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Transformed sparkler sparks.



single exposure zoom effect

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Stephen Hawking


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Liberation day fireworks display over St peter port harbour bringing the days celebrations to an end

Listening to Plan A (Are Sound Version) on the album Best of the Capitol Years 1995-2007 by the Dandy Warhols

Thor's hammer indeed; is this the Big Bang Theory in action? Is this enough sky for your tastes? I got to a spot to capture an entirely open landscape sky for the series and it doesn't look like the sky will clear now. How long will this sky squash the view? I feel like ducking! Nature is really starting to give us the back of the CO2 hand with airlines cancelling flights because of loss of lift due to heat. Will the airline industry declare war on the Trump admin's eco terrorism? Extra air conditioning will add to it.


Boy did I get sidelined by the powerful sky at Golden Ponds and switched from my last series. Last Saturday, I luckily grabbed my camera kit bag while bailing for the market. When I saw the full sky, I turned at Golden Ponds and sidelined my marketing trip. This is food for my soul and one of the most powerful skies I've ever seen and I forgot a grocery bag to cover my camera in case of rain. I wonder how this sky of low-hanging vagrants managed to clear the Rockies. Apparently, the geese and raptors have moved on. I suppose anyone wanting an extended view, the nearby commorative bench would offer a great venue. Golden Ponds is a grand place to capture widely open sky views.


This is the view across Golden gravel pit ponds toward the Rockies divide at an open spot that I attained. I decided on a further walk at Golden Ponds Park and followed the trail over the creek and south while shooting the sky in interesting spots. Some venues did not work at all. The early summer runoff is at a maximum. I can't call this a line of clouds but rather a solid mass with a maximum sculpting. Boy, what a major buildup. Few were here, except for the hunting raptors, eyeballing the spectacle of the skies.


The building sky is not that described by the usual TV's weather-panic sales pitch. My usual plan is to travel to any spot that sets off the heavy skies. I wonder how the sky might have worked as a Sky Pilot Farm background. I have yet to shoot there. As always, an afternoon sprinkle is supremely welcome but it never happened at all on Saturday. The clouding held out overnight and sealed in the temps and humditty.


Its what occurs after continuosly pounding thru 400 foot long drifts

Shot with the macro lens, an interesting little plant, this bud/head was about 2cm in diameter.

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Anse Marron, La Digue Islands.


Filter: Polarizer.


One shot RAW in Lightroom 4.


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...STUN the World with a little LOVE!

A look down the petal of a deep red lily.


This shot is the product of more experimentation with light. I put the lily in a vase and backlit it with the natural light from an overcast day coming through the window.


This was also my first attempt at processing RAW files.


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Accepted scientific model of the Universe is still the Big Bang model. Attempts to prove its inadequacy to explain the origin of existence with a much more simple point of view, of course. One of the last, for example, you can highlight the work of James Hartl and Stephen Hawking, who proposed...

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Perseid Meteor over Rocky Mountain National Park. Hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expension startet, wait...


The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite tv shows, so I came to the idea of rebuilding their living room with all the known and not so well-known details. It is quite fascinating how much effort the producers put into such a set and what it is intended to say about the show and its characters!


Thanks to BaneStudios for the excellent photography!


An interview with me about this creation can be found here: (only in german)

According to current theories, there are myriads of Big Bangs occurring, creating their own universes with their own time, space, natural constants and, perhaps, Flickr members.

Since we are not supposed to see other universes and their proprietory spacetimes, I took this photograph from our own universe on the sly. Sorry about that!

Many thanks to Paul Grand for the texture

Or perhaps not!

My contribution for topic #82 'Stars' in 113 Pictures In 2013 Group.

The "Crisis in Cosmology" conference was organized to develop criteria for creating alternatives to the "big bang" theory. September 10, 2008 ...... POP!

One of my favourite sitcoms of late is "The Big Bang Theory". For those of you who watch it, you can appreciate the wit. If you have YET to appreciate it :), it is a about 4 physicists with different personalities. One is the cool nerd whose experiments never go as planned and is in lust with his blonde neighbour; the other is a human Spock and hypochondriac who had a Christian upbringing and has 2 doctorates and unmeasurable IQ; the other is a Jewish physics engineer who wears 70's style clothing, lives with his over-bearing mother and believes he is a chic magnet; and the other is an Indian gent who can only talk to women when he drinks. It's a feel-good, laugh-out-loud, "revenge of the nerds" sitcom that has the world abuzz (pun intended). It makes science cool! That is what I like the most about it.


If you're not interested, just click on this link: Barenaked Ladies.


"Na Arean sat alone in space as a cloud that floats in nothingness. He slept not, for there was no sleep; he hungered not, for as yet there was no hunger. So he remained for a great while, until a thought came to his mind.

He said to himself,

- I will make a thing."


A myth from Maiana, Gilbert Islands




"Na Arean estaba sentado solo en el espacio como una nube que flota en la nada. No dormía porque no había el sueño; no tenía hambre porque todavía no existía el hambre. Estuvo así durante mucho tiempo, hasta que se le ocurrió una idea.

Se dijo a si mismo:

- Voy a hacer una cosa. "


Mito de Maia, islas Gilbert

Supernatural Season 12 may be over, but the interviews certainly are not! I was able to catch up with Courtney Ford, who played Kelly Kline, the mother of Lucifer’s son.

At least what I imagined it might be.

Created with JWildfire and Incendia.

“I believe in the 'Big Bang' theory God spoke and 'BANG', it was.” - Author Unknown


Fireworks (courtesy of the Cebu Taoist Temple, celebrating a festival) over our Cebu City house. Taken during my Dad's birthday dinner.




Seen in Explore. November 5, 2008

"!According to the standard theory, our universe sprang into existence as "singularity" around 13.7 billion years ago"


"The Big Bang singularity is a point of zero volume, but very high mass, which makes the density infinite. This singularity contained all of the matter and energy in the Universe. The initial moment of the cyclopean explosion very well remains a mystery — however, astronomers and physicists believe that after the tiniest fraction of a second, the strong nuclear force and the electromagnetic force separated, which probably caused the Universe to begin inflating. The Big Bang itself created space, time, and all of the matter and energy we know today.

NYE fireworks over Melbourne.

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