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Transformed sparkler sparks.



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Perseid Meteor over Rocky Mountain National Park. Hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

single exposure zoom effect

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Anse Marron, La Digue Islands.


Filter: Polarizer.


One shot RAW in Lightroom 4.


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Listening to Plan A (Are Sound Version) on the album Best of the Capitol Years 1995-2007 by the Dandy Warhols

Liberation day fireworks display over St peter port harbour bringing the days celebrations to an end

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Two canon's on Low Wood hotel jetty last night, no idea why someone plonked the other one there! I've seen better sundowns but sometimes less is more. I didn't have time to make the more dramatic spots I was heading for but this one didn't turn out half bad. 3-stop nd grad (h) with the Big Stopper for just over 4 mins

Shot with the macro lens, an interesting little plant, this bud/head was about 2cm in diameter.

Its what occurs after continuosly pounding thru 400 foot long drifts

52 weeks for dogs ... week 28 ... OMG - OMD ...


... I do another 52 weeks and the topic is "pressed" for this week ... why was I thinking a balloon would be a great subject for it? It doesn't show "pressed" at all on a photo with a paw on it, not even a dent ! we had fun with it though ... I put water in it, an as long as he didn't try to bite it, that balloon was oke ... But hey, it's Drift ... eventually he did put his teeth in it ofcourse and it popped with a BIG bang ... he wasn't scared or surprised at all and brought the leftover "thingies" to me to throw those away, so he could run after it again ... a real OMD moment ...



Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expension startet, wait...


The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite tv shows, so I came to the idea of rebuilding their living room with all the known and not so well-known details. It is quite fascinating how much effort the producers put into such a set and what it is intended to say about the show and its characters!


Thanks to BaneStudios for the excellent photography!


An interview with me about this creation can be found here: (only in german)

This was one of those oops shots that get taken by mistake when you're lowering your phone. After some extra fiddling, I was pleased with the celestial look. It also reminds me a bit of the satellite images of hurricanes. Thinking of everyone in FL and hoping for the best outcome possible in such scary times!


One of my favourite sitcoms of late is "The Big Bang Theory". For those of you who watch it, you can appreciate the wit. If you have YET to appreciate it :), it is a about 4 physicists with different personalities. One is the cool nerd whose experiments never go as planned and is in lust with his blonde neighbour; the other is a human Spock and hypochondriac who had a Christian upbringing and has 2 doctorates and unmeasurable IQ; the other is a Jewish physics engineer who wears 70's style clothing, lives with his over-bearing mother and believes he is a chic magnet; and the other is an Indian gent who can only talk to women when he drinks. It's a feel-good, laugh-out-loud, "revenge of the nerds" sitcom that has the world abuzz (pun intended). It makes science cool! That is what I like the most about it.


If you're not interested, just click on this link: Barenaked Ladies.


Or perhaps not!

My contribution for topic #82 'Stars' in 113 Pictures In 2013 Group.

The "Crisis in Cosmology" conference was organized to develop criteria for creating alternatives to the "big bang" theory. September 10, 2008 ...... POP!

At least what I imagined it might be.

Created with JWildfire and Incendia.

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