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An old shot from Smith Rock SP. I was here with my friends Rob, and Ryan Dyar. It was cold. Rob and I slept in my wife's van with 2 of my dogs...and there was ice 1/4 thick on the windows in the morning...but the sunrise was darn nice.


A new Singh-Ray GND filter is on its replace the one eaten by the sea.


Also I now am a proud owner of a RT ticket to, as they say in the lightswitch business... it's ON!

A small falls along the Crooked River at Smith Rock, Oregon. On a three day trip to central Oregon there was blue sky for only this brief moment. At least I was out shooting. No matter it's always great to hop over the Cascades get back to the high desert.

Great Smith St., London, near its intersection with Abbey Orchard St. [June 7, 2014].

The Archie Smith Wholesale Fish Company is a historic site in Sebastian, Florida, United States

On February 27, 1943, at approximately 9:37 a.m., an explosion ripped through Smith Mine No. 3, a coal mine located between the towns of Bearcreek and Washoe. Since it was a Saturday, there was a short crew in the mine. Of the 77 men working that day, only three got out of the mine alive, and one of the rescue workers died soon afterwards. The report from the United States Bureau of Mines states that 30 of the men were killed instantly by the explosion, and the remainder died either through injuries sustained in the explosion, or through suffocation from the carbon monoxide and methane gas in the mine. The explosion was deep underground, and was not even heard from the mouth of the mine, despite having enough power to knock a 20-ton locomotive off its tracks 0.25 mile (0.4 km) from the blast origin.


All of the bodies were removed from the mine. There is a highway plaque near the mouth of the mine, which was never reopened, and there are memorials in the cemeteries in Bearcreek and nearby Red Lodge, Montana.


Whilst we're waiting for the snow to arrive back in the Rockies, Brianne and I have headed south for an indian summer at Smith Rock, Oregon; home of sport climbing in the U.S. Weather is perfect, friends from Ton Sai turning up unexpected, bald eagles surfing the thermals over the canyon and the climbing is endless. Cool way to spend the shoulder season.

have a great weekend everyone :)

Another small slice of the grandeur that is Smith Rock.

Truly a photographer's paradise.

Gotta return soon.....


Thanks for taking a look!


Have a wonderful Sunday!

If there was ever a center stage of our autumn treks, it is here on my backside watching Smith Lake fill with silt. The shore reeds and grasses die and collect in the water around the edges and slowly fill the pond. Although we had no intention of camping that day, we did apply plenty of slackitude at the impromptu camp. Here is another detail shot of the retreat at Smith Lake where we settled to breathe in the fall at the fire ring. This angle screams autumn. Sheesh, I had to get up and move over to snap this. This is another in my return to another aspen autumn series and boy did I make up for lost time this fall. I snapped the bold tones found around the pond and saturated reflections here on this detail shot from the fire ring at the less-than-official camp spot. Thumbs up, way up. I think that foul weather is going to give us a wide berth today.


How many of these spots can be found in the Rockies? Far more than idiots from southeast US can light on fire. We suffered that near Nederland last summer and near Boulder this spring. Genius - how can a camp fire ever cause trouble? One of the summer crowd pleaded guilty and received 17 years for the destruction. It will be difficult for mama to visit from down home.


Autumn here in the high country was encountering it's year-end struggle at Smith Lake and making its stand. We mounted yet another foray into the high country on that day past. The pond reflections tolled fall's end near the Great Divide. Phil and I were sniffing the perfumes and surrendering to this copse of pond, pine and aspen from Smith Lake off Taylor Mountain Road. We squeezed off Taylor Road to park. We traveled the Peak to Peak Highway north toward Allenspark and turned right onto Taylor Mountain Road. Here, east of Allenspark and west of Taylor Road, we found semi-flat rocks for perches near the oft-used fire ring. The wagon road through the autumn aspen, over here is nearly apparent but yet requires a degree of imagination.


Those rocks scattered across the pond propped up the Smith lake terrain and created terrific reflections. Great views abound everywhere along the trek and especially from the camp fire ring, the spot of my accidental pano I posted earlier. Taylor Road is an access to wonderful treks in the high country to magnificent views of much higher country. We are paralleling the Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks Wilderness Area off to the west. Atop Taylor, one should be able to spot climbers in colorful jackets on their final leg up the south pitch of Longs Peak. Sometimes climbers founder on the big notch between Meeker and Longs and on the ledge traverse around the back of Longs. A fellow recently slipped on ice and met his master there in the last week. That particular master skipped a full level of logic.


Here's a composite photo I made on my latest trip (visiting Oregon for the first time). The star trails are made out of 144 photos taken at f/2.8 for 30 seconds and ISO 4000 which I processed with my technique for vortex trails (which you can see at my website: and I merged it with a long exposure for the foreground taken at f/4.5 for 13 and a half minutes and ISO 800; I then merged both in photoshop.


