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London Calling! by KY Design and Photography
From KY Design and Photography

New Style Coloured Telephones...UK 1959 by Shilpot
From Shilpot

Wait | FOR DIAL TONE by JrGMontero
From JrGMontero

Telephone box and gate by Manuel.A.69
From Manuel.A.69

Phone Box by almonkey
From almonkey

Winter, spring, summer or fall by photocillin
From photocillin

Don't leave me hanging on the telephone by plasticfantastic
From plasticfantastic

Tele-Phone by Paul Biris Photography
From Paul Biris Photography

Phone Booth by djpd
From djpd

alo??...  bus... anyone??... by Sebastian Condrea
From Sebastian Condrea

His and Hers Old technology by slaup
From slaup

Rotary Dial by Bella Luna Creative
From Bella Luna Creative

London classical perspective ! by marco rubini
From marco rubini

Dial M for Macro by DandyLynn
From DandyLynn

Z550 by solofotones
From solofotones

Call me. by StellaDeLMattino
From StellaDeLMattino

Hello! by Violet Kashi
From Violet Kashi

phone phobia by Jenny Terasaki Photography
From Jenny Terasaki Photography

calling by Frall
From Frall

La espera de la bailarina by ☆ Seven ☆
From ☆ Seven ☆

Telephone by Pipall
From Pipall

call me.... by odell_rd
From odell_rd

a thing of the past by quinonezphotography.com
From quinonezphotography.com

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