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Processed with textures from my "build your own texture pack". See profile for information: dyrkwyst


Some of my friends have mountains. Some have tall forests. Some have seas. Some have all three.

Some of my friends have cities that sparkle in the day and glow in the night.

The views my friends give me are wonderful.

I have the old, the discarded, the broken down, the falling down.

For me there is a certain moody beauty here, too.


Best in the light box.

Liverpool Street mainline station.

The house with the cars.

Southern Saskatchewan.

Dubai International Airport, T3

This photo was taken five years after The Terminal was last used; it took another two years for The Terminal to be completely demolished in 2010.


Some 20 km further on, the Westerschelde tunnel opened for traffic on 14 March 2003. Since then the ferry service between Vlissingen and Breskens operates only for pedestrians and bicycles/scooters. The journey across by ferry takes about 20 minutes.

Motor vehicles of course now use the Westerschelde tunnel between Terneuzen and Ellewoutsdijk


Interesting photos taken with Nikon D60 日本国 | Japan Fever director' s cut |

Back in the Ol' Same Place.

Couldn't resist a series with the phone.


Out walking when it was -2 degrees. The frost was terminal for anything in its path. The sun was low and strong and offered a high key opportunity. I added a border and yellow cast that I hope enhances the image.

On my way to Yangon/Rangoon


Arrival / Immigration Hall @ Singapore Changi Airport T3.

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Manchester Airport. Night-time Long Exposure of the passenger conduit between Terminal 1 and Terminals 2&3. The orange came from street lighting outside of the 1st Story conduit.

Fuji DL7 35.00mm

Fujocolor 35.00mm ISO200

By the Staten island ferry terminal, New York, New York, USA


October 24, 2014 • Taken by Raya

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I've started watching the new Fox series, "Gotham", and I got hooked. Never had a lot of interest in Batman in the past, but what keeps me coming back for more is the fact the series is being shot in New York, and how the technical make of Gotham (coloring the city scenes with dark gloomy colors) makes me forget it's New York, and really feel I'm in Gotham. Mind you, the philosophical side of the series, the war against corruption, the fight of good and evil are portrayed so successfully... I'm going to watch it all.


And, impressed by the way they colored New York to portray Gotham, I've tried all kind of PP effects to try and achieve some of the look. Like what I got, will play more. What do you think? Will love to read your opinions, and thanks in advance.

Notes from the underground #1

Brussels Airport - Brussels, Belgium

A misty sunrise at Five Islands.

Terminal 21 brings the dream of traveling the world to downtown Bangkok, with its cutting-edge concept that places several world-famous cities under one roof. Find yourself wandering around a maze of shops in Tokyo City, sauntering down London’s Carnaby Street, bagging a bargain in an Istanbul zouk, or shopping for something to fill your growling stomach at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Manchester Airport. Night-time Long Exposure of the passenger conduit between Terminal 1 and Terminals 2&3. The orange came from street lighting outside of the 1st Story conduit.

31. May 2008 +19 Celcius - Straume bus terminal - Norway (P1070557)

Cruise Terminal at the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam.

HDR of 3 exposures

Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY.


The granddaddy of all railway stations--Grand Central Station-- is the biggest of them all. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world and stands as a living testament to the bygone days of opulence!


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