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This is the famed "Round Rock" that the city was named after. I looked it up and it seems that I didn't have the story right.

In 1851, a small community was formed on the banks of Brushy Creek, near a large round and anvil-shaped rock located in the middle of the creek. This round rock marked a convenient low-water crossing for wagons, horses, and cattle. The first postmaster called the community "Brushy," and the creek was called "Brushy Creek". But in 1854, at the suggestion of the postmaster, the small settlement was renamed Round Rock in honor of this now famous rock. After the Civil War, Jesse Chisholm began moving cattle from South Texas through Round Rock on the way to Abilene, Kansas. The route he established, which crossed Brushy Creek at the round rock, became known as the Chisholm Trail.[17] Most of the old buildings, including the old Saint Charles Hotel, have been preserved. This historic area is now called "Old Town.

If you want more information, follow the link,_Texas

This is downtown Austin, looking from south to north. It's the last of the series I took while I was at that meeting on the 17th floor. There are some things I would change if I had a chance to do it over again, but that won't happen until next year..:(

Taken in Bell County Texas.

This is from the top of Enchanted Rock. A great place to visit.



I'm finding that I love the colors of Texas...


Textures ~ Texture 246 and Texture 265 by Lenabem-Anna


Inspired by Msjunior


Up close and personal on black!

Amarillo, Texas sunset...driving down a road and running across this shot was "Pure" luck...never give up-your next great photo is at an undetermined location yet to be realized.

Sun setting behind an oil platform in South Texas

It's so funny to look at the Four Seasons hotel there in the front with those new towering condos behind it. In "76", the Four Seasons was one of the tallest building in Austin.

I just found out someone is using my images on there flickr site, and I don't know what to do about it. In fact, none of the images on his page or his. That's crazy! Now I'm wondering how wide spread this problem is.

Yesterday's Spectacular Sunset 5/21/08 7:45pm. On the roof again, and well worth the wait. This is one amazing sunset full of color and strength. Notice the cloud that looks like the Texas Longhorn Skull, this is is so cool. Nature always has it's way of amazing us with it's Beauty.

Hope Y'all like this one: Lol: Gasssman



Explored August 7th 2008



Yesterday evening 8-6-08 I witnessed this Awesome sunset unfold. The powerful sun rays shining through with such strength. And all of a sudden as the sun's rays were shining ever so bright, I saw this message from the heavens which said "Hi".

I was so amazed to see this in the sky, a few seconds later it dissapeared.

Was I the only person to see this Awesome display.?


Hope Y'all are amazed with this image as I was. Lol: Gaston (aka Gasssman)

Thanks for all my Flickr Friends for your support on my work. Lol.


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Santa Fe eastbound manifest train at Cameron, Texas, March 6, 1974. Unit 332 was one of seven F-unit cabs painted in this "bluebonnet" scheme. Cameron was a short distance south of Temple, Texas, on Santa Fe's Galveston Subdivision.

The Ferris wheel at the State Fair of Texas

The sun rises golden over the Bolivar Flats,. A great blue heron forages for breakfast. Distant storms at sea.

Vivid Texas sunrise over Benbrook Lake with colorful reflections on the calm, misty water

While outside gardening and planting, I noticed our Texas Snow Drops were displaying their beauty. Got my camera with 60mm Macro lens and took some images of these beautiful Snow Drops. Enjoy my Friends.


Thank you for your wonderful support in my work in Photography.

Gaston (aka Gasssman).


c001i040 2012 0630 Disc File

Exploring Texas

Sunlight and Wind creation

Viewed in Big Springs, TX

Fujifilm Finepix S5000

This is located on Austin Street in Seguin, Texas. I saw it when I did that out of town shoot a few weeks back. I spotted it as I was driving to the shoot and pulled over to have a better look. Did you notice the movie title that's now showing?..;)

Welcome to the Stephen and Mary Birch Texas Theatre, the newest pride of Seguin! Seguin is home to Texas Lutheran University, Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin, and the Seguin Performing Arts Company. These organizations all shared the Seguin Conservation Society vision for a 350 seat performing arts venue in downtown Seguin. The dream has been realized and the doors to the beautiful theatre were opened in March of 2011.

Here's more information than most people want.

Begun in 1929 and opening in 1931, the Texas is a glamorous, atmospheric movie palace on a small scale, often described as “an intimate gem”. The original owner was A.P. Mueller and W. Scott Dunne was the architect. According to an article in the Seguin Enterprise newspaper on March 12, 1931, (Beautiful Texas Theatre to Open Here March 19), Marvin Eickenroht drew the architectural plans and Albert Nolte, local contractor, built the theatre.


A significant historic feature of The Texas was its accommodations for the hearing impaired.

The newspaper article stated, “The latest approved Western Electric equipment will be used in projecting its pictures and to this has been added a wrinkle that is new in the business, but approved, and that is that a number of seats have been equipped with an apparatus that can be used by people who are hard of hearing. This equipment is connected directly with the main mechanism and machinery creating the sound, and will permit persons almost deaf to enjoy the show to the fullest.”


