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Feliz ✿◠‿◠..... QUINTA-FLOWER


"Phalaenopsis amabilis"


"Moon orchid" ✿ "Orquídeas boca"

I am having trouble uploading. Taking PC to Tech. Dr. : (

Update: I needed to update some programs! All's well now. : )

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~~Amisha Patel


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This flower's really purple.....This stunning orchid was such a deep color with that little white tip on her nose.......then as you might have noticed the stunning white edging on those two bottom side leaves. Really an amazing flower........loved it......wanted to share.......Wow, I was just looking and I think maybe a tiny white strip is around the larger leaves, as well.....Thanks so much ............

The gate to this park is closed at 6:30pm. It's a shame, because of the spectacular view of the milky way and stars

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”


― Brené Brown

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Created for TMI's Collage, Mosaic, or Puzzle challenge.


I created the abstract using brushes by Neveryph, DKSTUDIOS05, and Treehouse Charms.

Las phalaenopsis son epífitas, es decir, crecen en las ramas de los árboles o en medio de las rocas.


Sus raíces están hechas para agarrarse y que les llege la luz y la captación de nutrientes.

Yo la puse cuando me la regalaron en una maceta de cristal que tengo y no para de darme alegrias

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The trees, the flowers, the herbs; silently grow.

The stars, the sun, the moon; silently move.

Silence gives us a different view on things.


- Mother Theresa

I remember the thistles in our feet,

the honey bees on our stomachs—how you

always cried when you got stung


because it meant

an insect had died for you.


I remember the hay moon, burning

craters in our airborne hearts—how you

told me once that summer


was life’s apology.


I remember snow that August—

how life stabbed us both in the back.

How fall found me nine four leaf clovers,

like luck was a lady enough


to replace you,

you and your moonbeam eyes. You


and the rose hips on your cheeks,

the orchids in your hair.


I remember the flowers

on your grave—how I

pushed the daisies back down.-Railrose(via Tumbler)


Orchid. What are those fangs called? Anthers, antlers? LOL! Sorry : )

Update! Name of this orchid is "Moon Orchid" or Phalaenopsis amabilis. That's why I like it! : )

Fangs are "tendrils" (much nicer!)

Thanks Wikipedia, clayzeye,& Kia&Zeno!

Have a mellow weekend, dear friends :-) xo


Better on black.


Many thanks to Brenda Starr and Clifford Sax for their fabulous textures.


Orchid and The (Fake) Moon

I once knew a girl who loves flowers.

I asked her why?

She told me there are things that do not need a question.


Not a clue what this flower is so feel free to let me know.


Its a Pyramidal Orchid, many thanks to Christine Curtis.

oil pastel by Diane M Kramer

made a little sketch using French soft pastels, ink and pencil for some good friends of mine who own a fabulous restaurant we often eat at. "the Brighton Bar and Grill". the owners are the sweetest ever! and the food is good too!

White Phalaenopsis ( aphrodite) - Phal - Orchid genus, aka Moon Orchid.

Into each daffodill

a sun is burning bright.

The tempid orchid scents the air

of the coming night.


Lilacs lay down their plumes,

a pillow for your head.

Habisciss is a willling one,

a blanket for your bed.


A star twinks a lily blooms

hydrangia rounds the moon.

Petunias pale until dawn

Snapdragon's fire looms...


Daisies close their petaled eyes

until the waking hours,

All is quiet, all is sound

amid my garden flowers.



in the early hours of 11th May

The orchids just keep on coming this year – this one is Leporella fimbriata.

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." - Helen Keller


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Gary Morris


I know you're out there somewhere

'Cause I've held you in my dreams

and I'm waitin' for the day it all comes true


So close and yet so far away

You'll be more than just a dream some day

I'll hold you in my arms but 'till I do.

I'll get by


I'll wait until the rivers run dry

if it takes a million years girl......I

will know a million years can't come too soon


Somehow... somewhere.... our eyes will meet and then and there

the sparks will set a magic night on fire


And I'll lasso you the moon.


I’ll know there'll be a lot of little girl..... left in the lady

While the woman in her...... will love me all night long


I know one day she'll come to me

some things are just meant to be

there’ll be a place in time where we belong.

I'll get by


I'll wait until the rivers run dry

if it takes a million years girl.....I

will know a million years can't come too soon


Somehow.... somewhere..... our eyes will meet and then and there

the sparks will set a magic night on fire


And I'll lasso you the moon...

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Phalaenopsis aphrodite (Moon Orchid)




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1/500 sec.

Iso 100

f /2.8


The moon-cradle's rocking and rocking

Where a cloud and a cloud go by

Silently rocking and rocking

The moon-cradle out in the sky.


Loreena McKennitt

Parallell Dreams


I just couldn't think of a more perfect song for this image...





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