges you face into opportunities,

consider the weaknesses you have as a motivation to improve,

and polish your strengths in to your uniqueness.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday dearest Vic ...

May you always make your own way, as you walk through this journey, called life...

many many hugs with loooove ..


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