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testing my new cam...

Without Edition.

It's beautiful <3<3<3<3 I'm in love :P

Electro-Motive Division, along with Union Pacific, did some high-altitude testing of EMD’s SD90MAC-Hs at aptly-named Plainview, Colorado, in February 1998. Here, UP Nos. 8503, 8502 and 8505, along with specially-painted EMD No. 8504, splice the EMD test car at Plain siding on Union Pacific’s Moffat Tunnel Subdivision.

wild flower from France test extrem traitment

This was taken after dusk, normally not enough light. Plus my lens was probably a half inch away covering available light. I used a device desighned by Photophool and very kindly sent to me by Mimbrava. This area is probably only 1/2 inch square in real life. As you can see there is terrific detail and color.

Test for a machinima ch


Tonemapped version, uploaded to test what's going on!!!!

Testing The Water With The Nose

PX680! it sort of makes me want to cry.

Test Sténopé digital

Double exposition *test 1 - Nikon FE - Fujicolor C200 35 mm


web site...

The Network Rail test train provided a welcome opportunity to revisit this amazing location.

Tuesdays trip didnt go quite to plan when the observation saloon was leading instead of the Class 37.

Even though the weather today was less than summery i decided to make the effort and try and get a better shot. The bright yellow contrasts lovely with the purples and greens.

I give the blooms a week to 10 days, the petals were falling as i watched.


The location is St Austell or Snozzle as pronounced locally.

The power cars are 43062 and 43013 and the service is the Reading-Penzance-Paignton-Reading.

I had to test to edit an image with Flickrs built in editor, it was not good but it may be useful of you need to do a quick alteration.


This image may be deleted after a while.

One day under the rainy sky of "Le Havre"

with my Testone guy


Grosse bise to my Icole Seter annnnnnd Merlyn Gundam Father...



beautiful new color PX70 test film from the impossible project

Just testing the reverse ring I got in the mail from the land of bafflingly cheap camera gizmos. Lighting control with this thing is going to be what my late father used to describe by the technical phrase "like buggering a fly".


I have a picture of the reverse mount contraption here.

test: photographing the blue sky in Vancouver (((:


I have been without my camera for a few days to have my sensor cleaned !!


See....... now I have a clean blue sky again...... No photoshop'ing-out endless round spots !!


just used a little 'orton-ish' here ((((;

Yashica D + Yashikor 80mm ƒ3.5 l Fuji Reala 100 l expired

Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia


A lot of people have told me to start putting up my artistic images and not just my work related images. I think I will test this out. I will put my personal work up from now on with some fun family images. However, I have been told as well to make artistic changes to my works. I normally like saturated color image with a wide range in hues but, thought I would take an image I love in color and put it into a 5 minute work up using my PS skills as artistic foundations. lol... Anyway, This is a test to see if it really matters on what and how I put up my work.


Let me know if you like it or stick to just putting up fun images or client images. Yes, it went a little dark for my likes too! Will work on it. lol...


Take care and be safe.

God be with you.

Thanks for your faves and comments!

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37259 and 37069 pass Greenholme with a north bound test train in October 2007. A shot from this angle is no longer possible since Network Rail erected a Com. mast and building on this spot.

With 37610 leading the Derby Test Train crosses the Stour at Cattawade.

Someone took a test flight yesterday afternoon, mom and dad went bazerk. We got him safely back into the hanging basket. This morning all 5 are snuggled up in the nest.

( We know this is a part of the process, but yesterday was not his day, he was startled)

Testing shot with new toys

It's very important that the Rebel high command take regular eye tests.


You must also look at Powerpig's "It's a Trap" series if you've not seen them before. They are so good.

Testing the Fuji 50-140mm f/2.8. Someone commented that this lens has a case of confused identity bec. it thinks it is a prime lens. I believe that person may very well be right. :P I am gonna try this lens in a sports setting soon to see how it fares.

Yashica D, Kodak Portra 400VC expired2005,

me d3000 m42 and first dragan test

Test 2 : La vue, où est le lapin ?

Carl Zeiss Jena Kipronar 105/1,9 + Canon 6D


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Test shot with the D810

testing some new colors on a test girl ^_^


test shoot

mua: Alex Gillott

hair: Gigi Hammond

Testing a pocket camera


Eurasian wigeon / Haapana

(Anas penelope)


Testing the new pack from Hipstamatic on Iphone

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