The trails were taken on location at Smith Rock and I've positioned polaris at the same location it would have been so it would look as authentic as possible.

View Large On Black


Nature's natural grad line!!!


What you see here is the Earth's shadow as the sun begins to rise in the Eastern sky. I know the light is a little harsh on the rocks but I felt it was natural as it was pretty bright out there.....


Things are gonna get a little crazy around my house for the next week or so. Comments and posts may be infrequent but I will do my best to keep up....

I will still be able to answer emails and take orders.


I think it was about 21 degrees this morning when I shot this.


Camera:Nikon D300



Focal Length:15 mm


ISO Speed:100


When at Smith Rock most of the attention is paid to the 2 monoliths, where some climb the cliff or hike over on the Misery Trail. But there is also rugged beauty hiking along the escarpment along the Crooked River viewed here.

Excellent walks for any skill level.


More shots of this favorite hiking destination in my Smith Rock set:


May your Thursday be an easy walk.


High Stakes Encounter...

I believe that the one that is in focus is the female. The blurred individual is the male. He was somewhat more gangly than the female, and his abdomen was thinner and had a distinct curve in it, although the color pattern was similar. He was doing a slow tai-chi with his pedipalps, which I guess will gradually hypnotize her into bearing his children instead of eating him.


P.S. -- I just stumbled across an almost identical scene, but taken in Scandanavia!

A view of one section of Oregon's impressive Smith Rock. One of the most fascinating geological formulations with amazing colors I've seen. Truly remarkable. I filled up a couple of memory cards so you will be seeing much more of this captivating area the next few months.


Back from my last camping/image hunting trip of the year. Time to winterize and put my truck camper in storage :-((. Still grinning from the visits with family and friends, and the beautiful sights I experienced.


Looking forward to catching up with you and your beautiful images.


Last weekend I took a short trip around the state of Oregon. Well, actually it was a long trip, but short on time. I traveled almost 800 miles from Friday evening through to Saturday night. As I planned the trip, I wanted to make sure to hit as much of the coast as possible as well as Crater Lake. I finally determined that the best alternative was to hit the coast on the way back allowing me to catch night and sunrise shots on Crater Lake, so that left finding something suitable on the way out. During this effort, I received a suggestion to stop at Smith Rock which not only provided a great scene but also worked out perfectly for catching Friday's sunset. The only bummer was passing all the great scenes with no time to stop, but the end result more than made up for it. For those unfamiliar, Smith Rock State Park is just north of Redmond, Oregon and about 20 miles north of Bend. It's considered by many to be the rock climbing Mecca of the west.


I got to the area about 1/2 hour before sunset and had a planned vantage in the park thanks to TPE. However, pulling up I decided to call an audible for a couple reasons. First, the rock is much bigger than I thought and a shot from the park would be too close. Second, as I was approaching the park I passed a spot off the side of the road that provided an interesting foreground as well as an elevated view of the rock. The sunset that day would have been perfect if not for the mountains to the west being socked in which ended the sunset artificially early. I wasn't complaining though, considering I had just about an hour to find and shoot this landmark, I came away pretty lucky!


Along the trail to Anna Ruby Falls, Helen, Georgia

Smith Rocks and Crooked river, Oregon

"Losses and Gains"


To be as brief as possible, I have been off the grid for quite a while due to the busiest workshop season in my career and then after finishing that, I came home to some major personal losses, yet also some beautiful gains. Not one to dwell on the negative, I focus on the gains.


Here is a photo that represents (at least to me) some of those beautiful gains. One gain I will share is that I now live in my dream of dreams locations: BEND Oregon! This truly amazing small town (population 80,000) is very often voted the greatest outdoor recreational town in the US. This has been a lifelong dream for me and I am now living in the very heart of it all! On the "Bend Ale Trail" even! Pinch me!


Literally, this photo was taken just a couple weeks ago, just a short drive from where I live. My new place (see my Facebook page if you want more details and images and such...) along with the largest backlog of imagery I have ever had from a crazy spring and summer of furious shooting has me finally back behind the computer working on post production. You know I love that!


Lastly, yes my backlog is coming, BUT I am so inspired about my new surroundings (Crater Lake, Smith Rock, Sparks Lake, about 13 mountains in close proximity, too many rivers, lakes and waterfalls to count...) that I just had to start there.


About the photo: I was grieving some losses and so to shake it off, I decided to take off and go to this location (a place my dad had me climbing and repelling as a teen). I simply went to the central vista spot and sat in solitude (surprisingly almost no one was there) and just enjoyed the show not worrying about taking a photo so much. At sunset I was met with one of the craziest light shows I have seen in a very long time (most of which was out of the frame directly behind me). I just sat, triggered off some bracketed shots and took it all in. Once the show was over I felt quite rejuvenated as nature often does for me.


Techie stuff and miscellaneous information:


A double processed RAW file easily blended using my "Blending for Dynamic Range - Blend If" technique.

