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with the texture of Lenabem-Anna


Explored. Highest position #283, August 23 2012

no idea what it means but it's the name of the house, The last one on leaving Terstraten and up hill


with textures of Lenabem Anna J

walking through the streets of Venlo we passed these garage doors


with the textures of cathairstudios

green, colour and some warmth from the sun would be so nice


with the textures of Lenabem-Anna J and Spektoral Addendum

breath taking entrance


with the textures of Nasos3 and Lenabem-Anna


Nice weekend everybody, thx for the visit

river IJssel in Deventer....on a dark rainy day


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with the textures of:



a cold and freezing day in Delft. The first freezing day this winter that is.

Beautiful golden sunshine, so a very good day for a walk.


with the textures of cathairstudios/photomelange

autumnal colours are so nice.


with textures of myself and of Spektoral Addendum

ships passing by in the mist on the Waddenzee on our way to Terschelling


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with the textures of SketetalMess

A wonderful Sunday morning with a wonderful sun and some left overs from the low mist at the start of our second day this weekend when we walked from this point (Milsbeek) to Vierlingsbeek.

The trees you see are all in Germany, the meadows are in the Netherlands, the path we walked is called Grensweg (Boarder Road).


with the textures of lenabem-anna texture #228 and #171

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with 2 textures of Brenda Starr texture 181 and texture 239


went with my sis for a walk actually to see the last of the autumn colours and trying to find the wisent (European bison) that is walking free around here since a month. Didn't see them but had very close encounters with a small group of Konik horses and a group of Scottish HIghlanders. They all (sis, mist, one spark of sunlight, horses, Scottish Highlanders and awesome autumn colours) made my day.


with the textures of rubyblossom and (of course) Lenabem-Anna

from our wonderful hike in France a year ago


with the textures of Tim_in_Ohio and JoesSistah

The fields of Gingelom textured


textured example of advertisement

with the textures of Lenabem Anna and Osolev


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we had a day in memory lane last Saturday. The city Arnhem where we've met and the place where we lived for some 2 years. We used to walk through this park after dinner when the weather was ok.


with this texture and this one of Darkwood 67

amazing to see the trees already in their fresh green. We are now hiking along the Pieterpad twice a year, first weekend in April and first weekend in October, but never have we seen so much green, so many blossoms as this year. I can tell you, we loved it.


with the use of 2 textures. One of Spektoral Addendum

and one of Kerstin Frank

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entrance to Castle of Brederode

ingang naar Ruïne van Brederode


The castle of Brederode was built in 1282 by Willem van Brederode. The first castle consisted of a bailey and a square keep which probably stood at the present day courtyard. Its function was to control the through road to the Kennemerland.

This castle was besieged and destroyed by the Kabeljauw troops under the command of Gijsbert van Nijenrode in 1351.

Between 1354 and 1426 Brederode Castle was completely restored on the existing foundations. Until its destruction in 1426 by the people of Haarlem.

It took until 1464 before the northern part, which had been less damaged, was again suitable for habitation. The new castle wasn't a defensible house anymore, but a fairly comfortable residence. In 1491 however, the castle fell prey to plundering German soldiers and the castle fell into decay.

Around 1573, shortly after the siege of the city of Haarlem, Spanish troops set fire to the castle.

In the two and a half century that followed, from 1600 till 1862, the castle ruins slowly disappeared under the dune sands. Only a few building traces stuck out of the sand.

From 1862 until 1903 the castle ruins were excavated and researched. Also between 1986 and 1988 the castle's construction history was researched.


with the textures of Darkwood67


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Thank you all very much for the comments, faves, invites


with textures of Jerry Jones aka SkeletalMess

Frontpage om May 14, 2012


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thank you for all visits, awards and invitations


with the wonderful textures of:


A happy birthday flower to my mum today!

Texture by Skeletalmess


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amongst others of my own I used the textures of Spektoral Addendum

wishing for summer to return


with the texture of EDV

with a big thank you for the teexture of Lenabem-Anna:

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explored on December 4, 2011 highest position #187


with the textures of



Groote Peel in Ospel/Netherland



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texture Osolev

that is to say... it used to be one of the city gates of Zutphen.

FIrst called Saltpoort (Salt Gate) and was built between 1444 and 1446. It was in use as city gate pretty short until 1465 when it was closed. Since then the name was Drogenaptoren, after the citymusician Tonis Drogenap.


with the textures of Dew of Darkwood67 and Green Day of Darkwood67


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Old pic.

Added textuur and birds :-)

...for my series ´In black´.



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