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....... Texture by SkeletalMess merci ......


........ a voir sur fond noir ......

photo artwork....texture courtesy of Lenabem_AnnaJ #255


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Thank you for the texture : pareeerica :

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"Shooting film" dedicated to me a small interview, which you can read, if you have the courtesy and few minutes to spend. I thank you again Mr. Nguyen for his kindness.

Roberto De Mitri - My Thoughts on Film Photography

Texture: "at the beach", by Libra Spirit.

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Texture my own


apologies for no comments yesterday not feeling a 100% at the minute hope everyone has a good sunday x

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Texture by adamned age - H ADAM


juan olucha © All Rights Reserved.

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Wooohoooooooo, got 3 for one!!!! Not an HDR!!!


My thanks to all of you who stop, look and comment. I will be sure to check out your photostream. - Eric Reed Trio, "I Should Care"


To tell you the truth, I cannot tell the difference between a plant we like and a weed. I'd like to believe there is meaningful difference - a biological or environmental one - besides "we simply don't like it or the way it looks." That would be shallow, wouldn't it? Quite human, but quite shallow nonetheless.


So, I don't know what this plant is, other than I found it visually interesting to me as I was shooting in the Natural Area behind my Office one afternoon. Admittedly though, simply being interesting doesn't guarantee that an image will get very much attention from me. I've many, many (yes, too many) such images that are simply languishing in folders on my hard drive; mainly forgotten through no fault of their own.


In the case of this image it just happened to pop up as I was doing some organizing work on folders after I saw one of the latest works of Jill, aka Borealnz - - on flickr.


Jill's work lingers in my mind (consciously and subconsciously) and I've been a fan of hers since I first found her five or more years ago. She is a co-founder of Flypaper Textures, designs exquisite textures, and was an important early influence on me moving into the texture family, the way I approach texture use, and thus being where I am artistically today.


I so greatly adore her style (and that of others), and have wished to emulate it from day one, but I never could. But her use of high key imagery, light use of multiple textures in one image, and pastel-ish color palette, and what I call, "floating, off center compositions" still thrill me and make me go, "Ooo, I wanna' do that." Borrowing from each other by seeking genuine inspiration from each other, is one way we grow in so many ways in life.


So, having just seen Jill's work, and finding this image by accident, I said, "Hum, let's try to do a Jill today." (I speak like that to myself, "let's do a Jill, a Jamie [Heiden] -, or a Distressed Jewell -, today.") I found the "Ovid Banished" texture more or less by accident from my flypaper textures folder ( and a big folder that is - I think I have most of their textures), and here it is. - viewed large


Music: I've been on an Eric Reed kick as of late. He's a young jazz-piano guy and I'm kinda' catching up on his sound and how it has develped over the last 15 years, so I added that to this image as well.


There is, I feel, much exquisite partnership glowing continuously between improvisation and exploration in jazz and art (and, yes, in living too). I try to bring those feelings for improvisation and exploration to bear on my art and writing and yes, to my fishing too. I feel I am more successful at doing so than not.


Texture - "Ovid Banished," Flypaper Textures -

Invocando la primavera...


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SERIE: PINCELADAS. Mi pincel es mi cámara, y Photoshop claro... je je je...

De siempre me ha gustado mucho la pintura, de hecho lo intenté hace muchos años, pero el resultado puff... fatal... je je je... por eso sigo intentándolo pero con otros medios. Lo mío creo que es solo admirarla e imaginármela.

Con mi cámara... A vecesss... veooo.. lienzosss... je je je...

Espero que os guste la serie.


These were a few of our Strawflowers back in February when our weather was more flower-friendly.

They all withered away in summer's heat but I hope to replant more of them next month when the heat won't be as intense.

I used two of my own textures shown below in the comment.

texture thanks to Kerstin Frank Art

...... Texture by SkeletalMess merci ......


...... a voir sur fond noir ......

Textures from Smart Photo Editor.

Light Box

the walls that divide cultures and peoples do not only divide , they also kill

... Texture by SkeletalMess merci ......


...... a voir sur fond noir ......

En met deze opname wil ik mijn bladerenserie beëindigen. Uiteraard een beetje bewerkt.

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*very old stock photo...very busy schedule...very tired...thank god it's sunday!


texture by borealnz

Canalside shot.



My feline friend for 16+ years, and still going strong.

Texture from Smart Photo Editor.

a big thanks to SkeletalMess

for his amazing texture

and here is his link:

The French countryside.

Textures by Shadowhouse Creations, Les Brumes, and Flypapers

hope you're all having a great weekend ...


go bears!

Fauve ≠ Sainte Anne


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