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Bombay Beach, Ca.

Street corner art installation.

freak show, essen, germany 2019

Long exposure by day of the television tower in Berlin, Alexanderplatz.

To the seat with the clearest view,

And she's hooked to the silver screen...

The television tower of Berlin

My wife told me that the pro-democracy protesters' ten demands for the monarchy were discussed on at least one channel (Voice TV) of television yesterday. As far as I know that is a first because normally only something that glorifies the monarchy is put on television.

Various characters from various tv shows


Left to right


Matt the Radar technician from Saturday Night Live: this is Kylo Ren when he is an undercover boss


Q from Impractical Jokers: also known as Brian Quinn he is my favorite ternderlion as the group of guys is called


Karen Philipelli from The Office: I don’t want to spoil anything but she is from the Stamford branch and dates Jim for a while


Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation: oh please another


Tom Tucker from Family Guy: And now we go to Asian reporter Trisha Tokanowa who’s 🎶gonna tell us all about the rain!🎶


Zapp Brannigan from Furturama: She’s built like a steakhouse but handles like a beastro


Saw Gerrera from Star Wars Rebels: not much to say here

♥ TOP : :: MS Design :: Fuzzy Bear Hoodi @Whimsical


♥ PANTS : {Sakura} Chubby Bun Pj Shorts


♥ ACC(HAND) : M.BIRDIE / ZiZi look. hand on jelly



Here was another capture taken this evening that was not my original intention for pulling the camera out ... but the tree lights reflecting on the big screen TV really caught my eye.


Christmas is on TV ALREADY :))

The television tower in Berlin. It was the first television tower in Germany to be built in the middle of the City (Alexanderplatz) instead of outside of the city.

(Analogic ; 35MM ; )

Yomiuri Television, Osaka, Japan

the sun was low

"Medienhafen" Düsseldorf


Antuque television rotting away in an abandoned farm house.

Oh mighty television, you tell us what to do,

Full poem & photoshoot :

Sky has been shown how to work the television and a certain button that repeats sections of what has just been watched. Buttons isn't impressed.

"Not again Sky we have seen that advert for honey ten times already."

"I like it, look at that wonderful honey it makes me hungry. Just once more."

"No, not again...please Sky."

"It might be different this time and they offer free samples and you wouldn't want to miss that Buttons."


"Ho - hum...The innocence of the bear cub!"


Photo taken for the group "Teddy Bear Tuesday"

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