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Bloomsbury Theatre 05/02/07

“I was in Glasgow one time, the true Edinburgh of Scotland…”

“Born in 0 B.C. I am commonly regarded as the inventor of Christianity: which ‘J’ am I?”

“For years men have venerated women... We put them on pedestals/ Why? To look up their skirts!”

“My mother at the moment has boxsets.”

“’Did your wife go on holiday this year?’ ‘Yowse!’ ‘Where did she go? Chicago?’ ‘No! She was a passenger in the seating area.’”

Comedians Richard Herring and Stewart Lee reunited on stage at the Bloomsbury Theatre, for Tedstock - an event to raise money to create a CD compilation of the comedy of Ted Chippington.


Their routine included some of their fans' favourite lines from Fist of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy, as well as some whinging that they didn't get the UK's "I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC" roles.

“I had one more but I think I stole it from Bernie Clifton.”

“So Sigourney Weaver and Hugo Weaving… they’re friends, as all celebrities are friends…”

a rather worst for wear daren plays the drums.

Tonight I laughed so hard at Richard Herring and Stewart Lee that I thought I was going to puke. Tedstock was funny and awful and perfect.

They're back! For 13 minutes only.....

Poem from the point of view of a raccoon:

“Davy Crockett / What a twat / My aunty used to be his hat.”

ted silences the audience

richard herring

ted silences the audience

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