Canon 5D Mark 2

Canon 24-105 @ 24

f/8 (sharpest f-stop)

100 ISO

8 second exposure


Yes, I cloned out a path or two...


As always, more accurately viewed using a color managed browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome, of course meticulously calibrated and maybe even on a wide gamut monitor.


I hope you enjoy.


Thank you for any comments or suggestions.


Photographed in Downtown Houston at 1300 Smith Street. Trees, fountains, statuary all adorn city streets in Downtown Houston.

The night was cold…each time I woke and checked the clock I found time was crawling. When will this night END! Considerable ice was forming on the insides of all the windows as well, time to grab the dogs. It was another 2-dog night. I was actually happy to move Duke…his hind quarters were facing my face…being cold is bad enough without dog rear firing off at random intervals.


Out my window I could barely see the massive stone walls that make up Smith Rock SP silhouetted on the horizon.


Before I left on the adventure I had emailed Ryan Dyar to ask him about the ‘Painted Hills’ and the best times for photography…I knew he’d been there pretty recently and would be able to provide the best information on the best times.


Ryan Dyar has it made…rolling around the country in his custom rigged black Honda Element photographing when and where he pleases. At 25 years old he’s accumulated an amazing portfolio and already set himself up to be able to photograph on a full time basis.


In addition to his photography skills, he’s also a heck of a nice guy and offered to meet us and shoot with us. Our schedule depended largely on weather…so the only place I knew with any reasonable certainty that we’d be at was Smith Rock on Monday.


6am….Ryan rolled in to the park in his rig. Not a lot of people hang out at Smith Rock in the dark. I’m not positive but I think I might have scared him a bit when I knocked on his window. I should start carrying a hockey mask in my car for just such occasions. If you’ve seen the Dyar Element…then you know it’s awesome. I’m not certain I could live out of it as much as he does…but if you have to call a vehicle home for a given stretch of time…it can’t get much better than the Element. It has a bed…fridge, storage…it’s pretty sweet.


Ryan knew the park and pointed out the good vantage points to shoot from…and we set out to photograph the sunrise, and it was a real nice one.


Smith Rock reminds me of a little Zion NP, great big red rocks sticking out of a winding river. It was the one place I visited on this trip I really wanted more time….just for exploring. Trails traverse the entire park…I really wanted to photograph from the waters edge as well….but sunrises aren’t exactly geared to coincide with MY schedule…so I had to settle for a post on a rocky ledge, which was nice.


Ryan and I finished shooting earlier than Rob and sat around the van and talked while my dogs ate their breakfast. Eventually, we started to wonder if Rob fell off a rock and I went to check on him.


He hadn’t fallen…but took a detour and went to the river’s edge to shoot. I give Rob credit…he shot as much as he could possibly shoot at each location.


Once he’d finished and hiked back to the car, it was time to head to the Painted Hills. Ryan knew the way….so we followed him. The day before meeting us he’d driven from Missouri back to the PNW. I do a lot of driving, and even I think that’s kind of nutty.


Dyar is a rolling stone….where his Element stops…that is his home.


Smith Rock State Park/Terrebonne, Oregon

The 42 story Smith Tower, opened in 1914, was one of the world's first skyscrapers. It has survived three earthquakes without incident. I had the pleasure of working for almost two years on the 14th floor of the building many years ago. The elevator operators were an interesting collection of characters. There was one bird flying near the observation deck. I thought he needed company.

a more classic view.


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Sunset on the rocks in Yallingup, Western Australia.

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Along the trail to Anna Ruby Falls, Helen, Georgia

smith rock park, oregon


big on black


This is a five-frame panorama of Smith Rock State Park partially illuminated by the rising Sun. A very light dusting of snow the previous night(?) added some white highlights in the canyon - wish there had been more accumulation!

Along Smith Street in downtown Houston. The Bob and Vivian Smith Fountain in the foreground with the Chevron buildings in the background. The buildings "fame" is derived from the original owners, Enron.


As always, your comments and faves are appreciated. Constructive criticism and suggestions are especially welcome as I believe they help to make me a better photographer. Thank you for taking the time to look at my photos.

Hiking the path along Crooked River on a stormy autumn day.


Smith Rock has many great trails. I hiked about half of them. Plan on getting to know them all well the next few years. Perhaps I'll cross paths with you……..if you're looking for a hike you'll never forget you should try this one.


Your visits, comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Located just outside of Redmond, Oregon it brings a touch of Utah to Central Oregon. That is the Crooked River that runs through it. It is made up of 4 shots done in portrait.

Sun rising behind me and moon setting in front at Smith Rock state park.

Near home- anyone been there? It's definitely one of the greatest climbing areas. And so beautiful, in it's own rugged way.

35mm disposable


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Early morning at the very rugged and beautiful Smith Rock.


Happy Monday!

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