The marquee sign was touted in 1931 as an ornament designed to compare with the finest show houses. “It is adorned with a beautiful electric sign in front”, according to the article, “an ornament not only for this town, but for a large city. It carries 620 globes to illuminate it. The top of the sign displays a white Texas star to symbolize the name of the theatre”.


The Texas Theatre has been seen in several major motion pictures as a classic of its time. In addition to period films such as The Great Waldo Pepper (1975), Raggedy Man (1981), and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe (1991), The Texas has been in countless commercial advertisements and featured in Texas Monthly’s “The Last Picture Show” by Anne Dingus, December 1995.


As an historic theatre, The Texas is a cultural treasure. Unlike many historical theatres that have undergone misguided modernization attempts, The Texas remains nearly as it was in 1931, with horsehair batting behind its Mediterranean murals, gilded hand-made mica lamps, original seats, and large-reel projectors. The historic significance of the marquee is further evidenced in its re-creation and prominent display in the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.


In 1996, The Seguin Conservation Society acquired The Texas Theatre and began plans to restore the treasure to past glory. The cost to renovate The Texas into a state-of-the-art, multi-media theatre is $2,500,000. Renowned architect Milton Babbitt, A.I.A, lead architect for restoring the historic Majestic and Empire theatres in San Antonio, developed the original construction and expansion plans that maintain the historic integrity of The Texas while enlarging the rehearsal, backstage, and reception areas to meet modern needs.


American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)


This is one of the better shots from my night photo shoot. That's the Austonian in the backdrop. It's the tallest building in Austin. Here's some extra information if you're interested.

The Austonian was originally proposed in 2006 as a $200 million 700 ft (213 m) tall building by Benchmark Land Development and part of a construction boom during the time.[5] Eventually, the building was pushed down to 683 ft (208 m) in 2007. The building started its groundbreaking ceremony on August 31, 2007.[6] Soon after on June 4, 2009, the 47th floor of the Austonian was poured, meaning the Austonian surpassed the Frost Bank Tower to become the 2nd tallest building in Austin, Texas.[7] On July 1, 2009, The Austonian overtook 360 Condominiums to become the tallest residential building in Austin.[8] Eventually, the building finished the exterior in 2010, a period of almost 2.5 years since its groundbreaking.[9] The Austonian opened to host the 2010 Women's Symphony League Designer Showhouse the weekend of May 15–16, 2010. The Showhouse was the last opportunity for the public to see the property before residents began moving in the building in June 2010.[10] The Austonian received a Four Star rating from Austin Energy Green Building in November 2010, making it the only residential high rise building in Downtown Austin to receive such a rating.

We still have some beautiful fields of wildflowers as summer approaches..

This Texas sunset was taken close to Comfort Texas

on old US 52 through Texas from the OK panhandle. here's a long defunct joint.

PLEASE go into the lightbox to enjoy the view ;-))


Hope everybody is doing well!! I'll try to catch up over the next few days!!

Jan 29, 2008 -- Valley View, Texas USA -it was a beautiful sunrise yesterday...had to pull of to the sholder and take a picture- -- PHOTO BY ANDIE SMITH


Lightroom preset: Road trip Key West


This photo is available for publication. Please contact me via Flickr Mail or at

Photo by mothernature, photo editing by Mike Jones. A collaboration.


Texas. 2016


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Shot taken from the car while driving from Denton to Fort Worth

Fall foliage at Lost Maples State Natural Area


in explore #259 Nov 29, 2012

Bolivar Shorebird Sanctuary, Galveston, Galveston County, Texas

We spotted these beautiful wildflowers, Texas Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush flowers, on the side of the highway during our recent road trip.

How much do I love the Texas sky?

Taken just around the block from our house at sunset last night while a dense layer of smoke from nearby wildfires moved silently over the neighborhoods just to the west of us.


Texas is being ravaged by wildfires right now. Over 1,000 homes and buildings have been destroyed in the last few days.


This summer, most of Texas has been experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. Last week, Houston's streak of consecutive 100+ degree days finally ended at over 40. The previous record was 14. Needless to day, the trees are parched and prime fire fuel. The combination of dry conditions and winds stirred up several massive fires in the last couple of days. Most are still out of control, and although there is no rain in sight, slightly cooler temperatures and calmer winds are giving firefighters hope to contain the blazes.


We are fortunate in that we are located in the heart of The Woodlands, and surrounded by fairly dense neighborhoods on all sides, which helps break up the woods (and the path of potential fires). Still, thousands have lost their homes with more expected today. It's such an unfortunate situation.


Weather Underground has a good interactive Texas fire map that shows current activity.

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Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston Downtown

Тихой ночью на тропинках парка Буффало Байю


Nikon D800E + Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8

30 sec.

Texas in July usually means lots of dead and dry grasses and weeds. This July, we received lots of rain in a rare occurrence of weather. Alas, the early July rain was to be the last of precipitation until early September. This green grass would be more apropos in April or early May. A true rarity.

iPhone photo processed with instagram app.

Laying in the grass and taking it all in. If you haven't been to Texas in the spring, you are really missing something special.


iPhone 5


Texture ~ Texture 11 by Jennyw47

overcast day, at Brazos Bend Natnl. Park, with that occassional sunlight leaking through the clouds.

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, High Island, Chambers County, Texas

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