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Ted at the BWC his enclosure was looking great that day.

Steve Liptrot Photography

Steve Liptrot Photography on facebook

It's a hard life being a fox at the British wildlife centre.

Sleep, eat, sleep, sleep some more, eat...!

After Lola left I couldn't bear to put Ted downstairs again so he's been king of the couch for a while. My lovely late Nana knitted him along with many, many others which were donated to children's charities. My Nana was such an awesome lady, a sweet unassuming woman who was always so very kind to everyone. I miss her dearly. Nice to have Ted to keep her in mind. Happy Friday everyone (or Thursday if you're still catching up :).

A picture of the late Senator Edward Kennedy in the World Finantial Centre atrium, New York City. Always liked this man. Brother of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy was an American politician who served as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts for almost 47 years, from 1962 until his death in 2009

VoltHair- Ted Hair- @equal10


{ Speakeasy } Face Tattoo 3 pack




[ SpotCat ] RACING - Watch @man cave


INVICTUS - War Granade -SIGNATURE @man cave


INVICTUS - War Belt - SIGNATURE @man cave


Boo'd Up-Esperando


“Society wants to believe it can identify evil people, or bad or harmful people, but it’s not practical. There are no stereotypes.” ― Ted Bundy


Those who know me well are aware of my love of true the crime genre. I am absolutely fascinated by what makes the criminal mind tick, especially in the cases of serial killers, who seem almost driven to commit their atrocious acts.


For this project my husband Keith kindly agreed to model as Ted Bundy in a dramatized mugshot reenactment. Keith donned a Ted Bundy signature turtleneck sweater, as well as an $8.99 wig, and I changed his eyes from hazel to Bundy blue in Photoshop.


©2019 Linda Sue Kocsis -

Ted looking beautiful in the afternoon sun.

Taken at the BWC.

And finally... Ted suit!

Other suits:

Stuart, Bob and Kevin

Steve Liptrot Photography

The British Wildlife Centre, Surrey.

Christmas Day walk at Minnis Bay.

This small herd of bison was ambling along a small stream just off the road in Ted Turner's 500,000+ acre Vermejo Park Ranch. Mr. Turner kindly allows public access to the road that runs from NM 522 through the Valle Vidal and his private ranch to US 64. The ranch is home to herds of elk, deer, pronghorn antelope and bison, along with black bear, mountain lions, and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep -- a paradise of nature and a lure for well-heeled hunters and photographers. But I have to wonder how much money, land and wildlife does a person need -- he owns 16 other ranches in the western US and Argentina.


Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for all of your kind comments -- I appreciate them all.


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nothing new, just revisiting some Ted fishing photos.

Meet Ted, he's coming on 14 now and he's a scruffy old lad. But he is the happiest cat I've ever met. And he loves a fuss. I didn't have much time to get this shot, he was on the fence and I knew he would jump down for a cuddle.

Ted appreciation post ;)

Ted, the Rough Coated Jack Russell Terrier, on guard duty outside of his home.

Linus in Ted Sprague

Picture [5/16]

Power : Induced radioactivity

Pose by SEmotion Studio

We've had such mild winters that Ted has never experienced snow. Quite a shock to wake up to deep snow yesterday! He loves it

This is my nephew's dog. 19 months old now.

Newest addition. That's it, we're done.

I want to ride my bike...

spring cleaning the inbox

"Atherton, in the heart of the fertile Atherton Tablelands near Cairns, was home to a thriving Chinese community from the 1880s to the mid-1900s. The remains of Atherton's Chinatown are now an archaeological site featuring the community's place of worship, the Hou Wang Temple, which has been conserved and restored"

If you are interested in becoming a Tour Guide for Ted - please check out this group for more information. - Ted's Tour Guides

My nephew lost his dog Digby a while ago. This is their new labrador puppy, Ted.

Ted Stevens and the Doo Shots

It's unusual to get a photo of Ted without him screwing his eyes up, he doesn't like having hid picture taken! Maybe he was feeling mellow after a long walk and a game with his ball.

Ted Williams


lford Delta 100, in DD-X, 12 min. Epson V600. See it at

As it began to snow, Little Ted wanted to go and play outside, but Brrr it was cold !

Steve Liptrot Photography

One of the new red foxes at the British Wildlife Centre.

"Nee, Erwin, hij is niet te koop!"

Gibson ES355 "Original B.B. King", one of Ted's guitars.

@Ellen's birthday party


Here's an "acoustic" photo from Laerte


Chokoloskee, Florida

“Ted DeGrazia will always be a Tucson legend for me—bigger than life yet inextricably woven into the sand, the stones, the saguaros, and every culture that’s paid its desert dues, an Arizona original who made good by making beauty.”

- Molly McKasson | Writer

The hot dog grill at Ted's Hot Dogs in Tempe. AZ

Ted Adnan's Portable flash Lighting Workshop 17.


Andrea by ZMN.

Ted Bates in front of Southampton's football stadium.

Ted is working on some audio for On The Go.

tribute to french couturier Ted Lapidus

who died yesterday.

He was particularly famous during the 60's and 70's

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